Thank you for all the heartfelt responses on my last post! I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂

But let’s focus on something a little more positive today. Like dreams. We all have them…here are some of mine that always manage to lift my mood and inspire me to work a little harder!

Move to California

Save me, San Francisco.

Save me, San Francisco.

Get my meteorology certificate and become a weather anchor on TV

Open a raw vegan cafe

Live near the beach

Buy a Prius (preferably in habanero!)

Eco-friendly AND cute.

Eco-friendly AND cute.

Adopt a cat or dog from a shelter

Visit every state in the U.S.

Go to Coachella

See Saturday Night Live in person

Try paddleboard yoga

I might fall into the water trying this...

I might fall into the water trying this…

What are some of your dreams? 


10 thoughts on “Dreamin’

    • Yes times a million! I have had a craving for a PB&J for a long time and a real one needs to happen. Just gotta find me some good GF bread!

  1. Paddle-board Yoga?! I didn’t even know that existed! I do really want to try paddle-boarding though.

    And pleasepleaseplease move to California! I know you’ll absolutely adore it. I’ve actually been dreaming about moving up to San Francisco recently too…it’s beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s even more expensive than LA. Sigh.

    • I am constantly thinking about moving to California! I would honestly be happy just about anywhere in the state, at least near-ish the ocean, but LA and San Francisco are my top two cities.

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