All I Want for Christmas…

‘Tis the season for wishlist posts, amiright? I don’t care if it’s uncool or what, because finals week/graduation is this week so I’m slacking on blogging motivation! So here’s what I’m wishing for this Christmas…

  • Some really cute booties, like these from ALDO (and for only $50!)
My weakness is booties.

My weakness is booties.

  • My first ‘big girl’ job–hopefully as a reporter/anchor/weather at a TV station somewhere in the West, and preferably somewhere warm (like California…)
  • A winter-ready dress I can wear with tights
I love this color and style. From American Eagle.

I love this color and style. From American Eagle.

  • Some pink sparkly Sperrys
Yeah, I'm super girly but I don't care.

Yeah, I’m super girly but I don’t care.

  • For my sister to get into the college she wants to attend for musical theatre–she puts so much work into her auditions and she really deserves a shot to prove herself
  • A capelet coat of some kind…this one from Forever 21 is inexpensive and really versatile
This would go with anything!

This would go with anything!

  • For my grandpa to get well. He’s been in assisted living since this summer and unfortunately, his health is failing.
  • This cookbook. I have her original Practically Raw one, but I have a crazy sweet tooth and I’m obsessed with raw desserts!
I want to make ALL the desserts!

I want to make ALL the desserts!

  • For a Trader Joes to finally open in Colorado. I’m seriously deprived out here, and I want to experience the amazingness that is TJs.

What’s on your wishlist?

10 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas…

  1. Aja says:

    I love your wishlist. I hope that your sister gets into the college of her choice, and that your grandpa gets better. The Actor auditioned for one school and got in, but he was just auditioning for performance and not musical theater, which requires a lot more stuff to prepare. I also never wanted a caplet before you mentioned them on your blog. I didn’t even know they existed!

  2. We don’t have a trader Joe’s either. There is one in Miami but I won’t drive down there for that.

    I always say — and it sounds silly — that I couldn’t live anywhere ther wasn’t a Whole Foods. People laugh but unfortunately it’s true!
    You just can’t find some stuff they have there anywhere else.
    I have a feeling – no I KNOW you can relate (0:

    • You know me so well! I don’t think I could live without a Whole Foods within a reasonable driving distance. Hopefully I’ll never have to find out what that’s like!

  3. T says:

    I work at Trader Joes, and one of my managers just got transferred to open a store in Colorado. You should have one by February!

  4. YAY! Such fun things…
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on the job/internship front. I’d love to have you in California (LA would be even better!) And we have TJ’s on nearly every corner so you definitely wouldn’t be deprived here.

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