Currently: May

I feel like I was just saying this a month or so ago, but it’s dead week again on my campus. It’s honestly not as awful as it sounds, but seeing as I have just over a week until my first and only final, as well as many projects due this week, I needed to get in some quick and easy posts while I’m stressed out over end-of-the-year stuff for the next week and a half. I promise I’ll be back to more normal posting once school ends, I move out and get settled back in at home and with my internship and online summer class. Until then, enjoy the mindless fun posts 😀

Current Book: Does my geology book count? ‘Cause that’s probably the only book I’ll be reading until next Tuesday…and it’s not even by choice.

Current Music: Still loving on the alt rock genre, especially Vampire Weekend and Blondfire. I jammed out to this song while taking an impromptu mini road trip to the mountains two weekends ago. Reminds me that summer’s coming soon!

Current Guilty Pleasure: All things raw and delicious! This weekend alone, I stocked up on kale chips (hey, they were on sale!), sprouted Thai curry cashews (total obsession), cacao nibs, dried fruit and a few raw energy bars. Raw food can be expensive but it’s worth it to me for the taste and health benefits.

Haven't bought this in awhile, but it may be my post-finals treat.

Haven’t bought this in awhile, but it may be my post-finals treat.

Current Nail Color: Pink+coral, with polka dots. So fun, but so easy to do!

Super cute!

Super cute!

Current Drink: My infused water…planning on making a second batch soon!

Current Food: I’ve been loving on the raw snacks (as I said above), sweet potatoes (what else is new?), salted crunchy peanut butter (normally not a PB lover, but I’m going with it), all kinds of summer fruit, tofu, avocados and the new paleo BBQ sauce I picked up.

Current Favorite Show: I haven’t been keeping up with many shows, but SNL is a perennial favorite of mine and Zac Galifianakis is always hilarious.

Probably one of the funniest sketches.

Probably one of the funniest sketches.

Current Wishlist: For the weather to stay warm for the rest of the summer(60s and rain is better than snow, but I want 70s and 80s!), good grades in all my classes, a smooth move-out process, maybe one more time to hang out at my apartment’s pool (which as far as I know still hasn’t reopened…and there’s less than 2 weeks left in the semester).

Current Needs: Less stressful days,  more sunshine (we’re set to get rain most days this week, which is nice for drought conditions but makes me a little sad) & more regular visits to the Whole Foods salad bar (maybe when I go home for the summer?!)

Current Triumphs: Finishing off my second semester at CTV strong, getting the summer internship I really wanted, starting to conquer my food issues. (P.S. Look for me in the video at about 6:20 and ignore the awkward screenshot)

Current Bane of Existence: The checkout list I got from my complex for moving out. Seriously, it’s a full page of cleaning instructions. I see a lot of sweeping and vacuuming in my future 😦

Current Celebrity Crush: Justin Timberlake. He’s super sexy, got a great voice and sense of humor and I loved his SNL “Veganville” song!


So flippin' funny!

So flippin’ funny!

Current Indulgence: I finally got my fill of the Whole Foods salad bar again this weekend, and it reminded me how excited I am to be home so I can enjoy it more often. My wallet doesn’t love it, but it makes for a better dinner out option than most restaurants! And everyone’s got a guilty pleasure, right? Might as well be a healthy one!

Always so damn good.

Always so damn good.

Current Blessing: Much better weather this week than we’ve been getting the past 3 weeks. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m thinking we’re done with the snow for awhile, and rain is always much-needed here. I would hate to have to deal with a wildfire like California is right now and like the bad ones we experienced last summer.

What are some of your currently’s?

13 thoughts on “Currently: May

  1. Wooo! I loved seeing your report in that video,Ashley! You are so gorgeous and I loooove your voice,I don’t know why,it’s so awesome. 🙂
    It might sound like a weird question,but how did you actually come up with the idea of becoming a weather anchor? I think it’s pretty cool,I just wouldn’t think of it myself…
    Aaaand currently,I am trying some pretty exciting {raw} foods myself! Definitely a cool experience and I now understand your passion for raw foods 😉

    • Thanks girl 😀

      Not a weird question at all, I’ve been interested in being a TV anchor since high school and I’ve also loved weather since I was little so combining the two seemed perfect for me!

  2. P says:

    I’m currently wishing for good grades too! For some reason, spring classes are always the hardest when compared to fall!

    I didn’t find this week’s SNL to be funny for my liking, but I found the Melissa McCarthy one from a few weeks ago to be hilarious! 😛

  3. Aja says:

    Give it on up to Veganville!
    That snow in the video sounded not fun. I hope it’s warming up for you guys! It’s in the 80s here and hot, but I guess it’s better than the snow. Good luck with all of your finals!

  4. I love SNL! 🙂 Zac Galifianakis was super funny and I loved that skit with Justin Timberlake, haha. It’s really cool to see your weather reports! You do an amazing job and you just seem so relaxed. I could never do that. Your outfit is really cute too. Currently, I’ve been playing tennis with my sister since the weather has been so nice. It’s nice to get back into it since I haven’t played in forever.

  5. I LOVE your polka-dot nails! So fun for spring!

    I’m crushing on raw snacks right now, too–especially the desserts. I recently fell in love with raw macaroons, and I’ve been eyeing a Hail Mary almond butter chocolate tart at Whole Foods for weeks. I’m thinking it will make a nice Friday treat. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday, my dear!

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