Beauty Bests: September

I really need to stop introducing new blog series! I can never seem to stick with them for long.

Another thing I’m struggling with is my blogging mojo. Life is busy — I work 40+ hours a week, and in the next 3 weeks I only have 5 days off of work (including today and tomorrow, my normal weekend). And right after that stretch I’m embarking on my first solo flight to visit my best friend in Salt Lake City…which I am super pumped for! And also nervous — I’ve been reading everything possible about airline travel. Not that I’m scared of flying (I actually love it) or that I haven’t flown much (I generally fly once or maybe twice a year) but that I’ve never flown without someone with me, whether my family or a big group so I hope I have everything I need. I’m traveling carry-on only for the first time too and I hope I’m not bringing too much stuff for my small bag. Do any seasoned solo flyers have tips for this newbie?

Enough travel talk (for now), let’s talk beauty. I am NOT a low-maintenance kind of girl when it comes to beauty products, but I don’t like to spend too much on makeup or hair stuff. With that being said, here are some of my favorite finds this month.

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo (Sephora, $12)


Purple lips AREN'T weird, trust me!

This stuff is life-changing, y’all. Before trying it I hadn’t found a lipstick/lip stain that stayed put and didn’t feel too heavy. This is the answer to my prayers! First of all, it’s basically like getting two for the price of one, because it has one shade on each end. Second, the shades are perf…I absolutely love the bright magenta and fuschia hues. They’re the perfect pop of color that works for all seasons. And best of all, it stays on for most of the day. Trust me. I went for a run while wearing it (hey, it was after work!) and it barely faded. It will last through eating and drinking, too.

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara (Sephora, $10 for mini)


Minis are cuter anyway!

Another incredible product that will probably become my go-to mascara from now on. Not heavy or cakey like a lot of mascaras and it comes off easily with makeup removers or warm water. It gives me the length and volume I want without looking all spider-y. It comes in a full-size version, but I tried the mini because A) I’m cheap B) I wanted to make sure it was worth it and C) It works better for traveling (see above). I am stocking up on more before my trip!

Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil (


Looks like pee, but smells great.

Full disclosure: I got this as a freebie with my first Julep box (they mostly sell nail polish). But this stuff smells good and works well. I usually use makeup removing wipes, and lately I’ve been getting into more natural brands like Burt’s Bees, but this oil is less harsh on my eyes (it’s good for contact users like me) and it makes your skin soft. You only need a little bit, which is even better. Just lather up a little on your face and wash away with warm water.

Bobby Pins (any drugstore)

You know what bobby pins look like (I hope)! These suckers are extremely cheap, since they usually come in packs of like a million, so when you inevitably lose some, it’s okay. Since I’ve started doing the top bun thing more often, they’re a lifesaver for those little frizzies that stick out. And I also use them to do that little bouffant thing with my bangs now that I’m kinda sorta probably growing them out.

Tidy Detangling Comb (Sephora, $8)


Have to buy it if it's pink.

I used to brush out my hair after a shower with an actual brush. Bad! Then I realized a comb would be better for my hair, so I switched to this because it’s bigger than those cheap-o combs they give you on picture day in elementary school and it said it would keep my texture intact, which I was thrilled about. I’m all about leaving my hair natural (aka wavy) when I can and this comb absolutely keeps that in check. Now I also use this comb to detangle my ends when they’re dry and yep, still works wonders. Plus it’s pink, which means I had to get it.

What are some of your (cheap) beauty favorites? Any solo traveling tips?

11 thoughts on “Beauty Bests: September

  1. No rules when it comes to blogging, just do what you can whenever you feel like it! I am the furthest from a beauty expert, I’ll leave this stuff to you! 🙂

  2. P says:

    I am a no-makeup kind of girl…sometimes I just wash my face with handsoap, haha.
    As for traveling, I save space by rolling up my clothes into a cylindrical shape, and depending on whether or not you like to sleep on planes, bring a travel pillow 😀

  3. Aja says:

    My best friend spent my spring break teaching me all I need to know about makeup and skincare because my mom never wore any so she couldn’t teach me anything. I wasn’t even moisturizing! It was terrible. But now I’m into more makeup. Wish I knew this stuff for my wedding.

    As for flying, try to keep your bag as small as possible. What is your airline? I know that some airlines like to board from the back to the front which means if you sit in the back you’ll have a place to put your bag. If you’re in the front all the back people with their multiple carry-ons probably took all the storage space and you’ll be forced to check your bag, but free of charge. I used to fly every month or so, so ask me any questions!

    • I’m flying Frontier, and I know I already had to choose my seats when I paid. I think my seats are towards the middle of the plane so I hope I’ll have room. I’m just bringing a 21 inch suitcase and a purse which I’ll keep in my lap. If that doesn’t work, hopefully I can check my bag for free!

      • Aja says:

        The suitcase can probably go in the overhead and the purse will have to go under the seat in front of you, but otherwise you’ll probably be fine! I hope it’s not a long flight!

  4. That lipstick! The colour looks great on you, girl! It’s actually funny I don’t wear lipstick more often because I like the ‘pop’ of colour it adds even to the simplest outfit. But I haven’t been able to find afforable vegan brands.
    Don’t get stressed about blogging. Okay, I’ve admittedly been more since I started working full-time, too, and I should prioritize sleep more … But really, if people care they will keep reading even if you only post every so often. If I can serve as an example: I do just that with your blog. Even though you might not have posted as often as you used to before I still check back to see if you did regularly. (:

    • Your comment made my day! I love hearing from you again and I’m glad to know you still check in from time to time! I do the same with your blog 🙂

  5. Catching up with you … Its so funny you tried that kraut because when I saw it in WF a few months ago I thought about you.
    Have you ever tried making your own?

    I’ve traveled solo a ton, it’s no sweat! Just know the connecting gate if you have one and figure out how to get there is the toughest bit but its not even that tough. Signs everywhere.
    Oh, but always check the electronic signs because sometimes they change gates.

    One time I missed my connecting flight because …get this… I thought the time on the ticket was the time you START boarding so I was just chilling in some cafe finishing up a beer. The time it lists on the ticket is the time the wheels lift off the ground. …boarding starts way earlier. I pulled up to the scene and the doors were closing and NOPE they cant let you on.
    So dont make my mistake. (0;

    But even then it wasnt such a big deal. I just caught the next one.

    • I haven’t! Is it hard to make kraut at home? I made pickles a month or so ago and they were quick pickled but I know kraut is different.

      Oh man, gotta keep that in mind for my connections! On the way out I have an actual layover, for like 3 hours, but on the way back it just under an hour. Luckily they’re at an airport I know pretty well and I know both gates are in the same concourse so hopefully I’ll be good.

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