Meal Prep Monday: Raw Week 4

My “fully raw February” challenge is almost over…but I’m not done with the raw vegan lifestyle by any means! In my introductory post I said I was planning on going raw til dinnertime, but that actually turned into eating raw all day, every day since February 3 (besides a cooked dinner on Valentine’s Day) and I’ve been loving the results. I feel so light and refreshed after my meals, without any desire for cooked foods or added oil, sugar or salt (aside from a little pink sea salt added into my guacamole and kraut). This is something I want to keep up as long as possible and though I may be experimenting in the next month with high raw dinners (cooked beans with raw veggies), I feel great eating mostly raw and it’s something I’ve found I enjoy more than I thought I would!

Meals for the Week

Breakfast: This is always my most simple meal. Plenty of chia puddings, flax pancakes and I do want to try fruit+buckwheat rawnola someday if I can get out of my breakfast rut.

Lunch: I’m planning on zucchini noodles with raw marinara sauce or pumpkin seed pesto, salads and possibly lettuce wraps, with some fruit on the side.

Pesto zoodles for lunch.

Pesto zoodles for lunch.

Dinner: This is where I like to get creative and actually meal plan. I’ve got raw falafel/hummus/cauliflower tabbouleh on the lineup one night based on these recipes, pumpkin seed & garlic zucchini pasta and maybe a kelp noodle thing if I get to the store to restock them. I also will probably have more jicama chili fries since I have some leftover.

Snacks: Same as usual–snack plates with veggies, fruit and a fat source; protein banana softserve for dessert; chia pudding if I didn’t have it for breakfast.

Lean, green banana softserve packed with raw protein powder and spinach.

Lean, green banana softserve packed with raw protein powder and spinach.

Recipes for the Week

Other than the dinner recipes linked above, I’m planning on making these raw cacao donuts, a raw take on pink lemonade, spicy hot zucchini chips from Going Raw, sweet potato ‘fries’ in the dehydrator and probably more raw brownie bites. I had the best batch of them last week, but I forgot exactly what I put in them, so I’ll have to try again!

These look almost too good to be raw!

These look almost too good to be raw!


Groceries for the Week

I’m including some things my dad picked up for me at Sprouts; otherwise, the rest was from Whole Foods and as usual, the produce will last for part or all of the week while other stuff may last through next week or longer.

*= organic

Produce: strawberries, baby spinach*, watermelon, cauliflower*, fry-cut yams, zucchini*, carrots*, avocados, garlic, mint*, bananas, papaya (excited to try this!), blueberries (on sale), lemons, cilantro, parsley, romaine hearts*

A little early for watermelon, but still tasty.

A little early for watermelon, but still tasty.

Bulk Bins: Medjool dates, raw mixed nuts, sprouted walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almond flour, raw cashews, nutritional yeast

Miscellaneous: raisins*, coconut aminos, pitted dates, no-salt-added tomato paste, sundried tomatoes, frozen cherries*, hemp hearts, chia seeds, xylitol mints

As usual, lotsa produce and bulk bin seeds and nuts. My Whole Foods trip cost me about $70, which is a great deal for tons of fresh fruits and veggies. My biggest tip for keeping grocery costs low is shop from the bulk bins. I always get my nuts, seeds and dried fruit from there because I get only what I need and it saves a ton over buying them prepackaged. And I can always try a little bit of something new without worrying about wasting my money!

Have you ever tried papaya? What’s your best tip for saving money at the store?

7 thoughts on “Meal Prep Monday: Raw Week 4

  1. Glad you’re feeling so good from your new eating approach! It does seem like most of your meals are pretty low calorie though. Have you noticed that? Do you think you’re getting enough fats and proteins? This is not meant to be a judgement at all I just know sometimes it can be hard to notice things like that when we’re excited about changes to out lifestyles! Also, I am so curious about those flax pancakes!! How do you make them??

    • I have noticed that I’ve been feeling hungrier and I wasn’t sure if it was just because I’ve been eating different things or unintentionally eating lower calorie but it’s something I’ve been trying to figure out and tweak along the way. I have been tracking my meals on MyFitnessPal to see where my macros are and generally I’m getting 20-25% of my calories from protein and 30-35% from fat every day and I eat some fat and protein at each meal and snack so I don’t think that’s the issue but it’s always worth experimenting with more!

      The flax pancakes are super good, and really easy to make. It’s just 2 tbsp ground flax (or more for more servings), 1/2 tbsp date paste or other liquid sweetener and enough water or almond milk to mix. You can chill them overnight or eat right away. I also like to add in cacao powder sometime and top with nut butter and berries!

  2. Aja says:

    Love the new theme! I switch mine up way too often. I’m indecisive. Those donuts look really good. And, to reiterate what Kaila said above, I would definitely try to get more protein in, which I know can be hard on vegetarian/vegan diets, but it is absolutely essential. Also, not judgemental at all, just as a fitness professional I really recommend it.
    I have not tried a papaya but I’ve been wanting to for some time. Not that they’re too related, but I love mangoes.

    • I’m definitely trying to add in more protein sources, other than raw protein powder and hemp seeds, while staying mostly raw just so I don’t get burned out on those!

      Mangoes are delicious. Probably my favorite fruit at the moment.

  3. P says:

    From the one time I had papaya in its fleshy form, I didn’t find it much appetizing. But dried papaya, and when used as a ingredient in baking, taste much better

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