Clean Candy (Homemade Truffles)

Easter may be over, but you don’t have to give up the candy just yet! Especially if it’s homemade, and packed with clean ingredients that are easy to find.

Over Easter weekend, I experimented with two versions of homemade truffle-type candy (adapted from here) and both are amazing in their own way. The dark chocolate+PB ‘bunnies’ or ‘eggs’ are perfect for chocolate and nut butter lovers, and the carrot cake truffles are a little less indulgent but still tasty and perfect for spring. The best part is, both are very adaptable to what you have on hand and your flavor preferences!

Chocolate+PB bunny (a little creepy-looking, but still cute!)

Chocolate+PB bunny (a little creepy-looking, but still cute!)

Chocolate PB Bunnies (vegan, gluten free, grain free)

2 tbsp dark chocolate chips or chunks

1/2 tbsp coconut oil, separated

1 scoop Sunwarrior/Vega chocolate protein powder, or 3 tbsp coconut or almond flour

2-3 tbsp peanut butter (can sub other nut/seed butters)

sweetener, to taste (I used ~1 tbsp maple syrup the first time, then used stevia+a little almond milk)

In a small bowl, mix protein powder/flour, nut butter, 1 tsp coconut oil and sweetener (if using). The mix should be combined but thick. Place bowl in freezer for 5-10 minutes to set. In a separate bowl, add remaining coconut oil and chocolate chips. Melt in microwave (~30 seconds to 1 minute) or in a small pot over medium high heat. Stir together and set aside. Remove bowl from freezer and roll batter into egg shapes or bunny heads and ears. Dip into melted chocolate, and place bunnies/eggs in muffin holders or on parchment paper. Return to freezer, and leave to harden up. Stores best in freezer (remover for 5 minutes to soften up to eat). Makes 4-5 bunnies/eggs. 

Carrot cake 'white chocolate' truffles.

Carrot cake ‘white chocolate’ truffles.

‘White Chocolate’ Carrot Cake Truffles (vegan, gluten free, grain free, no added sugar)

1/4-1/2 cup carrots, shredded (I used a food processor to chop them up)

2 tbsp raisins

4-5 Medjool dates, pitted

2 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut

1 tsp raw cacao butter (should be white in color)

1 tbsp coconut butter

In a food processor or high powered blender, mix shredded carrots, dates and coconut until mix comes together. Add in raisins and almond milk if needed to combine. Set aside in a bowl and place in freezer for 5-10 minutes to set. In a microwave safe bowl, mix cacao and coconut butters and melt in microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute (or melt in small pan over medium high heat). Remove bowl from freezer and roll mix into small balls. Dip each into the ‘white chocolate’ mix and return to the freezer. Makes 10+ truffles.

What candy would you make at home or healthify if you could? 

WIAW: What I (Wish I Ate) From Whole Foods

Another week, another Wednesday…another WIAW, of course! I love this little shindig that Jenn came up with–total genius idea! And just think, only two more Wednesdays til Thanksgiving! If only T-Day were on Wednesday because how epic would that WIAW be?

Peas and Crayons

Anyways, y’all probably know how obsessed I am with Whole Foods already. I mean, I talk about it practically all the time 😛 Okay, maybe not that much, but lately I’ve been making a stop there every other weekend and I’m lovin’ it! My parents’ wallets, not so much 😉 But hey, I try not to go overboard there, just stocking up on the essentials like oats and dates and squash and cereal. I always end up with a few more things than I planned on, but I’m not complaining.

Besides my undying love for Whole Foods stores, I also love the recipes they have on their website/app. I’ve bookmarked so many it’s ridiculous. Obviously I haven’t even come close to making them all, but someday I will! For today’s WIAW, I wanted to share with you some of my current favorite recipes that hopefully I’ll be making come Thanksgiving break. So here we go! (P.S. All photos courtesy of I am not that good of a food photographer 😉 )

Breakfast: Cocoa Almond Baked Breakfast Quinoa

This almost looks like cake!

 I know what you’re thinking–quinoa for…breakfast? I totally thought the same thing, but this actually looks really heavenly, and is healthy to boot (of course!) Quinoa is a complete source of protein, which is great at breakfast, and with the addition of some hemp seeds and almond meal, has some healthy fats and fiber. Overall, it’s got 10 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per slice.  Plus it’s sweetened naturally with dates and is made with cocoa powder.  Total win, right?

Lunch: Carrot-Ginger Soup and TLC Sandwich

I love how orange this is!

It's like a BLT...but better/healthier!

 I’m usually not the hugest fan of soup, but I’ve gotta admit that it’s super-comforting in the fall and winter. I love carrots too and this broth looks so thick. I’d probably just swap out the regular potato for a sweet tater, you know, to increase my chances of turning orange 😉 And the soup/sandwich combo never gets old. This sammie features homemade tofu “bacon” which sounds absolutely amazing! Definitely a must-try recipe. If I was in a hurry, I’d probably just cook up some strips of tempeh bacon to put on the sandwich. I never used to be a big fan of real bacon, but I love me some vegan bacon! It’s so crispy and smoky.

Snack: Cocoa-Oat Truffles

Looks like poop, tastes SO much better 😉

 How simple are these–just 4 ingredients, plus extra spices if you want to. I would totally make these right now if only I had a food processor, because I’ve got everything else on hand. A mini food processor is DEF going on my Christmas wishlist! Basically, these are 4 of my favorite staples–rolled oats, cocoa powder (I’d use Hershey’s Special Dark), dates and almond butter–all rolled into one ball. Could they be any more yummy?

Dinner: Portobello and Pineapple Teriyaki Burgers (with a side of Baked Sweet Potato Fries)

Too bad mine wouldn't look this perfect!

Now I really want sweet potato fries!

 If you’ve ever had a portobello burger, you’ll know how delicious they are. I’m not even a big mushroom person and I love them. My favorite kind is from Larkburger, but I’d love to attempt to make my own at home. And I would totally dress them up with teriyaki sauce and grilled pineapple, because those are some of my fave burger toppings. And of course, what would a burger be without fries? I love love LOVE baked sweet potato fries with all my heart, they will never be replaced!

Dessert: Festive Garland Bars

Sweet and salty is the perfect way to end the day!

 I will find some way to make these vegan for sure. I’ll probably sub dark chocolate chunks for the white ones, omit the butter, replace the egg with pumpkin puree (for an extra festive twist!) and use oat flour or whole wheat flour in place of the all-purpose. But these are definitely on my must-make list for Thanksgiving break, I just love the sweet and salty combination!

So there you have it! While I wish I could really cook on a regular basis, it just isn’t possible in a dorm room so I have to look forward to breaks and weekends at home!

Do you like the Whole Foods website recipes? What do you wish you could make for yourself right now?