classic tribalI like to think my sense of fashion started from a very young age. I loved playing dress-up as a child, my mom always dressed my sister and I nicely and I lived for dance recital costumes.

I’ve gone through many style phases. In mid to late elementary school, my best friend and I were staunchly opposed to anything girly, and declared ourselves tomboys in our soccer shorts and t-shirts. By eighth grade and into high school, I was much more feminine and started shopping at the ever-popular Hollister, American Eagle and Aeropostale exclusively.

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Today, I’d describe my style as very femme, with hints of boho and preppy. I love the color pink or anything neon, stripes and floral patterns, short dresses and skirts, scarves, pendant necklaces, bangle bracelets, sandals with pretty details, rings, big sunglasses, designer purses, tights and riding boots.

I used to have a fashion blog (which you can still see for yourself), but I also have plenty of fashion posts here that I’ll link below. Fashion for me is fun, and an expression of my personality. If I could incorporate it into my career in my future, I absolutely would because it’s such a passion of mine.

Budget Shopping

Patterns & Textures

Girly in Pink

Contents of My Purse

Black + White

Swimsuit Style

Pastels for Spring

Wearing White after Labor Day

Clothes for Christmas

Everyday Florals





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