Growing Up

Awkward pre-interview face.

Awkward pre-interview face.

My life may be just a few weeks away from changing a lot. I had my first Skype interview late last week with a TV station in Tulsa, OK and then a phone interview with a weather app start-up company in the Bay Area the other day. I know I was complaining 2 months ago about how my job search was going nowhere but now I suddenly have interviews for two different jobs in just a few days. Crazy how life works sometimes!

I don’t want to talk too much about the jobs because nothing is close to finalized on either one yet but it got me thinking about how I’ve been growing up a lot lately. First, I graduated from college in December. I remember when college seemed so far away, let alone graduating college and going out into the real world.

The job search has been a whole other story. I’ve gone through times of excitement, finding jobs I’d hope I’d get. I went through frustration and disappointment when I didn’t hear back from any of the jobs I’d applied to. And now I’m kind of in a state of disbelief, as I consider that I could very well be moving to another state & another time zone very soon and starting my first job and really figuring out where to go with my life.

And then just other things in my life are changing, and helping me grow up. I’m apartment hunting, trying to figure out a budget for when I have a job, finding more confidence in myself, and maturing in my relationship with my parents & sister. I had some rough times last weekend, a few heart-to-hearts and I realized that my parents are still very worried about me with my thoughts towards food & my body. Remember my Fully Raw February challenge? That came to an end a little sooner than I’d thought due to getting sick and having my mom tell me that she thought I was being restrictive. I felt mostly really great eating raw but I realized I missed some things (namely peanut flour, lentils and sweet potatoes!) and having some digestive issues made me realize that I couldn’t sacrifice my health just to stick to a way of eating that I thought was ideal. I’m still eating somewhat raw, but being less restrictive and trying to figure out how to reincorporate foods I used to love while not feeling afraid of eating them. I made sweet potato+kale enchiladas with my dad the other night and I didn’t feel too guilty for eating corn tortillas or cooked food!

A [mostly] raw lunch that I felt good about eating.

A [mostly] raw lunch that I felt good about eating.

Things are changing over here, so there might be some changes coming to the blog too. I can’t promise any consistency in my posting, but I want to share updates a few times a week and keep up with my favorite blogs. I hope you’re all okay with that!

Any big changes going on in your life right now or soon?

4 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Aja says:

    Whoohoo! Job interviews! I hope you get one that is awesome and that you’ll enjoy until you’re ready to move onto something bigger.
    This season has found a lot of people getting sick more often. I’ve been sick at least twice this quarter, maybe a third time right now with a tiny stomach thing, but yeah. Eating less restrictively is definitely a good thing. It’s why I’m so into flexible eating. Nothing is off limits. Unless I decided to be a vegetarian flexible eater or something, but whatever. But it definitely could have been from restricting. It’s important to get all your micronutrients which can be hard on a restrictive diet.

  2. So happy you were finally able to see the restrictiveness of the raw food challenge! Good for you for listening to your parents and being able to be reflective and mindful! Anytime you are cutting out foods that you enjoy, just because, that can lead down a harmful path! So it’s great that you caught it before it went too far! 🙂

  3. I’m really happy that your parents opened up to you about their thoughts and concerns- they always know best! I hope you’ll continue to incorporate a wider variety of foods. (:
    Also, a huuuge congratulations on the interviews! Fingers crossed!

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