WIAW: Best of the Week

I’m finally back, guys! And before I get into today’s WIAW post, I want to express my sorrow for the devastation in Oklahoma. Natural disasters can be incredibly hard to deal with, since they are so random and there’s no one to blame. It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of nature (I know I did last summer as my hometown faced the most destructive fire in state history) but I know that the people affected by the tornado appreciate all the support and love we can give them.

I’m finally all moved back home and getting into the swing of summer. Though right now it doesn’t feel quite like summer since I’m in an online geography class that I need in order to graduate early but luckily, after a few more weeks of studying and note-taking, I can say goodbye to school stuff for the rest of the summer. However, I am getting really excited to finally start my weather internship on Monday! Last summer’s internship at a different station wasn’t quite what I was expecting it to be (yet still a good experience) but since this summer’s will be in the actual field I want to pursue within broadcast journalism, I’m sure it’ll be even better.

With my busy weekend, I didn’t have much time to snap many pictures but I still wanted to do a WIAW so I’m going to be taking a different approach this week. This week’s WIAW will be focused on the best things I’ve seen/eaten/etc. over the past few days!

Best Summer Fun Under $20

I. Need. This.

I. Need. This.

Kid at heart over here, but I love summer water toys. When I was a lot younger, we had Super Soaker Twister (way better than regular Twister) and a Slip N Slide and I loved those things. I’ve always dreamed of living somewhere that was warm year-round so I could have a real pool in my yard. My sister and I have even tried convincing our parents to get one 0f those huge inflatable water bouncy houses but let’s be real, those things are crazy expensive and way too big for our now-tiny backyard. But this waterslide from Target is $19.99 and would definitely fit behind the house. Plus it’s even better than the regular Slip N Slide because it’s got room for 3 people to slide at once. I may actually just end up buying this soon… #noshame

Best Raw Meal…EVER!

Raw kelp noodle pad Thai from my favorite vegan restaurant.

Raw kelp noodle pad Thai from my favorite vegan restaurant.

One perk of moving out of my apartment over the weekend? Getting to go to my fave restaurant, Tasty Harmony, one last time until the school year starts again. I love this place because it’s mostly vegan (surprisingly rare to find in Colorado…other than Native Foods in Boulder which I have yet to try…) and the menu is seasonal so there’s always something new to try. And I’ve tried something new almost every time I’ve gone, and I’ve loved it all, including the samples I stole off my parents’ and sister’s plates. This time, one of the new dishes was a raw pad Thai, made with my favorite kelp noodles. I couldn’tย not get it, so I did and I was pleasantly surprised. The kelp noodles were perfectly crunchy, the veggies were fresh and the sauce was amazing. I wish I could have a bottle of just the sauce to take home and use on my kelp noodle dishes because it was just that good!

Best Splurge (aka Non-Vegan Meal)

After our vegan feast, we decided to hit up a mostly non-vegan (still veg though) favorite, Gelazzi. Gelato has always been my favorite frozen dessert and Gelazzi was my favorite gelato place ever. Sadly, it closed down in the fall and my whole family was upset because it was so good. But this weekend, my dad texted me when he and my mom were out and said he saw the doors were open again. I just had to see it for myself, so we decided to check it out after dinner. I ended up getting an old favorite I hadn’t had in probably 2 years, the birthday cake gelato. Most of their flavors, other than the fruit ones, aren’t vegan as they’re made with milk (but are still a lot healthier than dairy ice cream) but I wasn’t feeling the fruit flavors and decided to go for a small of the birthday cake. OMG, heaven in a cup. It tastes like vanilla frosting and is just ridiculously good. So sorry to let down the vegan police, but I just had to have it again.

Best Weird Target Find



This was in the clothes section so I know it’s meant to be a bodysuit, but it looks like the ugliest one piece swimsuit ever! I just had to take a picture because…um…who would buy this thing? Target, I love you but sometimes you have the weirdest clothes.

Best Repeat Meal

Reunited with the (good) Whole Foods salad bar.

Reunited with the (good) Whole Foods salad bar.

You knew this had to happen. I am obsessed with the Whole Foods salad bar and I had to get it again once I got back home to the good salad bar. They had all my favorites (curry tofu, marinated artichoke hearts, sweet potato salad) and I was happy. Expect to see a similar photo many more times this summer.

