Foodie Favorites

Favorite Breakfast: Sunwarrior chia pudding

Favorite Lunch: Raw macro bowl or raw protein smoothie

Favorite Dinner: Raw noodles (zucchini or kelp) with a cashew-based sauce or pumpkin seed pesto

Favorite Dessert: Banana softserve

Favorite Cuisine(s): Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, Mexican

Favorite Dried Fruit: raisins, pineapple, Medjool dates, figs (all without added sugars/oils/anything)

Favorite Grain: Sprouted buckwheat

Favorite Protein Source: Sunwarrior raw protein powder, hemp seeds

Favorite Coffee Drink: Tall unsweetened iced coffee from Starbucks

Favorite Grocery Store: Whole Foods or Sprouts

Favorite Fruit: Currently pomegranate and mango

Favorite Veggie: Currently zucchini, romaine, cauliflower and sweet potatoes 

Favorite Cereal: Homemade buckwheat rawnola

Favorite Thing to Make: Raw desserts

Favorite Restaurants: Tasty Harmony and Restaurant 415 (Fort Collins, CO); Chipotle/Qdoba, Tokyo Joes, Mad Greens 

Favorite Nut Butter: Nutiva coconut manna

Favorite “Guilty Pleasure”: Gum! I get more natural xylitol-sweetened gum at Whole Foods

My Recipage:

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