Thinking Out Loud #1

I haven’t been into linkup style posts in awhile. I used to do the WIAW thing almost weekly, and it just got old. I share my food here anyway, but I’d rather do it when I want to and not feel forced to do it just because it’s the ‘cool’ thing.

But I’ve got a bunch of random ramblings going on in my head right now, so what better way to share them than with the Thinking Out Loud Thursday linkup?


  • I bought baby food AND dog food at Sprouts. And I don’t have a dog or a baby…
Some of my other Sprouts buys.

Some of my other Sprouts buys.

On one of my days off, I decided to make the trek to Sprouts for a midweek produce restock…and of course, I bought a lot more than I intended to. I don’t go to Sprouts more than maybe once a month anymore because it’s just not as convenient to work or home as Whole Foods is, but they do have some pretty cheap produce. But then I happened to stroll down the baby food aisle and I decided to get a couple pouches. They’ll be good to take to work when I don’t feel like packing veggies! And then I saw the Brad’s Raw dog treats were on sale, and even though they’re meant for dogs (but people-friendly too), the ingredients are spot on and they sounded good. Well, that was a waste of $5, because they taste nasty. I don’t even know why, because they’re just made of kale, sweet potatoes, spices and buckwheat groats. Maybe I’ll find an actual dog to feed them to…

  • I legitimately don’t understand how 20-somethings can vacation so much

Chalk it up to bitter jealousy, but I just don’t get it. ‘Tis the season for vacations, and it seems like every blog I read has some vacation recap and/or talking about an upcoming trip. I’m certainly not opposed to travel, it’s just that I grew up in a family where we vacationed once, maybe twice, per year. And usually one of those trips was an in-state road trip to the mountains. We weren’t poor, it’s just that my parents chose to spend money on other things. Now that I have a job and money of my own, I realize just how $$$ traveling is. And that’s why I don’t get how recent college grads like myself can take trips (especially by plane) so often. I’m talking multiple times in the summer alone! A car trip just to go back home is a good 10 hour + trip one way (I’m not making that drive, it sucks) and a 2-3 hour flight is at least $150 each way. And that would be going home, not even having to pay for a hotel or food. I want to fly home at least once this year, and I’d like to visit my good friend when she moves to Salt Lake City, but traveling that much is just not in the cards, wallet-wise 😦

  • I basically eat the same breakfast every day, and it does NOT get old
The protein bowl, aka my breakfast special.

The protein bowl, aka my breakfast special.

I got into the habit of making a protein chia pudding (Sunwarrior or Garden of Life raw protein+chia seeds+almond milk) for breakfast and then topping it with all sorts of stuff, usually raisins, stevia chocolate chips, raw granola and raw salted nuts. I’m basically obsessed with the sweet+salty combo. And now I’ve eaten this every single day for probably a month. I even eat it when I have breakfast at work — I just put the chia pudding in one mini tupperware and the toppings in another and combine at my desk. Sometimes I add fresh fruit (like the figs in the above picture), or half a Larabar, but it’s way too good. And sometimes, I even have it for dessert.

  • I’m obsessed with the pink+grey combination
I also love dresses with scarves.

I also love dresses with scarves.

Who says scarves are for fall and winter? I love them year-round, especially paired with dresses. And a plain (but really cute) dress like this just screams to be put with a patterned scarf. I also love how pink and dark grey pop against each other. It’s a good way to make pink less girly for those of you who dislike the color (obviously not me).

How often do you travel? Have you ever bought baby food to eat yourself? 

16 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #1

  1. I eat the same breakfast every morning too, but that’s mostly because I don’t have it in me to think up new things in the morning 😆 I HAVE kind of been getting tired of my go to lately, though, so I’m thinking it might be time for a change soon. And pink and grey is one of my favourite colour combos — love that dress 🙂

    • I do the exact same thing with breakfasts — I go through phases that I eventually get sick of, and then move on to something else for a few months!

  2. Dog food!! LOL. Now that is a new one. LOL.

    I wonder how thirty somethings cantravel so much — so I hate to tell you, it don’t get that much easier. (0:

  3. Aja says:

    That dress is adorable! Maybe you’ll find a cute dog on a run one day.

    I don’t get the travelling thing either. One of my friends just took an impulse road trip to SoCal and another one of my friends is spending two weeks in Germany. We’re all still in college, so what the heck? Like, I’ve tried planning trips but they’re just so expensive we haven’t gone anywhere and won’t for a while. We’re going to Disneyland with my mom, but she’s got us discount airline tickets and we’re splitting the hotel cost. I guess when you take trips as a large group and all stay in one room and in one car it’s not too bad, but I don’t get it.

    • Thank you!

      Traveling in college is even more crazy! I guess having a job makes it more feasible, but still. All I had money for in college went towards groceries and rent. But your Disney trip sounds fun! And even better that it’s not as ridiculously expensive as some vacations.

  4. P says:

    I don’t understand the multiple trips thing either. This year was an exception for me because of interviews (that were luckily reimbursed!) and then my extended family trip after not seeing them in 5+ years, but normally, we usually just do in-state road trips or day trips.

    • I totally get that! There are some years that I went on a couple more vacations to visit family or whatever, but it gets expensive. That’s really awesome that your interview trips were reimbursed though — that makes it a lot more doable.

  5. First off: your dress is really cute. Anybody knowing me in real life wouldn’t be too surprised because coral/ pink gets me almost every time. It’s a running gag already.
    The travel issue is one I wish I understood. Are others just -that- much better at budgeting? I wanted to make a trip to London next month but now ticket prices have sky-rocketed and in my head I’m already months ahead in terms of the rent I need to pay and all others costs coming up. It’s a pity but vacation can’t be a #1 priority for me right now.

    • Awww thanks! I love coral too, especially in the summer.

      Don’t feel bad about not being able to travel as much as you’d like. I think just being able to be financially independent is an incredible thing, and it’s what my goal is at the moment. I’m sure sometime in the future we can save up some money for vacations!

  6. LOL! I’m dying over the fact that you bought those dog treats. Based on the ingredients, I would have assumed that they’d be yummy too! So funny. Just find a friend with a dog…they’ll be eternally grateful.

    And oh my goodness, THANK YOU for addressing the 20-somethings who take these vacations. I don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could join them, but it just doesn’t make any sense…where do they get money from?!


    • I’m definitely giving them away to a dog — hopefully they’ll like them better than I did!

      I’m glad you agree (: Travel is fun, but the headaches over trying to budget for them are not.

  7. I totally get the baby food, but the dog food….I wouldn’t have thought that would be good hahaha. I’ve eaten my share of dog biscuits in my day. I tried to eat one with PB once, it was still nasty. LOVE the pink dress on you!

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