What’s In My Bag?

I have an obsession. With purses. Specifically large, designer bags. I got my first, a multicolor Coach shoulder bag for Christmas when I was 16 and since then, I’ve been hooked and have added 5 more designer bags to my collection.

My current go-to is a navy blue bird-printed Fossil tote I got for my 21st birthday and I’ve been loving it ever since. It’s the perfect size, shape and it goes with almost everything. I love that it has an interior zippered pocket and a few pouches so I can attempt to organize my stuff, but let’s be honest, I mostly just throw things in there. That’s what a purse is for, right?

I was inspired by Emily’s recent posts about the things in her bag and I wanted to share what’s currently in mine!

In my purse

Makeup bag (Forever 21)…March 2014 People StyleWatch magazine…White Citrus mini lotion (Bath & Body Works)…hairbrush (Clinique)…Bandaid box (hey, I’m accident prone!)…Lemon Vanilla lip gloss (Bath & Body Works)…earphones…mango butter chapstick (Burt’s Bees)…compact mirror (Gilly Hicks)…wallet (Fossil)…vanilla berry sorbet hand sanitizer (Bath & Body Works)…keys…Advil…multicolored pens…Lipslicks lipstick in princess (Covergirl)…cinnamon xylitol mints…sunglasses (Target). 

What’s in your purse?

What I’m Buying and What it’s For

So I know I just had a grocery shopping post the other day but this one isn’t so much about the budgeting (though I did stay under $60 for this weekend’s trips, which is a total win) as it is about what I bought and what it’s for. I love seeing people’s grocery shopping posts, especially if they’re sharing a meal plan or recipes to go along with that. So here’s what I bought this weekend, and what it’ll be used for.

Sprouts buys.

Sprouts buys.


What I Got

  • plantain: sauteeing in coconut oil for burrito filling
  • dates: stuffing with nut butter, some for recipes
  • unsweetened apple butter: healthier alternative to jam
  • almond flour: making grain free pancakes/waffles and using in homemade veggie burgers
  • raw cashews: cilantro cashew cream for burritos and raw jalapeno poppers (!)
  • jalapenos: raw jalapeno poppers
  • cilantro: cashew cream
  • baking soda: pantry staple
  • lite coconut milk: have on hand for quick curries, etc.
Whole Foods purchases.

Whole Foods purchases.

Whole Foods

What I Got

  • frozen gluten free pizza dough: making easy GF cinnamon rolls
  • unsweetened ketchup: dipping sweet potato fries, tempeh, etc.
  • organic unrefined virgin coconut oil: baking, sauteeing, moisturizer (P.S. buy the Whole Foods brand, it’s way cheaper!)
  • Justin’s vanilla AB squeeze packs: bringing with me for weekends at home
  • organic dark chocolate chips: snacking, baking
  • canned black olives: burrito filling
  • organic lemon mints: I’m trying to stop my sugar free gum habit, and these are pretty natural (and tasty) mints to replace that with
  • Rudi’s gluten free spinach tortillas: burritos, vegan enchiladas, homemade tortilla chips?
  • romaine and green leaf lettuce: salads for the week
  • organic garnet yams: snacks during the week

Obviously a lot of this stuff (other than the produce) will last a lot longer than this week so I actually did really well on the budgeting front as well, especially spending under $40 at Whole Foods. And in case you couldn’t tell from the lists, smothered burritos are on my meal plan for a couple dinners this week (these look amazing!), as are salads for lunches and almond flour pancakes for a few breakfasts. Oh, and I’m trying out raw jalapeno poppers, so stay tuned for a recipe! I’m really liking having a set idea for what to make so I know exactly what I have to buy that week.

Do you like to plan out meals for the week ahead of time? What’s the most fun or delicious dinner you’ve had or will have soon?