Early Winter (Warby Parker Winter Collection)

I don’t know about you, but winter is not exactly my favorite season. Where I live, it’s the start of the cold and snowy season (though let’s be real, we get snow in October AND April, but that’s beside the point) and it’s just overall blah. I love and always look forward to the holiday season, but once the New Year has been rung in and the Christmas decorations have been put back in the closet, it’s just not as fun anymore.

One thing I do love about winter is looking forward to winter fashion hitting stores. As much as I love summer and fall fashion, once those seasons start to wrap up, I get excited about what new styles will be in for the upcoming season and how I can incorporate them into my wardrobe.

Even though winter clothes aren’t quite as cute as summer ones, accessories are fun and fresh year-round. And one of the most classic accessories ever is glasses. Even before I needed contacts, I always thought glasses looked kinda cool and even now I wear my hipster ‘readers’ on days that I’m wearing my contacts but want to go for a different look.

Warby Parker is my favorite eyeglasses company, not just because they have fun and fabulous styles but also because of their mission. With every pair of glasses sold, they distribute a pair to someone in need. A lot of us might not think glasses make such a huge impact on someone’s life, but they really do. This mission really serves needy people in impoverished nations so they can be happy, healthy and successful. Everyone deserves to have good vision!

Warby Parker’s new winter collection debuts today, and I couldn’t be more excited about the styles they’re offering. Ever since I discovered the company, I’ve loved their quirky cool glasses, and they really do have a style for everyone. They’re pretty affordable as far as glasses go, and I love that they offer new styles frequently. The best part is, they have showroom locations in 7 states but even if you don’t have one near you, they offer FREE virtual and home try-ons so you can make sure you’re getting the right glasses for you.

These glasses are perfect for every winter activity.

These glasses are perfect for every winter activity.

Here’s a description of their winter collection:

Winter’s best diversions—doubling up on thermals, watching your breath steam up the window, scribbling through a Sunday crossword puzzle—deserve a proper pair of glasses to bring them into focus.

Our new Winter Collection is rustic meets modern: six new shapes in five new colors, including two custom two-toned acetates, in addition to some of our most dependably stylish frames in cold-weather hues. All frames are $95, including prescription lenses.

They make good companions for rooting around a bookcase, dashing through the snow, getting up to indoor mischief. The possibilities stretch on as shorter days give way to longer nights.

I like that they’re offering 6 new styles and 5 new colors for both men and women and all their styles really capture the essence of winter while still being very classy and elegant. My personal favorite is the Welty in plum marblewood–I like how it looks rustic and wooden with a girly touch of purple and a versatile shape that would look great on all face types. I would definitely consider buying this pair in the near future, as I’ve had my current pair of glasses for 3 years and I’d love to go for a new look. I really like how Warby Parker has so many options for trying on glasses, the price is right and their mission is so important. What’s not to love?


Aren’t these so cute?

If you’re interested in their winter collection, you can check out all their styles here.

I was not compensated in any way on this blog post. All opinions are my own, but a big thank you goes out to Warby Parker for allowing me to share their winter collection with you.

If you wear glasses, what styles do you like?