Fashion Friday: Spring Mints

I’m hoping that it’s a lot more springlike where you are…because we just got dumped on with a spring snowstorm! And this is no dusting of snow…we got a foot or more in my neck of the woods over a few days! As much as I love Colorado, I dread it in March and April, because they happen to be our snowiest months. Last year, we got summer a few months early but apparently we were due for extra snow and cold this year because we have yet to experience much spring in these parts. Basically, every week since March it’s been a cycle of warm for a few days (usually on the weekend), then it gets windy and cooler, then it snows or maybe rains, and then it warms back up again. So frustrating, but it’s almost late April so I’m hoping we’re DONE with snow for the season!

I’ve been trying to wear spring-y clothes as much as possible, and I got the opportunity to wear one of my favorite spring colors–mint–last Saturday when it was in the 60s. Before this year, I actually didn’t have much of this shade in my closet but it’s quickly becoming a staple in my outfits.

Mint lace-back tank (American Eagle). Dark wash jeggings (AE). Navy floral scarf (AE).

Mint lace-back tank (American Eagle). Dark wash jeggings (AE). Navy floral scarf (AE).

No, my whole closet isn’t from American Eagle, but I do love their basics and accessories! They have some of the best jeans (aside from Hollister) and they always have a huge selection of cute scarves.

Front and back views.

Front and back views.

I don’t generally wear tanks alone (I originally got this one to wear under a dress I have with a weird back) but this one is cute not just for the color but for the back detailing. I really love the tanks with a full lace back but this one is a little easier to wear with most bras.

Closeup of scarf.

Closeup of scarf.

I don’t own as many scarves as I’d like, but this one is probably my most used. I’ve worn it with neutrals and navy blue but I really love it with this tank because it has hints of the same mint green color.

Mint oxfords (Target).

Mint oxfords (Target).

These were by far the best part of the outfit, though! These were part of my impulse Target buys last weekend. In my defense, they were kinda on clearance, and I’ve been lusting over them for awhile. Anyways, these are the perfect shoes to add into my spring wardrobe and the color of them just makes me happy.

What’s your favorite spring color? Are accessories a big part of your closet? 

10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Spring Mints

  1. Aja says:

    Love the shoes! I’m sorry about the snow. That’s really irritating. I woke up on Monday to snow here and it kind of was just like an omen as to how bad Monday was going to be. I hope you get some spring weather soon!

  2. P says:

    I love the color of those shoes! I love bright colors…but I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the highlighter trend :/

  3. Yuck. I can’t believe you’re still dealing with snow. I’m sending some California sunshine your way!
    And those shoes are super cute! I actually just painted my nails mint green- it’s one of my favorite springtime colors!

  4. Ditto on the snow! It snowed here all morning and afternoon, and I’m HOPING this is the last of it, but I feel like I’ve already said that three times before and the white stuff keeps showing up. Bah. I really can’t wait for spring, although I think that we’re going to go straight from summer into winter at this rate. And I have to agree that AE has some really great basics. I don’t own a pair of their jeans, but I’ve heard really good things so I think I’m going to check it out the next time I find myself in the mall.

    • Ugh, this snow business in April is just ridiculous. Here’s to hoping neither of us have to deal with snow after this!

      I would definitely recommend their jeans, especially the jeggings and skinny jeans. They’ve got a great selection of prints, colors and even just basics and their prices are a lot more reasonable than a lot of other stores.

  5. The shoes are soooo cute. Hmmm spring colors. Mine would probably be mint or lilac. I just rock the whole mint look, at least that is what my professor said, due to my blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. I love spring fashion though because it is so fun and girly!!

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