BIG News!

So this weekend is gonna be filled with a few “firsts” for me! Tomorrow is my first day volunteering at the library for the kids summer reading program. I went to the brief training the other day but I didn’t really learn a whole lot about what I’m actually going to be doing, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m excited but also kinda not. It’s from 12-2 every Saturday until the end of July, and while it’s not a huge deal to be giving up 2 hours of my week, I just wish it was during a different time block. I’m a little strict when it comes to meal times. I usually eat lunch between 12 and 1, but obviously that won’t be happening since we’re not allowed to bring food with us. There is no way I’ll be hungry before I leave and by the time I get back, it’ll be close to snacktime, so I’m not sure if any lunch will be happening these next 9 Saturdays. I’m okay with that, but my parents are another story. I’m still recovering from anorexia (it’s been 2 years since I was diagnosed) and they still tend to watch my eating kinda closely. They trusted me during my first year of college to eat on my own regularly, but since I’ve been home I feel like every bite I put in my mouth is being monitored. I’m pretty sure they’d freak out if I went without lunch, even if it’s just for 9 days. We’ll see…

Sunday is even more exciting, because my dad and I are registered for our first-ever bike race! I’m not sure if it’s exactly a race, but it involves a lot of other riders and it supports a few charities, so it’s not just an impromptu ride like we usually do. We signed up for the 7-miler, which was the shortest distance, because the next-shortest one (25 miles) seems a bit too long. I think the most we’ve ever ridden is 10 miles, so the 7-miler shouldn’t be too hard. Based on my lame informal training plan, I’ve been consistently riding a little over 2 miles in 10 minutes, so if I keep up my pace of 13.5 mi/hr than the race should only take about 35-40 minutes. Well, I guess that depends on if I’m riding behind someone who’s slow 😉

I’m just hoping for nice weather (aka no wind) on Sunday so the ride will go smoothly. I rode two miles up and down my street (1 mile each way) today and I was planning on riding 3 but the wind was too much, plus I was dehydrated, my butt hurt (stupid bike seat!) and it smelled like smoke outside because of all the forest fires in the state. It wasn’t my best ride ever, but I think I’ll be fine on Sunday.

A goofy picture of me, just because

Q: What are you up to this weekend?