Friday Five: Foodie Edition

Thanks for all the helpful words on my last post! It’s hard to deal with well-meaning but unhelpful advice from family and friends, but it’s a good reminder that we have to take those words with a grain of salt and do what’s best for our health.

I wanted to bring back the Friday Five posts again and this week, I’m focusing on some fun food things for all my fellow foodies out there!

1. I found some new Larabar flavors…at Target!

You all know my love for Target and Larabars…so put the two together and it’s a perfect match! I actually generally don’t buy my Larabars from Target since they don’t usually have a huge selection like Whole Foods and Sprouts do. But since they have a lot of New Years resolution health stuff right now, they had some Uber bars on sale for $1 each, including 2 new-to-me flavors! You definitely can’t beat that–and they sound downright delicious too.

Ummmm, yum!

Ummmm, yum!

2. I’m obsessed with making grain-free flatbreads. 

First, it was this flatbread made into grain free stuffing. Then it was my staple socca. Now it’s this focaccia, which happens to be egg-free also! If you think grain free baking is hard, try it without eggs. It’s really fun to experiment with grain-free flours and when something turns out delicious, it’s even better.

3. I’m really craving the produce of spring and summer. 

Winter is hard enough as it is, with plenty of cold days, snow and the general feeling of blah-ness once the holidays are over. At least I didn’t get hit with the crazy cold weather here in Colorado (we’ve been in the 40s and 50s, which I can’t complain too much about) and we get over 300 days of sunshine each year, so my mood stays the same. The one thing I crave (other than warmer weather) is spring and summer produce. I miss all the berries, the watermelon, the peaches and cherries, the asparagus and the artichokes. Winter produce just isn’t cutting it–I’m already sick of squashes and citrus. At least I still have my beloved pomegranate…only 68 days until spring arrives!

I miss having fresh berries for my breakfast!

I miss having fresh berries for my breakfast!

4. I haven’t had peanut flour in over 6 months…and I kinda want it again.

Remember when I was addicted to ordering food from iHerb? Yeah, me neither since the last time I ordered from them was last May! I don’t know what happened, but I guess I got more budget-conscious and my monthly orders stopped happening. I used to eat peanut flour AT LEAST once per day, and I haven’t had it since June. I just miiiiight end up ordering some more with some of my graduation money, but then again, it might all go towards clothes #sorrynotsorry

5. I’m debating going back on the raw foods train.

I actually did this for quite a while last summer and then I stopped once school started back up and fall came and there was less good produce around. I’m not planning on going 100% raw anytime soon, but I’d like to reincorporate more raw foods into my diet. I’m a big fan of eating whole, minimally-processed foods and this just takes it an extra step. This might be more realistic once spring happens, because there will be more produce, and I love loading up my plate with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, but in the meantime, I’m going to be buying more raw things, like nuts/seeds and making my own almond milk and stuff like that. I have a lot more time on my hands now that I’m just looking for a job, so I have tons of time to experiment in the kitchen!

I'm going to be making more recipes from this book.

I’m going to be making more recipes from this book.

Anyone else missing the warm weather produce? What’s a food you haven’t eaten in awhile that you want to start eating again more often?

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Foodie Edition

    • It’s sooooo good, I don’t blame you for eating it several times per day! I really miss it, so I’m going to be ordering some more ASAP.

  1. Jess says:

    I’ve visited your blog off and on for a couple years now and it just seems to me that you’re constantly bouncing back and forth between diets and what you think are healthy ways of eating but are really just distractions from some problem you are suppressing. People focus on different things in order not to face something they are scared of head-on. I just hope you find some happiness someday. But you have to let go of this constraining mentality of food that you have and make your life not so focused on food. Sorry if this comment seems out of place, but I just find it a little tiring and depressing reading your blog as opposed to others that you and I both follow and I thought it would be worth noting why I feel that way.

    • Honestly I’m not sure how this comment relates to this post at all but I’m going to clear things up based on my last post as well.

      I don’t believe either post is about dieting at all. In fact, my last post talked about how i’m choosing not to listen to the advice others give me if it isn’t helpful. Regarding this one, I eat primarily grain free because of some underlying health issues I’m currently experiencing. Grains can be inflammatory and I’m experiencing some inflammation that I’d like to get rid of. I’m also vegan for my health, NOT restrictive reasons. If you had health issues you wanted to solve, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to clear them up? Right now, I HAVE to focus on food because I want to take care of my body.

      If you have more concerns, I’m always willing to respond to them through email:

  2. On Dollar! Make me hollar!
    That is such a score.

    I am missing my gluten because I have been gluten free for close to two months and I have to admit I miss my veggie burgers so badly. I do want to re-incorporate them soon but I had a bad gluten reaction last week so am putting it off.

    • Good for you for giving up gluten! It was hard for me at first too but it felt so good to quit it. Maybe you can find a non gluten veggie burger in the meantime–I like sunshine burgers and they’re just veggies+brown rice!

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