What I’m Loving Wednesday: Part 1

Thanks for all the advice, support and helpful words on my last post! I always get a little anxious before posting my more open posts, especially regarding my eating disorder recovery, but then I’m always blown away (in a good way) by the responses I get. So thanks, as always!

Instead of doing WIAW this week (let’s be honest, I forget to take food pics, even though I’m not as busy anymore) I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been loving this week. Maybe this will become a regular kind of post, we’ll see!

Work-appropriate dresses


I feel like I’ve been shopping sooooo much lately, and I kinda have, just to use up my Christmas/graduation $$$. It’s finally all gone after 4 shopping trips, and my latest one lat weekend gave me 3 new dresses I can add to my work wear. Yeah, so I’m not working just yet, but I want to be ready for when I do get my first job, and all of these dresses will look great on camera and off. Plus each of the dresses (1 from H&M, 2 from Forever 21) were inexpensive YET fairly well-made, so I’m hoping they’ll last a long time. I may not be able to wait til I’m working to wear them…I love them so much I want to wear them NOW!

Starbucks black iced coffee


I don’t go to Starbucks as regularly as I did my last year and a half of college (2-3 times per month) but sometimes I still want to treat myself to some quality ‘bucks time. Last Friday was warm–60 degrees–and sunny, so it was the perfect time to grab my favorite drink, a black iced coffee. I know it’s so simple, and maybe boring, but it’s got a great flavor that’s even better with just a little stevia added. I love that I could drink an iced drink in January, when most of the country was dealing with sub-freezing temperatures and snow. It was good I got my iced coffee fix when I did, because it finally snowed on Monday…but I’m sure iced coffee weather will be back again in a week!



Someecards are the best, aren’t they? So accurate to life, and better than regular old cards. They just get my sarcastic sense of humor. The one above was taken from a Buzzfeed post my dad shared with me that was supposed to be the different U.S. states summed up in a postcard, and meant to be offensive. Sorry, but the Colorado one is pretty darn accurate but not that offensive. Whole Foods is one of the best stores ever–why wouldn’t a state want to be like Whole Foods? That’s actually something I’ll miss a lot about Colorado if I end up moving elsewhere for my first job–it has so many Whole Foods and health stores (still no Trader Joes til February though!)

Sunwarrior protein powder


I’ve had Sunwarrior before a few times, but I wasn’t really a fan of how chalky and powdery it was. Until I tried the classic blend. This stuff is way creamier and tastes even better than the warrior blend. The vanilla is so rich and creamy it’s almost hard to believe it’s a raw vegan protein powder. I’ve been loving a scoop of it for breakfast (16 grams of protein!) mixed with unsweetened almond milk and a little coconut flour and topped with fresh fruit.



I love my dresses and skirts, but sometimes I want to dress a little more casually. Black leggings (from American Eagle in the picture) look sleek and chic while still being comfy and they pair well with buffalo plaid shirts. I wore this on a day I was just hanging around the house doing laundry and such but it would be just as cute for running errands or grabbing some Starbucks paired with black riding boots and an oversize tote bag!

What have you been loving this week?

10 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday: Part 1

  1. Love those dresses!

    This week has been all about the food and the sleep for me, work has got me STRESSED out,
    Loving pistachios and vegenaisse (as always) but not together.

    • Ahhh stress is no fun! Sleep works wonder though!

      Pistachios are so good…that reminds me to get some the next time I go shopping. And can you believe I’ve never tried Veganaise? I was never a fan of mayo before but some of the flavored Veganaise actually sounds good.

  2. I love new dresses! I have about 3 in my closet that I haven’t worn because hello it’s freezing. I am bad at following the rule to not buy something if you don’t think you’d wear it tomorrow. A friend told me that rule once and I promptly tried to forget it.
    I adore black iced coffee!

    • I’m awful at that rule! I’d probably never buy anything if I followed it. I’m hoping I can at least wear these dresses sometime in the next month with tights, or at least once spring hits!

  3. P says:

    Nice selection of dresses you got there :)!
    I recently purchased a nice interview/work appropriate blazer for 75% off the original price, and the quality is really nice so I expect to last a long while.

  4. Isn’t shopping for “grown up” clothes so exciting?! It always makes me WANT to work. (:
    And I’m with you on the leggings. I have a few pairs from Victoria’s Secret that I’ve been living in lately. I just love how versatile and comfortable they are! And I love your hair in that last picture!

    • Exactly, it gets me excited to (hopefully) start working soon!

      And thank you! I’ve been using my hair waver lately to add some extra waviness to my natural texture and it’s just fun and beachy.

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