Pumpkin S’mores (can be made vegan)

Festive Garland Bars (vegan) and Festive Garland Bars Take Two (vegan, gluten free)

Nutty Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cookies (vegan, gluten free)

Frozen Chocolate and Vanilla PB Fudge (vegan, gluten free, grain free)

Raw Key Lime ‘Cheesecake’ (vegan, gluten free)

Cookie Dough Bites (vegan)

Mocha Softserve (vegan, gluten free, grain free)

Quinoa Power Cookies (vegan, gluten free)

Ice Cream Pie (vegan)

Mocha Chip Banana Bread (vegan)

Peppermint Super Brownie Bites (vegan, gluten free, grain free)

Pumpkin Macaroons (vegan, gluten free, grain free)

Almond Flour Pumpkin Chip Muffins (vegan, gluten free, grain free)

Banana Bread Donuts (vegan)

Orange Creamsicle Donuts (vegan, gluten free) 

Almond Flour Biscotti (vegan, gluten free, grain free)

Pumpkin Pie Mousse (vegan, gluten free, grain free, raw)

Chocolate PB Bunnies (vegan, gluten free, grain free)

‘White Chocolate’ Carrot Cake Truffles (vegan, gluten free, grain free, no sugar added)


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