Best Item for the Baby I Don’t Have

I'm a sucker for cute cartoon animals and patriotic accessories.

I’m a sucker for cute cartoon animals and patriotic accessories.

I’m not exactly sure I even want kids, but if I ever did have one, I’d be obsessed with dressing him/her in cute baby clothes. Like this adorable 4th of July themed hippo bib. Just. So. Cute.

What’s your favorite outdoor summer item? What have you ‘splurged’ on lately (food or otherwise?)

18 thoughts on “WIAW: Best of the Week

  1. I agree that the tornado in Oklahoma was quite a terrible one, and the destruction it caused was so widespread and awful. My thoughts and prayers will be with those affected by the disaster. That’s great that you get to start your weather internship on Monday; it sounds like it will be a wonderful experience. I loved using the Slip-N-Slide as a child during the summer; it was the perfect way to stay cool. Also, we used to put a sprinkler under our trampoline in the summer, so that we could bounce on the trampoline and stay wet at the same time. It was very fun:) That raw kelp noodle Pad Thai looks incredibly delicious–do you know what they used in the sauce? I would love to try out some of the vegan restaurants in Chicago, but they are rather expensive, and it can be an absolute nightmare to drive into Chicago. I am glad that you enjoyed the gelato, and don’t worry about occasionally eating some non-vegan food–there is nothing wrong with that!

    • The trampoline with a sprinkler under it sounds perfect for summer, I wish I had thought of that when we used to have a trampoline.

      The pad Thai sauce was a mix of almond butter and coconut milk, I think, with just a hint of spice but it was so good! I really want to try to recreate it at home.

  2. Yay for gelato! I think it’s awesome that you treated yourself to something that you loved so much in the past, especially because you didn’t let any kind of dietary restrictions stand in your way. Good weather pretty much necessitates ice cream, and I bet the small victory and taste of freedom made it even better ๐Ÿ™‚

    I remember Slip N Slides, although I never had one when I was growing up. Instead, we had a trampoline, and I swear that I would pretty much spend my the entire summer on it.

    • Ice cream is definitely a summertime staple, so even if I don’t get to enjoy gelato again, I will be stocking up on my favorite coconut milk ice creams!

      Trampolines are seriously the best. We had one before we moved and my sister and I enjoyed it even when we got older.

  3. Okay- SO proud of you for ordering the gelato you wanted even though it wasn’t vegan! That’s what living and being free is all about. (:
    I’m glad you’re enjoying being home already. I’m so jealous! And you definitely need to try Native Foods! We have them in California and it’s one of my favorite restaurants ever!

    • I’m so jealous that you have so many Native Foods in California! We finally got one in Colorado last year but I still haven’t been since it’s about an hour and half away but I’m always drooling over everything on the menu so I think it’s about time I make the drive there!

  4. I feel your pain. I have one online class to take this summer before they will hand me my degree officially. I’m like WHO NEEDS WORLD LIT?!? No one. Girl, you need to appreciate the greatness of bodysuits. I saw that one at Target a while ago and was like wow target. They are really nice to wear under fitted skirts and stuff. Maybe because I go to raves also but yeah hahaha

    Gelato sounds so nice right now. I wish I had some. Also that raw pad thai looks even better than normal pad thai! Is that even possible?!

    • I can see where bodysuits would be good under fitted skirts. I just haven’t seen any that I’ve loved, but now that they’re more in style I might be able to find one I’d actually buy!

      Pad Thai is amazing, but raw pad Thai takes it to a whole new level…for real!

  5. No vegan police to be seen :). I’m so proud and happy you’re allowing yourself go for what you truly crave regardless of it being vegan or not. That’s such a fantastic accomplishment!
    It sounds like you about to have a great internship. Will you be sharing more about it once you start? I’d be really curious to find out more about what you’re doing there and so on. How long is it?

    • Thanks girl! I would love to blog about my internship once I get started. I’ll be working there most of the summer, at least until early August, but probably only 2 days a week for several hours. I’m still really excited for it!

  6. moderngirlnutrition says:

    Kelp noodle pad thai sounds so good- that’s so creative! And good luck on your class- taking summer school is no fun but it’s great to be able to graduate eary! Happy Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Yay for the gelato! It’s wonderful how you’re doing what’s best for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Target, but that swimsuit is more than a little shady! xx

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