What is happiness? I think it means different things for everyone, but there are some universal things that make most of us happy in some way or another. With that, I’m sharing a fun little list Emily posted the other day…feel free to repost with your own answers!

8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have 

  • A go-to drink: For me, it’s sangrias (love the white wine versions especially), cider on the rocks (I had a really good one a few weeks ago) and homemade margs. And for daily drinks, water always.
  • A go-to karaoke song: Anything Lady Gaga. Her songs just pump me up like no other.
  • A uniform: colored skinny jeans (especially burgundy), faux leather jacket, riding boots, statement necklace or loop scarf
  • A hair stylist they love: I’ve switched stylists a lot over the years, so I’m going to change this one to hair style. I love my hair in big curls with full bangs.
  • An exercise routine: At home workouts 7 days per week, with some walking thrown in as well.
  • A hobby: Grocery/clothes shopping, blogging, yoga, cooking.
  • A best friend: my sister, always and forever. And at the moment, a really close friend I’ve made through working together and having classes together. I’m going to miss her a LOT when I graduate but we’re hoping someday we end up at the same TV station!
  • A healthy sense of self: I feel like I’ve really grown a lot in the past year. Maybe it’s partly because I’m almost a college grad (scary!) but I’ve been maturing and becoming more independent and focusing less on things I used to freak out about. I can’t say I don’t worry about things anymore, but I’m trying to let life happen and just being okay with whatever comes my way. And I’m excited for the future.
Selfies make me feel good, too #noshame.

Selfies make me feel good, too #noshame.

What makes YOU happy? 

9 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Amelia says:

    So much fun! Love getting to know you 🙂

    1. I’m too young to drink so- hot chocolate in winter. Orange juice with line in summer.

    2.lol- dosn’t actually speak to my music taste- but a Kelly Clarkson song always feels good.

    3. Hmmm- a light delicate top- little feminine vest, knee length vintage skirt and pretty sandals. But I mix it up a lot.

    4. Chocolate brown layered with a few rollers for extra oomf

    5. None- I admire people who for it in- I’m not organised enough lol- study friends and boyfriend seem to overwhelm me! Hats off to the fit!

    6. Reading.

    7. My mum- I know- but it’s true.

    8. I’m feeling happy with myself these days- I’m happy and I’m trying to make a good contribution to the world- two important things.

    Rock on Ashely

      • I like your go-to outfit, it sounds so pretty and girly! And I feel ya on #8–I’ve been feeling a lot better about myself than I have in recent years, and having a purpose in life really helps me feel that way.

  2. Aw, yay! I lovelovelove your answers. Lady Gaga totally pumps me up too. The beats to her music just make me want to get up and dance, no matter what. And I’m with you on sangria! The restaurant where I work has the most amazing red or white wine sangria…I love it!
    Enjoy your weekend, girly! xoxo

  3. Aja says:

    Lady Gaga!! So seriously excited for Artpop to come out!
    I hope one of your 7 days of exercising is light! rest days are hard, but I embrace them now. As long as they are planned. If they’re not I have trouble.

    • I know–I can’t believe it finally comes out next month!

      I try to mix up my workout schedule. Some days are a little lighter just because I’m busier during the day with classes, but I’m still not great at taking rest days regularly, unless they’re planned, otherwise I’m like you and struggle with them.

  4. P says:

    Water is my all-time go-to drink. There’s nothing like it after a long run! Although I did have some sparkling orange juice yesterday which was delicious!

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