Favorites: September

So, yeah, I guess it’s already September! It’s so different being in the working world vs. being a college student. September in college means getting back into the swing of school and all that. September as an adult means this year is just flying by! And that my two least favorite seasons are just around the corner. I know…I’m not totally obsessed with fall like every other person in the world seems to be. Mostly because it means winter is on the way and I. Hate. Winter. I’m hoping this year living in a new state means winter will be less brutal.

Speaking of fall, I do love fall fashion. But only as long as the weather stays warm enough to avoid jeans. I much prefer wearing cute jackets and sweaters with dresses and skirts and being able to keep my legs bare. So here’s hoping the weather will stay nice!

With that being said, here are some of my favorite things this month…

Favorite Store: Forever 21

I am ALL about the fast fashion (aka inexpensive clothes). Living just 15 minutes away from a mall with a F21 store is dangerous…but better than spending all my hard-earned $ at a more expensive store. Right now, I’m loving all their kimonos and dresses.

Favorite Food: Wildbrine curry sauerkraut salad

Hot damn, this stuff is incredible! I first discovered this sauerkraut brand at Whole Foods but the Natural Grocers store is the only one that stocks this flavor. In case you didn’t know, I have a weird addiction to all things sauerkraut and this is my new go-to brand. This variety is packed with cabbage (duh), cauliflower and curry spices and is so salty-good.


Favorite Workout: Running on the river trail

I tend to go in phases with running, but I generally go for a run 2-4 x per week. I can’t run that far because of the heat+humidity but I never regret a run. Now that its starting to cool down (to the 70s and 80s vs the upper 90s) I might be able to push myself farther. I just love the waterfront views and music that pumps me up. On off days, I just walk the trail.


Favorite Outfit:

Obviously from Forever 21 (see above). A printed cardigan/kimono, simple burgundy dress, silver oxfords and all the accessories + big glasses.


Favorite Quote: I guess technically not a quote but I don’t care #fashionista #shoelover


Favorite App: Dreamdays

This is a really cute way to count down (or up!) from any event. I got it because I wanted to track how many days are left until I fly (solo!) to visit my best friend in Salt Lake City. I am incredibly excited to see her again after 7 months apart and to travel completely on my own for the first time. I’m also a little nervous!


Less than 30 days now!

Favorite Purchase: Franco Sarto desert boots

I’ve wanted desert boots for at least a year, but they are so freaking hard to find! Finally I ventured to DSW where I found the perfect pair, and for a reasonable price (read: around $50). I love how versatile they are and they’ll work really well in all seasons as long as its dry (because they’re suede). Love love love.


Favorite Fruit: locally-grown grapes from the farmers market

So I was apparently unaware that grapes were grown in OK (there is also a ‘wine country’ here…) but these babies were surprisingly amazing. They were sweet and sour and almost tasted like candy but in a natural way and the texture was really cool and gooey. I’m sad they’re all gone.


Favorite Thing to Watch on Netflix: Portlandia

Fred Armisen is effing hilarious (I was a huge fan of him on SNL) and this show simultaneously makes me crack up AND want to move to Portland. It seems like my kinda scene, no matter how much the show pokes fun at food trucks and feminist bookstores.

Favorite Selfie: When I made this my profile pic on FB, someone said I look like Nina Dobrev. Day made!


What are some of your favorites this month?

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  1. Aja says:

    I love your outfit! I saw some of Portlandia about a year ago, but then I got caught up with school and all kinds of other shows on Netflix. I need to get back into it.

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