What I’m Buying and What it’s For

So I know I just had a grocery shopping post the other day but this one isn’t so much about the budgeting (though I did stay under $60 for this weekend’s trips, which is a total win) as it is about what I bought and what it’s for. I love seeing people’s grocery shopping posts, especially if they’re sharing a meal plan or recipes to go along with that. So here’s what I bought this weekend, and what it’ll be used for.

Sprouts buys.

Sprouts buys.


What I Got

  • plantain: sauteeing in coconut oil for burrito filling
  • dates: stuffing with nut butter, some for recipes
  • unsweetened apple butter: healthier alternative to jam
  • almond flour: making grain free pancakes/waffles and using in homemade veggie burgers
  • raw cashews: cilantro cashew cream for burritos and raw jalapeno poppers (!)
  • jalapenos: raw jalapeno poppers
  • cilantro: cashew cream
  • baking soda: pantry staple
  • lite coconut milk: have on hand for quick curries, etc.
Whole Foods purchases.

Whole Foods purchases.

Whole Foods

What I Got

  • frozen gluten free pizza dough: making easy GF cinnamon rolls
  • unsweetened ketchup: dipping sweet potato fries, tempeh, etc.
  • organic unrefined virgin coconut oil: baking, sauteeing, moisturizer (P.S. buy the Whole Foods brand, it’s way cheaper!)
  • Justin’s vanilla AB squeeze packs: bringing with me for weekends at home
  • organic dark chocolate chips: snacking, baking
  • canned black olives: burrito filling
  • organic lemon mints: I’m trying to stop my sugar free gum habit, and these are pretty natural (and tasty) mints to replace that with
  • Rudi’s gluten free spinach tortillas: burritos, vegan enchiladas, homemade tortilla chips?
  • romaine and green leaf lettuce: salads for the week
  • organic garnet yams: snacks during the week

Obviously a lot of this stuff (other than the produce) will last a lot longer than this week so I actually did really well on the budgeting front as well, especially spending under $40 at Whole Foods. And in case you couldn’t tell from the lists, smothered burritos are on my meal plan for a couple dinners this week (these look amazing!), as are salads for lunches and almond flour pancakes for a few breakfasts. Oh, and I’m trying out raw jalapeno poppers, so stay tuned for a recipe! I’m really liking having a set idea for what to make so I know exactly what I have to buy that week.

Do you like to plan out meals for the week ahead of time? What’s the most fun or delicious dinner you’ve had or will have soon?

What I’ve (Been Wanting to Eat) Wednesday

Hey ladiessssss I loved reading about all your Thanksgiving fun slash shopping adventures. I know I’m going to give H&M another chance, I just think it wasn’t such a great experience since a lot of stuff was picked over, but what can you expect the week of Black Friday?

Basically I haven’t taken any pictures since coming back from break, I’m just so burned out with projects, studying for finals and work stuff–I am so ready to be done. Thanksgiving was kinda like a little teaser for winter break so I’m hoping the next 15 days go by quickly so I can be outta here! But I love WIAW way too much to not participate in some way or another, so I decided to dig up some older food pics and make this week’s theme about things I’ve been wanting to eat lately.

I’m in the dorms, so it’s required to have a meal plan. Last year, I went a few times a week with my roommate (before our relationship got really awful) but then around October, I stopped going that much. Second semester was basically the same–I just wasn’t diggin’ the dining hall. Luckily I had a microwave in my room to cook stuff in. This year, I’ve been to the dining hall a whopping two times, and both were the first weekend of school. Yeah, can you say bad resident? The only thing that’s somewhat decent there is the salad bar, but I’m too lazy to go there. So I’ve been making do with my dorm, which this year is equipped with a micro and two fridges. Mini, of course, but still. And for the most part, I really love what I’ve been able to make in my room. But going home over break made me miss the oven and stove and grill and a real freezer and…you get the picture. Plus I miss being able to go out to eat occasionally with my fam, so this edition of WIAW is all about what I really want to eat.

Cinnamon-spiked apple, millet bread topped with crunchy AB and a date.

Breakfast: You know how much I miss being able to use a toaster? A LOT! I can’t ever have toast, or English muffins or waffles because of the stupid rule of not being able to have a toaster in the dorms. So dumb.

Qdoba naked veggie fajita burrito with grilled squash and onions, black beans, pico de gallo, cilantro lime rice and black beans.

Lunch: My lunches now are always something quick and easy, like some Greek yogurt and fruit or a Clif Mojo bar. But as much as I love those things, they get old fast. I haven’t been to Qdoba/Chipotle since I took this picture way back in August, and I miss their naked burritos, which are like a burrito in a bowl. I especially love the grilled veggies!

Yogurt mess with chocolate Oikos, vanilla Bear Naked granola and banana slices.

Snack: Okay, honestly, there’s nothing really stopping me from making a yogurt mess for snack. But…well…I haven’t. I’ve just been eating Greek yo’ on its own, or granola on its own, but not together. I guess I’m lazy?

Vegan Philly sandwich, carrots, waffle fries.

Dinner: This was something I made for mi familia way back during spring break. The inspiration just came to me randomly, and I decided to roll with it. I’ve never been a big Philly sandwich fan (since I never loved beef) but this vegan version was awesome. Seriously, try it! It was basically sautéed peppers and onions, vegan cheese slices and Gardein beefless tips. So easy but so delicious.

Raw brownie pie with raspbs and coffee froyo.

Dessert: Honestly, I was planning on making a version of my raw brownie pie topped with pumpkin Greek yogurt mousse over Thanksgiving break, but I already made the festive garland bars and didn’t want too many desserts around. Not that that’s a bad thing, since both are pretty healthy, but I didn’t want my mom getting on my case for making so many! But I really need to make a minty version of this over winter break. I’m going to experiment because I miss these delicious raw treats.

What have you been wanting to eat this week? Do you like Qdoba or Chipotle?