2011 in Review

Hi guys, can you believe that there is just one day left in 2011? Time really flies, doesn’t it, especially at the end of the year!

I decided to do a recap of my year since I started this blog just a little over seven months ago. So much has happened since then, so I thought I’d give a little breakdown of the most memorable parts of each month, along with a couple of my favorite photos from that month.


One of my first overnight oats creations--carrot cake oats.

I first started AlmostVegGirlie on May 24, just a couple of weeks after I finished my freshman year of college. I have had a couple of blogs before (and still have a fashion-focused one on Blogger) but never a food-related one, and since I was really starting to get into cooking a lot, I decided to finally start one after discovering the healthy living blogging community. Besides starting my blog, I also celebrated my mom’s birthday (and Mother’s Day the week before) and went to a U2 concert up in Denver!

Celebrating my madre's birthday.

Post of the Month: My First WIAW


Enjoying the fun after the Elephant Rock bike ride.

I biked in my first real biking event (with my dad). It was only seven miles, but it really helped me discover my love for biking and inspired me to compete in future events. One of the best parts (besides the ride itself) was all the free samples tents set up after the ride.  Not gonna lie, that was super awesome 😉 I also started my volunteer job at the local library that continued all summer.

First trip to Pinkberry!

Post of the Month: Bad “Raw”mance


In Estes Park with my mom and sister.

July was a great month for me! I started it out with a family trip to Estes Park which was so much fun and a great little getaway for the fourth of July weekend.The excitement continued with my first trip to the Whole Foods hot/cold bar and my 19th birthday on the 27th. I loved being one of the first people in Colorado’s first IKEA store, plus it was nice to get a gift card for going there on my birthday!

I want to go back and have this all over again!

Post of the Month: Foodie Newbie


Sweaty bike ride=the best!

The month started out with a lot of active things, from bike rides to playing tennis to hiking in the mountains. I went on a couple of shopping trips before school started again towards the end of the month. I moved into a single dorm room and loved having even more independence.

Gelato is basically my favorite food!

Post of the Month: What I’ve Been Up To This Weekend (first ever vlog!)


First ever (almost empty) almond butter from Target.

Labor Day weekend was a whirlwind of activities, from going to see a production of a play my dad wrote to a day trip to Breckenridge (which was filled with tons of good food). School was…school. I discovered a few new foods, like deep chocolate Vitatops, Halo bars and of course, many new oats combos.

Me and my sissy in Breck.

Post of the Month: A Pain in the…Foot?


Carving pumpkins!

I like to call this the month that I rediscovered my creativity in the kitchen. I think I cooked more new things this month than I did all summer! I spent a couple of weekends at home, which helped fuel my passion. I made quite a lot of pumpkin-related things, but what can you expect for October? I also went to urgent care to check out the pain in my foot that started in September and found out I have plantar fasciitis. Oh, and I officially started my first-ever real job as the news managing and PR editor of my college’s staff newsletter! I love what I do (and I love the fact that I get paid to do it!)

First salted caramel mocha light Frap from the 'bucks...basically delish.

Post of the Month: My Story (parts 1 and 2)


Vegan festive garland bars.

Thanksgiving break was also a great time for me to get creative in the kitchen. I also stayed pretty busy outside the kitchen during break, with a big shopping trip to 16th Street Mall. I also had my first-ever vegan Thanksgiving meal.

I was excited for my first iHerb order!

Post of the Month: Simply Having a Wonderful Weekend Time


I promise you I'm actually really more excited about my new cookbook than I look like I am.

The stress of finals, projects and packing really got to me this year, but before I knew it, I was home! This month, I’ve enjoyed seeing lots of snow (even some on Christmas), playing games with my family, trying out new recipes, sledding, shopping and so much more.

One of my first raw dessert recipes–mini raw pecan pies.

Post of the Month: Jumping on the Bandwagon

It’s definitely been a very good year for me. Despite my struggles in school and with my eating disorder, I would have to say that I had more ups than downs. If you had told me at the beginning of 2011 that I’d be riding in a real bike event, go mostly vegan, get my first job, try something called ‘peanut flour’ (total life-changer, BTW), injure my foot and make raw desserts, I would have told you no way. But life’s funny that way–the things we least suspect always seem to happen. So here’s to 2012…whatever it may bring!

What were some highlights of your year? What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

Best of…November!

