Currently: August

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You really know how to make a girl feel special 😀

I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll get back to a regular posting schedule with a vacation coming up and settling back in at scchool but for now, enjoy this little survey I always enjoy doing.

Current Book: I’m loving my new “Going Raw” cookbook. I like that it’s not just recipes (and delicious-looking ones at that) but it also came with a tutorial DVD and has tips for implementing raw foods into your lifestyle. I basically want to make everything in the book!

That burger on the cover looks unreal.

That burger on the cover looks unreal.

Current Music: I’m loving the new Grouplove song “Ways To Go” and “Hurricane” by MS MR. Alt Nation on Sirius XM is my all-time favorite radio station.


Current Guilty Pleasure: Phoney Baloney’s coconut bacon. Gah, I need to stop devouring this stuff–I only bought a small bag of it and the stores around me don’t sell it yet! Sooooo addicting, and awesome ingredients list.

Current Nail Color: Mint Sprint by Sally Hansen.

This goes with almost everything.

This goes with almost everything.

Current Drink: Water all day errryday in my VS PINK giant water bottle. It makes drinking water that much easier. Also, coconut water iced coffees.

Current Food: Salads at least 1X per day, protein banana softserve (though not as much anymore), protein fruit ‘cereal’ (Sunwarrior+almond milk+fruit+other toppings in a bowl), Larabars, ice cold watermelon.

These veggies aren't for eating but they sure are cute! An adorable recent IKEA find.

These veggies aren’t for eating but they sure are cute! An adorable recent IKEA find.

Current TV Show: I’m not watching much right now, but I like that new Hollywood Game Night show on NBC. I like seeing celebs in real life!

Current Wishlist: Some clothes I can transition into fall (particularly a hi-lo dress), more cute oxfords (spotted the cutest pair at a little boutique the other day!), a new planner for the school year…and motivation to get through this last semester. Senioritis is hitting me hard!

How cute is this one!

How cute is this one!

Current Needs: The need to pack! Seriously, I actually like packing but I always procrastinate. I can’t even think about packing up stuff again for school in 2 weeks…I just need to pack for vacation first!

Current Triumphs: Finishing up my weather internship with a bang. Last summer’s internship was a bit of a letdown but this summer’s was an amazing learning experience and I got to work in a great environment with awesome people. I’m going to miss that place a lot, but I’m thankful for the experience I got there. Annnnnnd, I may end up posting some of my work from there at some point on here, who knows!

Current Bane of Existence: School coming up. I’m sorta looking forward to it, but after 16 years of school, I am beyond ready to just get my diploma and move on to the real world. I loved college but at this point, I’m so done.

Current Indulgence: The vegan carrot cake ice cream I enjoyed the other day. Totally fine with having ice cream right after a delicious salad, and it was really good ice cream. It was like two of my favorite desserts (carrot cake+vegan ice cream) in one.

Ugh so good.

Ugh so good.

Current Blessing: Being able to see my extended family again. We haven’t been back to see most of the fam in 4 years and it’s good timing now because one of my grandpas is not doing so well. Hopefully our visit can lift his spirits and help him feel better. Not to mention, it’ll be great to get away for a week and enjoy a different state!

Current Outfit: Strapless blue-checked corset-style top from Abercrombie & Fitch, navy blue twill shorts from Hollister, jewelry from American Eagle.

It's getting hot again (wooo!)

It’s getting hot again (wooo!)

Current Excitement: Vacation…and college graduation in T-minus 5 months!

Answer any of the above! 

8 thoughts on “Currently: August

  1. Aja says:

    Carrot cake ice cream? Coconut bacon? I was reading this going, “that’s cool, nice pictures, I need to unpack, wait food?!” I love all the bath and body works lotions in your picture. I’m addicted to that stuff.

    • Once I make a decent batch of coconut bacon, I’ll definitely post the recipe because it is good stuff. I’m pretty much addicted to Bath and Body Works, it’s kind of a problem. I always go when they have sales so I can stock up on stuff and get a lot for like ten bucks.

  2. P says:

    Coconut bacon?! I need to try this! And I would love those carrot and broccoli plushies :P! I’m not a stuffed animal fan, but plush vegetables are a major exception 😉

  3. Finding new planners is a seriously hard task for me, too, as I’m super picky. The one you posted looks cute, though. Did you end up getting it?
    Posting some of your internship work on here is a fantastic idea! I’d be really interested in finding out more about what you did there.
    I hear you on the packing procrastination. Even though vacations are great I have the hardest time deciding what to pack and usually end up with an overstuffed suitcase.

    • I didn’t end up getting it…yet, anyways! I’m waiting until school starts to see if I need a larger planner but I’ll probably end up getting it soon since I love it so much.

      I always do the same thing with packing. I had to put back a lot of my clothes so my suitcase wouldn’t be so stuffed, plus I had to share it with my sister so I couldn’t fill the whole thing myself. So stressful!

  4. 19 days until school starts for me…19 days until my senior year. I really am not ready to go back yet haha. Oh well, has start eventually 🙂
    Glad to hear that your weather internship went well!! I love that weather is the field you want to go into – very unique!

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