Meal Prep Monday: Raw Week 1

Eating raw doesn’t seem feasible to most people (I’ll be discussing that in a post later this week) but I gotta say, a lot of people are interested in seeing what raw foodies eat. After all, on the surface, raw foodism seems restrictive, boring and complicated…but honestly, it’s NONE of those things! With that being said, here’s my plans for my upcoming week eating raw.

Meals for the Week

Breakfast: I plan on rotating between chia pudding, flax pancakes and possibly fruit+buckwheat granola in homemade almond milk. I like to keep things simple for breakfast, with plenty of fruit and healthy fats, usually in the form of almond butter or coconut manna.

Raw flax pancakes topped with Sunwarrior protein sauce, pomegranate and date syrup.

Raw flax pancakes topped with Sunwarrior protein sauce, pomegranate and date syrup.

Lunch: I want to switch this up every single day this week and try at least a few new things. I have a feeling BLT wraps will be back this week, as well as raw macro bowls, giant salads and protein smoothies.

Raw take on the classic macro bowl.

Raw take on the classic macro bowl.

Dinner: This is where my creativity and plenty of bookmarked raw recipes come in. I plan on making the Asian noodle “stir-fry” from my Going Raw book, this fettuccine alfredo, lettuce taco wraps with my raw taco filling and possibly this raw vegan poutine if I can figure out how to make sweet potato ‘fries’ in the dehydrator. I’ve got a full week of meals lined up, and since I went fully raw last week, I think I can do it again this week…though I am giving myself the freedom to eat a plant-based cooked dinner if I’m feeling it.

Snacks: Snack plates, chia pudding, banana softserve…all the usual suspects.

I love my random, nutrient-packed snack plates!

I love my random, nutrient-packed snack plates!

Recipes for the Week

Other than the ones linked above, I’m planning on making more coconut bacon, these superfood cups, these sprouted raw buckwheat bars (like rice krispies but better!) and another batch of date syrup.

Groceries for the Week

No pictures this time, but here’s some of what I stocked up on for this week. Note: most of what I bought this week will last for just this week, but a lot of raw food staples (like coconut aminos, raw nut butters, superfood powders, etc.) will last a lot longer, and even though they may be expensive upfront, they’re worth it to keep around in your pantry for future use.

Produce: blackberries (on sale), yams, romaine hearts, spinach/arugula mix, bananas (always bananas!), orange bell pepper, avocados, ginger, cilantro, pineapple (on sale), zucchinis, rainbow carrots

Bulk Bins: dates, dried Turkish figs, raw mixed nuts, raw cashew pieces, hemp seeds, Himalayan pink sea salt, coconut flour

Miscellaneous: nothing this week

What’s always on your grocery list? Do you like to stick with the same things for a certain meal or switch it up? 

5 thoughts on “Meal Prep Monday: Raw Week 1

  1. Everything here looks fantastic – did you dehydrate the sweet potato slices in your macro bowl? Also, have you posted the recipe for those amazing flax pancakes before and, if not, might I ask for it? You could have a raw food blog geared towards a higher protein diet: I know I would read it, as that’s the main thing that holds me back from raw food (too much fat, not enough protein).

    I do tend to eat the same things over and over again because, if I’m honest, I hate counting macros and I’m too lazy to do it every day…so it’s easier to figure out a few plans and just repeat them!


    • I did dehydrate the sweet potatoes–they’re not as crisp as baked sweet potato slices, but I still like them! And I haven’t posted the flax pancakes yet but I can share the recipe with you here in the comments: 2 tbsp ground flax, 1 tsp extra virgin coconut oil, 1 tsp date paste (can sub other liquid sweetener), 1 tsp coconut flour (optional), water to thin. Basically mix all those together until the mixture is wet but you can still shape it into flat discs and refrigerate overnight or for a few hours. And you can definitely double or triple the recipe, this just made 4 small pancakes.

      I like the idea of focusing more on a higher protein raw vegan diet! I can’t get on board with the high fat or the high carb approaches to raw, so I’ve been balancing my macros more and getting 25-30% of my calories from protein, even eating mostly raw. It’s definitely doable, at least with some added raw vegan protein powder.

      • Thanks so much for the recipe! I assumed I’d need a dehydrator for it, and I don’t own one (I’ve had decidedly mixed results trying to use an oven on low…), so the fact that there’s no dehydrating required is fantastic. Breakfast tomorrow is sorted 🙂

  2. Aja says:

    I usually stick with the same things. I need to mix it up more, but you get your favorites and it’s just like, eh.. why change?

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