Sweet 16 & A Half?

Happy Friday, ladies! Yay, another weekend is upon us! I am so excited for this weekend–it’s another one at home, which is always fun and busy. This one involves grocery shopping 😀 , possibly making dinner and…oh yeah, a trip to urgent care. Say what? Yeah, my foot still hurts when I walk or stand on it, and since I didn’t have time to get back home today to get it checked out, I have to go into the urgent care tomorrow to see what’s up with it. Probably won’t be the funnest way to spend a Saturday morning, but I wanna get it taken care of, whatever the problem is.

Sweet, I'm 16 again. So why do I have all these college-level classes?

 Ummmmmm so yeah, according to RealAge, I’m 16 and a half. Right on. I must be doing something right. Except, honestly, when I was 16 1/2, I wasn’t that healthy. That was actually the height of my eating disorder–so I was starving myself and my mind was in an awful place. So I’m psyched that my “real age” health-wise is two and a half  years younger than my actual age, but I’m glad I’m not actually 16 1/2, or I’d be so messed up. I know I haven’t talked much about my anorexia on here, but I’d really love to hear your feedback on whether or not you’d like a post or two on my ED history. I know a lot of you out there struggle with it (or have struggled with it) too, so maybe you’d like to hear my personal story. Just let me know, k?

Anywho, this is just a super-quick update before I head home. I’ll let you all know about the foot situation, what I made (fingers crossed it turns out amazing) and what else went down this weekend. Oh yeah, and it’s totally Homecoming weekend here which is ironic since I’m going home 😛 Last year the HC festivities were fun and all, but this year my parents couldn’t make it up here so I decided just to head back down and spend the weekend at home. But…go Rams at the game tomorrow! We will be kicking some San Jose State butt…hopefully 😉

What are you up to this weekend? Would you like to hear more about my eating disorder story?