WIAW: Goals for the New Year

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2012! I know it’s been a few days already, but it still feels so weird to me that we’re in a brand new year. 2011, especially the second half, just flew by! I can’t believe I only have 2 1/2 years left in college–part of me is excited though, because I can’t wait to get out in the ‘real world’ and be even more independent!

Peas and Crayons

Sadly I missed out on WIAW last week and I did not want that to happen again this week (which is why I’m a little early to the par-tay)! I haven’t been so great with taking food photos, but honestly I’d rather just be having fun at home than trying to document every meal. But I do have a few pics from throughout the week so I’ll roll with that 😀 I also wanted to share a few of my goals for 2012. They’re not exactly resolutions, since I don’t really believe in them, but just things I’d like to make happen in the new year.

My last skinny soy peppermint mocha of the season? Say it isn't so!

  • Try out more raw foods/recipes. I’m not going to go completely raw, but I really love how whole, fresh, raw foods make me feel. I’ve made a couple of raw recipes in the past year (check them out here) and I actually loved them more than ‘traditional’ desserts so I’d love to make more. I’d also like to try out some raw main dish recipes (like raw tacos made out of walnuts!) and maybe even a raw dish at a restaurant!

Sweet potatoes make the best lunch! With fresh pineapple and mango and topped with peanut flour paste.

  • Improve my GPA in spring semester. Because of my (horrendous, horrible, awful, insert-word-here) stats class last semester, my GPA slipped a little bit. I will admit I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so getting a C+ as a final grade for the first time ever was somewhat devastating. I’m hoping I can pull my GPA back up in the coming semester, and maybe even make it better than before, since I’m taking all classes that interest me.

Switching up my breakfast has never tasted so good! 1/3 cup PB Puffins, plain Oikos mixed with a little organic raspberry jam, peanut flour paste sandwiched in half a banana.

  • Get a Twitter? I’m not sure if it’s worth it, but I’ve always been interested in it. However, I already waste enough time as it is on Facebook, so maybe not. But it seems like a good way to stay connected and stalk my fave celebs.

Organic kettle corn and a peanut flour-ed banana make a delicious nighttime snack!

  • Get an internship. I’m taking a class this next semester that I need to get an internship at a TV station over the summer, so I’m crossing my fingers that I land one. I honestly don’t care if I have to run Starbucks errands or make copies, as long as I can get my foot in the door in the TV news industry, I will be very happy!

Guys, seriously try this right now if you haven't--Medjool date stuffed with a couple dark chocolate chips. It legit tastes like a cookie!

  • Learn how to budget. Now that I have my first job and am getting paid on a somewhat regular basis, I’d like to work on my budgeting skills. I know I still rely mostly on my parents to provide me groceries and such, but I do need to learn in advance so I’m not completely lost when I’m out in the adult world. Oh, and I need to stop impulse buying clothes! I don’t really regret my purchases ever, but I should at least try to wait til they’re on clearance 😉

Cheeseless pizza makes my world go 'round! 2 slices Amy's vegan roasted veggie pizza, side of roasted brussels and a simple almond milk/banana/peanut flour smoothie.

  • Have more fun. I will admit that I’m naturally an introvert, and I actually like quiet nights at home vs. going out most of the time, but I’d like to take more risks and hang out with friends outside of class. I do tend to get bored spending a whole day at home, so I do like to go out for some shopping or whatever, but I usually don’t feel comfortable enough doing stuff like that with friends and I’d really like to do more of that this semester.

What is one of your ‘goals’ for the new year? What is the best thing you’ve eaten so far in 2012?

26 thoughts on “WIAW: Goals for the New Year

  1. Those are some awesome goals! I don’t really have many goals per se, I just want to know what I’m actually doing with my life so I can get semi-organized this year. I could be moving countries or I could be getting an internship in New Zealand. I just want to have it figured out for once! Haha. The best thing I’ve had this year is definitely the salad that my sister made last night, it was just good, exceptionally good for a salad! I hope you have a great year this year! :]

    • I know what you mean about figuring your life out! I feel like I really started to do that at the end of last year so hopefully we can both continue to find out what life has in store.

      I love salads too, I just had an amazing one today!

  2. YES get a Twitter! It is really addicting though.. but so worth it! One of my goals this year is to eat more vegan food and to eat more indulgent! They kinda contradict each other but oh well haha. Oh and I can’t believe I just tried the banana + pb combo a couple days ago. It’s seriously the best snack ever! Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. writingandrecovering says:

    No! No more skinny soy peppermint mochas? Those are my favorite!
    I love my twitter. I rarely use it but I like to keep up on my friends and celebs with it.
    Have more fun absolutely!

  4. I like your goals! I am so with you on the budget one… seriously teach me once you learn! And don’t worry about that grade… I FAILED a class once (it was a high level Chem class) and I was of course devastated at the time too, but it didn’t effect me in the long-run. You will get that GPA back up 🙂

  5. I really like twitter :). I’ve had it for a little over three years now, got it when I started my job at a tech company (everyone had one). Budgeting is definitely a good idea, as well as learning anything about saving and investing you can- if you can save, definitely start! I really recommend Clark Howard who has a show on CNN on Sundays, I sorta agree with most of his financial philosophies. I took a Dave Ramsey class too, but he was a little too preachy for me and too anti credit card, didn’t like that. Anyway…

    Your food looks super tasty. I’m going to be really sad when the red cups go away at Starbucks even though I’ve only been maybe twice this year. Hope you can get your GPA up too… the C+ is only one class, in the end it shouldn’t hurt so bad, especially if it’s not in your major.

    • Thanks for the budgeting advice, I will definitely look into Clark Howard!

      And I’m so sad about the red cups too, I haven’t been to Starbucks in a couple of days so I’m hoping the next time I go they’ll still have them!

  6. nicole the exbulimic says:

    make as much money as you can and save it all whilst concurrently preserving your fabulous sense of fashion. it might mean candies now, but will guarantee manolos later. 😉 x

  7. These goals are awesome! I’m working on incorporating more raw foods into my diet, as well. I’m loving it. If you haven’t read “Thrive” by Brendon Brazier, I definitely recommend it! His nutrition and lifestyle advice is awesome and the book has delicious raw recipes!
    Good luck with your GPA and budgeting. Both of those things are SO tough. But, it feels amazing when you have them under control. (:

    Oh, and I think you’ll love twitter!

  8. Great goals,Ashley! I’m sure you’ll rock them all in 2012. 😀
    And please get a Twitter account! I got one,too,recently because a few people have asked me to do so and it’s a really good way to keep in touch. 🙂

  9. YES GET ON TWITTER RIGHT NOW. I love it. I didn’t get it at first but I’m obsessed now! I also have to say I am a big fan of stuffed dates. I like to stuff it with a pecan and chocolate for a little “caramel turtle”

    • I’m loving that stuffed date idea–pecan and chocolate are my new obsessions!

      I really think I’m going to get a Twitter ASAP, a lot of people love it and it just seems like a good way to stay in the loop!

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