Work It Out

I don’t mention a lot of fitness stuff on here, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a big part of my life! Especially during the summer I love to get outside and get my heart pumping with some fun workouts.

I will admit that I’ve fallen into the trap of ‘exercise guilt’–you know, like feeling bad that I’m not a runner or for not working out as hard on one day compared to the previous one. But honestly, exercise always feels better when it’s something you truly love to do and aren’t pushing yourself to enjoy it. And I’m slowly learning that taking a rest day every once in awhile is okay. I’m not so good at that part right now, but I know it’ll come. For now, here are some of the things I enjoy doing, guilt free!


How embarrassing is this photo? I’m so glad I’m not 15 anymore!

This is probably my favorite physical activity at the moment. It’s fun because I do with my dad (and sometimes sister) so we can talk and laugh. I love outdoor exercise, and being out in the sunshine on a perfect summer day feels amazing. Tennis works your whole body (and mind!) but it doesn’t feel like a workout to me because I enjoy it so much.


Another old-ish photo (from 2 years ago) but at least I look okay in this one!


Biking is another of my favorites. I love how powerful I feel when I’m pedaling along a trail, feeling the breeze and sun on my skin. I have definitely experienced a few wipe-outs and not-so-great rides, but I keep coming back for more. I haven’t biked in about a month, since I haven’t had the chance to refill the tires with air, but I’m excited to get back on my bike and ride!


I wish I had a cool pic of me doing a yoga pose…

Yoga keeps me centered, focused and (somewhat) flexible. I love how it stretches out my muscles when they’re sore and I am obsessed with the feeling of weak spaghetti arms after doing a bunch of chaturangas. I still have yet to go to a hot yoga class, but I’m dying to.

Cardio Circuits

This one is my favorite at the moment!

Most days I just end up doing a bunch of 10 minute cardio circuits throughout the day. I like them because they’re short but kinda intense and they’re basically equipment-free. I space them out throughout the day for time’s sake and also because I like being active throughout the day.


Why yes, we do like to hike in the snow during the summer!

This one is definitely a summer-only occurrence but I always look forward to hiking. Colorado is an awesome state for it, and I’ve climbed a lot of (small) mountains in my life. My parents are really into it and have dragged me and my sister along since we were itty bitty and now I can say I truly love it. It feels great to get more in touch with nature (I’ve even seen a baby bear on a hike once!) and challenge myself on the trails.

What’s your favorite way to work out? Have you ever seen a scary animal on a hike?

Estes Park Day 4 (and a half!)

If you missed my first three recap posts, go here (day 1), here (day 2) and here (day 3). This one is the last vacation recap!


It was our last full day in EP, so we wanted to make the most of it. So what did we do first? Pool time 😀 Again, we got some quality water time in and not too many people were still at the condos, so we had it mostly to ourselves. A rousing game of Monkey in the Middle was involved!

Right after lunchie time, my dad, sister and I drove to the town’s little amusement park. It’s pretty small and basic compared to others I’ve been to (like Six Flags, of course!) but it’s still a lot of fun. The dark clouds were starting to roll in, but we were chill about it. We got a couple of slides in on the giant rainbow colored slide and then headed over to the mini golf course across the river. As soon as we started our first hole, it started to pour! Everyone left the golf course in 2 seconds and we were all crowded under the little awning. Fun times 😉 But like almost all summer rainstorms in good ‘ol Colorado, this one lasted like 10 minutes so we were able to finish start our mini golf tournament. Even though I lost, I was the only one to get a HOLE IN ONE! I was actually pretty proud of myself 🙂

My mom had gone into town to do a little shopping so we met her at the local brewpub for dinner. It was my mom’s choice, mostly because of the beers there. Unfortch, none of us really loved the food. We’d been there a few years back, and it had seemed to be a little better then. I got the shrimp cocktail and a side of wheat bread. They were both okay, but def not amazing. Plus the service kinda sucked, so we agreed not to go back again.

After that disappointment, we did a little more window shopping in town then grabbed dessert. We went to a little place that has handmade flavored waffle cones (can’t pass that up!) and luckily, they had a strawberry froyo that I got in a marshmallow-flavored cone. It. Was. Deelish. When we were standing around eating our cones, a car drove by and someone leaned out the window and honked an air horn really loudly. It freaked my sis out, and she dropped her cone on the ground! She was kinda upset about it, but my dad bought her another one. It wasn’t funny at the time, but it kinda is now 😉

So yummy (and so colorful)


Last day. We had to wake up at the crack ‘o dawn (aka 8 am) so we could leave by 10. Even though my mom was freaking out that we’d have to pay overtime, we got out with plenty of time.

We drove into town, car packed to the gills with our stuff (why does it always seem like you come back with more stuff than you left with?), and stopped in a Christmas boutique. It was really cute, all the different themed ornaments and decorations.

Oh hey random peppermint horse!

Then we went over to the deli where we were getting lunch-to-go. The deli is right by the movie theatre, so all the sandwiches and salads there are named after movies! I got the Strawberry Fields salad and it was truly a Hugh Jass salad. It was piled high with lettuce, fresh strawberries, sliced almonds, cranberries and a raspberry vinaigrette. We took our lunches into Rocky Mountain National Park and picnicked (I had the hardest time spelling this word, bee-tee-dubs!) there. It was really yum, but since it was ginormous there was no way I could finish it!

Now this is a salad!

Since we were right by a hiking trail, we packed the cooler back in the car and hit the trail. In the past, we’ve usually done one or two big hikes when we were in Estes (usually around 7 miles roundtrip) but since we hadn’t spent many days this time, we decided to just do a quick little hike. Luckily we didn’t do a longer one, because halfway through, it started raining and thundering so we had to get back to the car anyway.

You can kinda see the lake

This tree just looked so cool!

Rain is beautiful

The rain died down en route to another hiking spot, so we got out there for another quickie hike. The place we went to is called an alluvial fan, and it was caused by a dam breakage that led to a deadly flood back in the ’80s. Luckily, it didn’t kill a lot of people, but it brought down millions of giant boulders and killed trees in its path. It looks really cool now, though. I was stupid enough to wear a dress and flip-flops, so climbing on all those rocks was tricky business. I didn’t trip or anything (I’m such a klutz) so that was good.

Part of the waterfall

My dad. So cray-cray!

These mountains are BIG!

I wasn't kidding about the dress

One last look at the alluvial fan

What is one of your favorite vacation memories?