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I feel like I haven’t posted a recipe on here forever! I could blame it on my crazy work schedule (which is true), or the hot temperatures which have kept me far from the oven, but really, it’s just because I’ve been embracing simple foods lately.

My work meals are easy to throw together — Sunwarrior chia puddings+toppings (raisins, stevia chocolate chips, raw nuts), Kit’s Organic bars, fresh fruit, flax crackers, carrots+homemade hummus. Basically anything I can eat at my desk while writing stories for 8 hours. When I get home, I get my workout in and then throw something together for ‘dinner’ (if you can count a meal eaten at 4 pm as dinner…that’s life when you work early mornings). No more elaborate recipes requiring special ingredients. It’s all about things I can make from my pantry staples and put together in 10 minutes or less.

Keepin' it simple at the farmer's market. Locally-grown mini zucchinis and local-made smoked hummus.

Keepin’ it simple at the farmer’s market. Locally-grown mini zucchinis and local-made smoked hummus.

So what have I been eating?

Sweet potato hash.

Sweet potato hash.

Sweet potato hash. Aka heaven in a bowl. Basically I take a sweet potato, peel it, and then chop it up into fine chunks in my Ninja, and blend it with spices (pink salt, nooch, garlic, cayenne). And then I dump it into a pan heated up with a a little coconut oil, add in some spinach and hemp ‘tofu’ when I have it and let it cook up til it’s crispy. And then I top with hummus (either local from the farmer’s market or homemade) and raw nuts and seeds.

Pan-roasted cole slaw (cabbage and carrots) with kelp noodles, spices, hemp seeds and smoked hummus.

Pan-roasted cole slaw (cabbage and carrots) with kelp noodles, spices, hemp seeds and smoked hummus.

Pan-roasted veggies. The spices are really what makes these so craveable. I’ve done it with both cauliflower and cabbage, and both are really good. My go-to spices are pink sea salt, garlic granules, cayenne powder and nutritional yeast. And I just cook the crap out of the veggies over a pan on the stove, because ovens are overrated and I love having a gas range that heats up in seconds.

It's gotta be greeeeeeen.

It’s gotta be greeeeeeen.

Banana softserve. Some days, I really wanted a cold dinner that was more on the sweet side. Enter banana softserve. I think you all know how this works, but I blend a frozen banana with greens (spinach or romaine), some Sunwarrior protein powder and a little almond milk. And then I serve with raw nuts and dried fruit on the side.

Snack plates. When all else fails, and I’m feeling like eating a bunch of random stuff, I go for the snack plates. While my combinations vary, I always include…A) a veggie (usually romaine hearts drizzled with spicy mustard or carrots), B) fruit (berries or watermelon), C) hummus or salsa, D) raw nuts or seeds, E) dried fruit/stevia chocolate chips.

I used to be so concerned about getting tons of variety in my diet, but now I honestly just go with the flow and eat what I crave. It’s so freeing, and it makes for easier grocery shopping trips. I literally buy about 20 or so of the same things every single week, with a few changes here and there. And of course, I still get plenty of variety in the produce I eat…and I’ve been a produce monster this summer so far! I spend about half of my grocery budget on fruits and veggies and I can’t get enough.

Giant produce haul (mostly organic) from Whole Foods.

Giant produce haul (mostly organic) from Whole Foods.

What have you been eating lately?

10 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. Just caught up on your blog — am loving that you are adjusting to the crazy schedule. I relish days off work because of a lot of those things. Love having my condo pool nice and quiet too. I dont love it there on the weekends.

    And go you, MS. Runner Girl! Great idea to start a new hobby now, I think, because it will help you get over any homesickness and they say running is a great way to meet people. Mainly other (CRAZY) people who run. I feel there is a cult of runners. Those of us on the oustide just dont understand. #missingout #notarunner

    Current foodie fixations of late: my sunflower seed butter and artichoke dip (so easy, try it!), salad dressings oddly enough, popcorn (ugh!), and parsnips. Salty fatty broth. <–My body be up to something!

    • Glad you’re back! Missed ya 😀

      People I’ve told about my running DO think I’m crazy LOL so I need to find some other crazies to bond with so I don’t feel so alone! I do feel self-conscious that I’m not running that far yet but everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right?

      I’m checking out your blog for that dip recipe — I have sunflower butter and I love artichokes so it sounds incredible!

  2. “I used to be so concerned about getting tons of variety in my diet, but now I honestly just go with the flow and eat what I crave.”

    YES. That is seriously my life right now. I’m so busy that half the time I barely manage to squeeze in food, let alone stress over whether or not I’m getting enough “variety” or certain nutrients. I love that though. It’s such a nice feeling not to stress over it.

    I’m so glad that you’re finding a routine that works for you and your schedule– and everything looks delicious, of course!

  3. Aja says:

    Banana soft serve is the best! I have it pretty much every day. It’s insane. As for variety, I still kind of worry about that but not enough to actually do anything about it. haha.

    • I have it all the time too! Especially now that it’s really hot. It’s usually what I resort to for dinner if I’m just not feeling like anything else.

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