Currently: January

I’m writing this post from my tablet since my laptop decided to freak out on me and not turn on. All I gotta say is, thank God this didn’t happen last year when I had to write papers and I’m also glad I got a bluetooth keyboard for Christmas. It makes post-writing on a tablet a little easier!

Current Book: Ha, me read books? When I’m not in school anymore? I’ve been taking a much-needed hiatus from all books since finals week but maybe in a few months I’ll relearn how to read for pleasure!

Current Music: I’m back on the alt music train after Christmas. I’m really loving Tennis Court by Lorde. Yes, I know everyone’s still gaga over Royals, but lets be honest, that song came out on Alt Nation last summer and was only recently picked up by the masses. I prefer some of her lesser known songs.

Current Guilty Pleasure: So Delicious brand no sugar added chocolate coconut-milk ice cream. I know, I know, who says sugar free ice cream is a ”guilty pleasure”? Honestly, it’s not really other than the fact that it costs $6/pint at Whole Foods and is sweetened with erythritol (which is better than most fake sweeteeners). Really though, it tastes like the fudgsicles from my childhood and who wouldn’t want that?

Current Nail Color: Actually not the color I’m wearing now (that would be Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific blue) but before this, they were an OPI red covered with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear gold glitter.


Perfect for Christmas!

Current Drink: Waterrrrr. How boring can I get?

Current Food: Homemade PB&J and protein raisinet (raisins+chocolate protein powder+cocoa powder) balls, grain free vegan pizza, romain lettuce+dates, raw jalapeno sunflower seeds from bulk bins at Whole Foods, eggplant, peanut butter+melted coconut oil.


This is way better than delivery!

Current TV Show: The Newsroom, as usual. My dad and I only have one more episode of the 1st season left on Netflix 😦 Then we have to wait awhile til season 2 comes out on DVD.

Current Celebrity Crush: Mila Kunis. She looked stunning at the Golden Globes (when does she not?) and she’s always an amazing actress, whether in funny movies like Ted or more serious ones like Black Swan. Plus I love her voice–it makes me feel less self-conscious for havng a low(er) voice.


So gorg!

Current Wishlist: More blazers (I have a newfound obsession with work-appropriate AND cute clothes), more money left on my iTunes giftcard so I can buy more songs I’ve been wanting for awhile, for it to be spring already (I’m already sick of winter and we haven’t even gotten it that bad yet), for my doctor’s appointment next month to be helpful (there is probably some serious underlying issue that will explain my skin problems/digestive woes/lack of period for almost 9 months).


I have an clothes shopping!

Current Triumphs: Keeping up with applying to jobs (more on that below), trying to reconnect with my sister (we got in a huge fight last week and I’ve been trying to show her how much I care
about her, even if she doesn’t have time for me right now), working on feeling confident in myself in various ways.

Current Bane of Existence: Not hearing back yet from ANY of the jobs I’ve applied to. I know it’s only been a few weeks or even days for some of them (the first application was sent out on December 28) but I dunno, I was expecting to at least hear something, at least confirmation that the stations I applied to received my resume/cover letter. My dad said it may take a few MONTHS to even hear anything, which is discouraging. I’m going to keep plugging away though and applying to at least 3 TV stations each week. I’m just so impatient–I want a job NOW!

Current Outfit: This was actually from when I went shopping in Denver with my mom this past weekend. The sweater is new, from Christmas, and I love the slightly cropped length and lace detail. The jeggings are my new favorite, black, from American Eagle and scored for only $13!


Monochromatic but still cute.

What are some of your currentlies?

12 thoughts on “Currently: January

      • Aja says:

        Me, too. I applied to write for an online fitness magazine and after a week I was like, “why haven’t I heard back yet???”

        • I wish people would be more timely with responses, but I get that they’re busy. It’s still frustrating when you have no idea one way or another.

  1. Bleeeh. Job searching is no fun! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
    And you know I can completely relate on the shopping addiction! I can’t get enough. It’s a problem. But you know what? That’s okay sometimes. (: I LOVE those boots and the top you’re wearing in the last picture. Lace detailing is one of my favorite trends right now!

    • Thanks girlie, I appreciate the thoughts!

      Shopping is a good addiction to have. Maybe not so much for our wallets, but it’s really therapeutic and always boosts my mood!

  2. P says:

    Job searching is not the most fun thing in the world, but surely you will find something at the right time and place 🙂
    Absolutely love that top you are wearing—so cute!

  3. PB&J Yes Honey, Yes!
    Your balls sound amazing. LOL.

    I recently splurged on that ice cream (vanilla flavor though) because it was BOGO and now I am hooked. I think it’s time to get it again… I think that is how BOGO works. You get hooked and then you are forced to pay full price. I actually dont mind paying premium for real quality food. What I won’t do is spend the same amount on that Artic Zero crap. Trying the ice cream.. having two pints of it in my house at once! — It took a lot of *ahem* courage for me to do that and I imagine you can relate so high five for us!

    Hang in there, Sweets. Try and revel in the time period you are in, because you will be working the rest of your life. But I know, I know.

    • I’m pretty proud of my balls haha and apparently I’m 5 years old thinkings these balls jokes are hilarious 😉

      And I’m proud of YOU for having 2 pints of ice cream in the house! For awhile I avoided the stuff even though I love it (definitely more worth the price than Arctic zero!) but feeling comfortable enough to keep foods we like around is a major win.

  4. Not hearing back from possible employers is the worst. Trust me, having searched and applied for months after quitting my bad internship was took a strain on my self-confidence, When I got way too impatient I called several of the companies asking if they’d made a decision yet. It takes some courage but stresses your interest in the job. My best advice and take-away from the whole process, though, is not to take it personally. A company can never know your full potential from a cover letter and work samples. So maybe they’ll pick another person they consider more suitable now and regret the decision in the future. Just keep believing in yourself.

    • I love hearing from someone who’s been there too so thanks for all the helpful words! Especially on not taking rejections personally. I do that all the time and over think everything when most of the time, it had nothing to do with me and I know eventually I’ll get the job I was meant to have.

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