Fashion Friday: Just Keep Swimming

If you even glance at the cover of pretty much any fashion or fitness mag, there’s probably something on there about swimsuit season–getting the ‘perfect’ bikini body, finding a swimsuit for your budget, etc. I’m not here to talk about those things, though. I want to talk about how to find the perfect suit for the body YOU have, right now, that’ll make you feel your very best.

First things first: the hard truth. Not every swimsuit’s gonna look good on you. You may fall in love with a cute halter bikini that looks amazing on your friend, but when you try it on, it just doesn’t look right. Remember that it isn’t your body that’s to blame, it’s just that not every style looks great on every body, and that’s ok. There’s definitely at least one style out there that’ll make you love what you see, so don’t get discouraged when a certain style doesn’t look so great.

For example, I was shopping at Hollister the other day when they were having a sale on swimsuit separates for $10 each. What a steal, right? I found plenty of cute options, and tried a few of them on. I have a smaller chest, so the halter bandeaus and triangle bikinis made me look even smaller, but a ruffly halter push-up bikini made me look a little fuller up there and enhanced what I have. With bottoms, I liked the look of the high rise boyshorts but since I am pretty straight up-and-down with no curves, it looked awful on me. Sticking with bikini style bottoms with side ties gives me some shape.

Look for detailing that looks good on your body, like side ties or ruffles.

Look for detailing that looks good on your body, like side ties or ruffles.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match. A lot of stores sell two pieces in separates, partly so you can buy them in different sizes if you need to, but also so you can mix and match patterns and colors. I personally like to go for neutral, solid colored bottoms with a patterned top featuring the same color as the bottoms. I have a pair of white side-tie bikini bottoms that I wear with three separate patterned tops. It was cheaper than buying 3 full swim sets, but it’s like I have 3 different swimsuits.

Mixing and matching can save you money and give you a unique look.

Mixing and matching can save you money and give you a unique look.

This might be obvious, but make sure the swimsuit fits. Don’t worry if you have to buy separate sizes in the top and bottom to fit right. I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t freak out about the size on the tag, either. I know I still tend to stress if I have to wear a size other than my usual one, but different suits fit differently based on style and store, so you may be one size in one store and another one in another. It’s good to find a store, or style, that fits you well, so you have a better idea that another suit from that same store will fit similarly.

You can have fun this summer, soaking up the sun and enjoying the water, without worrying about how you look in your swimsuit…because you’ll know you look good!

Do you have any swimsuit shopping tips? 

10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Just Keep Swimming

  1. I LOVE bathing suit separates.. my body is not one size fits …one size. LOL.

    I swim for exercise and so when I am at the gym pool I get the cheapest suit I can possibly find because they get RUINED. I often get children’s bikins from Target for 12 dollars and I look like a complete wanker.

    I have my “fancy suits” too, though, for the beach.

    • Totally understandable to get cheaper suits for actual swimming purposes. I don’t even spend that much on my cute suits because it just doesn’t make sense to pay a lot for that little fabric lol.

  2. Aja says:

    Love this post. I haven’t bought a new bikini in a while. I don’t swim enough to justify it but I kind of want to.

  3. Bikini shopping is such an art…haha. As silly as that sounds, it’s true!
    I’m definitely smaller-chested like you so I stick with tops that make me look a little fuller. Right now I have 2 that are pushups, one with ruffles, and one bandeau with fringe- I love them! And I’ve found like ruched bottoms give the illusion of more curves too!
    Love this post, girly!

  4. What a great post, Ashley. Bathing suit shopping is not my favorite thing in the world, but I love these tips and think they’re really useful. I like how you stressed the fact that if a suit doesn’t fit, your body isn’t to blame…not every suit looks good on everyone! And not stressing about the size is something I am still working on, but it helps to remember that sizing between different stores (and even within the same store) is not always consistent.

    Thanks again for the tips, and rock your suit with confidence because you’re beautiful!

    • Thanks girl! It is hard to get over the sizing and fit issues, I still struggle with them sometimes, but once you know what looks best for your body, it gets so much easier to find the suit that works for you and just forget about the ones that don’t.

  5. P says:

    Awesome post! I personally have only worn one pieces, so I never really worried about the sizing. But I haven’t bought a swimsuit in quite some time…

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