Adventures In Raw: How Anyone Can Eat More Raw

As I’ve been mentioning in my posts all week, I’ve been wanting to talk about how easy eating raw is and how anyone can do it. Now, eating high raw or 100% raw is quite an undertaking and involves a lot of planning and dietary changes for the average person, but you don’t have to eat fully raw to reap the benefits of raw food!

  • Add in more fresh fruits and veggies

I know some people can’t handle certain veggies raw, and that’s okay. But many veggies are more nutritious when eaten in their raw state, and personally, I think most taste better raw. I’m obsessed with raw cauliflower and I prefer eating my greens and carrots fresh. Even things like sweet potatoes can be eaten raw (if dehydrated) and you’ll definitely be getting more nutrients out of them when they’re fresh. As for fruits, it’s even easier to go raw! And while you’re at it, why not try some new fruits and veggies when you’re making a grocery list? You’ll never know what you may love if you don’t try it.

This should be the basis of everyone's diet--fresh produce!

This should be the basis of everyone’s diet–fresh produce!

  • Sprout and soak your grains and legumes

Beans and grains can be hard for some people to digest, and for good reason. They contain lectins and other anti-nutrients which can cause lots of problems in your body. No wonder the paleo people are so against grains and legumes! But you don’t need to give them up…just follow in the footsteps of traditional cultures who always soak and sprout their grains and beans. Soaking and fermenting not only eliminate the issues with these foods, but they also unlock the nutritional properties of them, so you get more bang for your buck. Take some time to prepare these foods properly, and your body will thank you…and so will your wallet, because buying dried beans and grains is cheaper than buying them canned or pre-packaged.

If you eat wheat, and love bread, make the switch to sprouted grain products like Ezekiel. Their breads are different than most, since they’re made from whole sprouted grains instead of nutrient-poor flour. I don’t eat this anymore since it’s not raw, but it’s a good transitional product!

I miss these sprouted sunflower good!

I miss these sprouted sunflower seeds…so good!

  • Buy from the bulk section.

I love getting my dried fruit and nuts from the bulk section at Whole Foods because then I can buy only what I need. Whole Foods in particular has a great selection of raw nuts, sun-dried fruits and even things like raw granola so it’s perfect for the raw foodie. Some of my favorites from this section include Medjool dates, hemp hearts, Living Intentions sprouted sunflower seeds and greens, raw mixed nuts, rawpumpkin seeds and Turkish figs.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you’re striving to be high raw, like I am, it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be ‘perfect’. The thing is, it’s okay to eat cooked foods if that’s what your body (or mind) wants. If you stick to plant-based meals, there’s no reason to feel guilty. Just remind yourself that you chose this lifestyle for a reason, because it’s so nourishing and healthful, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat ‘perfectly’ all the time. In fact, I’m going out to eat with my parents tonight for Valentine’s Day (hot date, right 😉 ), and while I would rather stay in and make one of my delicious raw meals, I’m going to enjoy a cooked meal tonight and then get back on track with my regular lifestyle!

I might be eating a cheeseless vegan pizza like this and even though I'd rather eat a raw dinner, I'll still enjoy myself.

I might be eating an artisan, organic cheeseless vegan pizza like this and even though I’d rather eat a raw dinner, I’ll still enjoy myself.

What’s something you prefer to eat raw instead of cooked?

10 thoughts on “Adventures In Raw: How Anyone Can Eat More Raw

  1. I would prefer to eat all raw foods over cooked from a taste and texture perspective, but sadly my stomach would never cope with it…raw cauliflower would trigger the flare to end all flares for me 😦 The UK is also useless for access to healthy raw foods, unless you live in the South. I can only dream of buying raw granola in bulk…curse this country!


    • That’s awful–I know raw veggies mess some people up, and it’s even harder when you’d like to eat foods raw instead of cooked but you can’t. And boo to no healthy raw foods either. I sometimes curse my luck for not living in California which has all the things, but now I feel lucky to at least have some access to a decent amount of raw food.

  2. I looooooove the raw snacks/desserts. That raw strawberry pie I made for Valentine’s Day was absolutely AMAZING. I’m a “new vegetarian” since December and I’m considering eating raw at least three days a week this year. I really like how good I feel when I’m eating raw. We’ll see how it goes ;] People think that it’s so limited but they’ve never done research. There are so manyyyy good raw recipes that I would quite happily smash onto my face. That’s how good they are! Haha.

    • Raw strawberry pie? Oooo yum, that sounds incredible!

      I’d definitely encourage trying out raw! Like you said, it’s really not limited at all and if raw foods make you feel good, then by all means go for it as much as you’d like to.

  3. I wish I could eat all of my vegetables raw…I tried that a few years ago and wound up with horrible tummy problems. I’ve since discovered which ones I can tolerate raw and which ones I can’t- raw cauliflower and broccoli are the worse for me!
    These tips are really helpful though. Thank you! I always forget about buying in bulk but I know it would save me a lot of money!

    • Exactly, you gotta do what works best for you and if you can’t tolerate certain foods raw, then enjoying them cooked is still perfectly healthy!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award–feel free to accept it and answer my questions if you want to! If not, though, that’s fine as well 🙂 I hope you are having a great weekend so far!

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