Can you believe it’s already December?! In less than a month, it’ll be a brand new year…how cray cray is that? It’s also my little sister’s birthday today–she’s sweet 16! Sheesh, she’s growing up so fast! I feel old 😉

I started this “Best of…” thing last month and it got such a great response that I thought I’d do it again. Besides, it’s fun to look back at my old posts from the past month. So here we go!

Best Foodie Post: What I (Wish I Ate) From Whole Foods

I loved hearing about all of your love for Whole Foods. It made me feel like less of a freak for basically being obsessed with that store 😛

Best Information: Who New?

Okay, to be honest it wasn’t that informative but I’d like to think so! It was just fun sharing some of my random updates.

Best Discussion: Too Much Fruit?

The responses to this post were amazing! They made me smile and reassured me that my obsession with fruit is okay! Fruit is healthy, and while everything in moderation is a good idea to live by, no one should feel guilty for enjoying their daily fruit habit.

Best Recipe: Festive Garland Bars

This one was actually really hard for me to decide on, since I made a lot of recipes this month, especially over Thanksgiving break. But this ended up being the winner, because I made a lot of substitutions to veganize it and they actually turned out quite amazing and addicting. I made two batches in one week, and they’re almost all gone now!

Best Recap Post: Simply Having a Wonderful Weekend Time!

Seriously, if you guys made it through this entire post, you are my hero! What was I thinking making it that long? Apparently a lot of stuff went down that weekend and I wanted to make sure I shared it all. It was a fun weekend though and hopefully all the foodie pics made the massive amounts of reading worth it 😀

What did you love most about November? I loved Thanksgiving break in general! What are you looking forward to in December? Winter break, Christmas and New Years Eve, baby!


Best of…October!

Hey guys, I’m so glad I’m not alone in loving pumpkin seeds and sugar cookie tea! Those two things have really been getting me into the holiday spirit a little early this year, which is okay by me! Only 2 weeks til Thanksgiving break, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I honestly almost can’t believe that October’s already over and in less than 2 months, it’ll be 2012! Wow, a new year already? I feel like 2011’s just flown by like cah-razy! I’m not complaining, though–bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s 😀 So with that in mind, I decided to start a little tradition around these here parts…Best Of! Hopefully I’ll remember to do it at the beginning of every month 😉 But anyways it’s just a highlight of a few of my favorite posts/moments from the previous month, so this one is obviously for October.

Best Response: It’s Okay…

I loved how you guys could all relate in some way or another to not being perfect, and feeling okay with admitting it!

Best Recipe: Pumpkin Pizza, Pumpkin Smoothie and Pumpkin Cornbread

Okay, so I technically chose 3 recipes, but it’s not really cheating ’cause they were all in the same monster-of-a-WIAW post. I can’t wait to make these three things again–well, with the exception of the pumpkin cornbread, which ended up not tasting so great after a few days. Hey, you win some, you lose some!

Best Heart-to-Heart: My Story, Parts 1 & 2

I was sooooo blown away (in a good way, of course) by the amazingly-sweet comments I received on my posts about my struggle with anorexia. I did not anticipate that so many of you would relate (which is sad, obviously, but also reassuring) and I literally smiled at every one of your responses 😀

Best Foodie Discovery: Clif Mojo White Chocolate Macadamia bar or Starbucks Light Salted Caramel Mocha Frap

I actually discovered a lot of new faves in the month of October, lucky me! Here’s hoping November’s even better with foodie finds–well, I’m sure it will be with Thanksgiving and all!

Best Fun Post: Why Did I Have to be Born in Arizona?

OMG, vlogs are so fun! I’ve only done 2 so far but man are they a blast. This one was really hilarious too because I basically have no accent but it was fun to see what you guys thought of my voice and what you say differently/the same as me.

Best Weekend of Food: WIAW Halloween Weekend Edition


Okay, honestly this is probably tied with my WIAW: Weekend of (Many!) Firsts post waaaaay back at the beginning of the month, but I already used that one for the recipes. But for real, who wouldn’t want to eat a ton of roasted veggies, PB & chocolate Puffins, pumpkin seeds, smoothies, sugar cookie tea, pumpkin chocolate pancakes, sweet potato tots, apple and tempeh bacon, especially all in one weekend? Obviously, this girl does! Oh, and yeah, I just realized that this post was from November, but all the photos were taken in October, so it still counts 😛

What was one of your favorite posts or memories from October?