Catching Up

Hi guys! Long time no post,  huh? Thanks for all the follows on my new blog…I was definitely planning on posting there sometime during my last week of summer break but life got in the way. Or more realistically,  my 3 year old Dell laptop died on me randomly and I’ve been busy researching replacement options I could get in a store in town since I kiiiiiinda do need a computer before starting my senior semester on Monday. Long story short, I ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet and I love it so far!  I really wanted something more portable than a traditional laptop and with just one more semester to go, I just need something that can make it through a few papers and assignments. I definitely prefer the tablet setup to a laptop–it’s portable like a smartphone but still easy to use. I’m going to be investing in a blue tooth keyboard to make typing papers easier though!  

Other than my obsession with my new toy, I’m gearing up to start my last semester.  I’m excited AND stressed at once and I’m sure the next few months will go by like woah. I do want to get back to blogging and commenting but I can’t promise a regular posting schedule. I plan on still tweeting and Instagramming a LOT so you can follow me there (@fashion_ash on Twitter and ashieeeeeee on Insta) if you so desire!

Promise I won’t disappear for too long!

Do you guys have a tablet? How are you keeping busy?

5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Aja says:

    That tablet sounds awesome! My computer is nearing 4 and it’s starting to freak out on me. I hope it doesn’t die soon though. Kinda can’t afford a replacement right now. But I’ll check out that tablet.

    • Computers can be so touchy! I was mad when mine stopped working because it was so expensive to replace with another laptop, which is why I got a much cheaper tablet that still meets my needs.

  2. Ooooh…I’m happy to hear that you’re liking your tablet so far! I’ve been considering investing in an iPad but just can’t bring myself to spend the money yet. I know it would be much more convenient and I could definitely use it for auditions and stuff- it’s such a dilemma! Maybe I’ll look into a tablet!
    And don’t worry about not posting. Like we always say, life comes first!

    • I would LOVE an iPad but decided to stick to Android since I know it better and it was a bit cheaper. The iPad mini would be a great investment though and definitely easier to navigate than a laptop!

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