You guys already know how much I love surveys so I always get really excited when I see a new one floating around the blog world. This one’s a little more focused on life in general rather than food+fitness but I’ll still be including some WIAW-worthy pictures throughout!

Addictions:Β yoga, nori sheets (gotta love that seaweed-y flavor), sunshine & warm days, colored shorts, nut butter-stuffed dates, sleeping in, dark chocolate+mint combo, Larabars…etc.!

Recent lunch: nori 'burrito' (filled with cashew butter, coconut aminos, raw kraut, kelp noodles and spinach), dry roasted edamame, dried apples.

Recent lunch: nori ‘burrito’ (filled with cashew butter, coconut aminos, raw kraut, kelp noodles and spinach), dry roasted edamame, dried apples.

Bed size: Full. Prior to college, I always had a twin bed, then in the dorms they had twin XL but finally I’m in an apartment with a bigger bed and plenty of space for it!

Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom, or pulling weeds. We used to have the worst weeds at our previous house, and some of them were kinda scary to pull up (imagine 3-4 foot tall spiky green plants)!

Dogs or cats: I don’t have either, but I’d love to have one of each someday, preferably an Italian Greyhound and an orange tabby.

Essential start to your day: My now-daily ACV drink. I got into the trend a few months ago after reading all about it on blogs and while I haven’t noticed too many changes (I do tend to have less acne around that time of the month, though) I’ve come to enjoy the sweet and sour combo of ACV+vanilla stevia+cinnamon.

My daily 'cocktail'.

My daily ‘cocktail’.

Favorite color: Pink is #1, but orange is a close second.

Gold or silver: I prefer silver for jewelry, but I love the look of gold sparkly shoes! I currently own two pairs and want more.

Height: 5’1 and 1/2. Yes, that extra half inch really counts when you’re this tiny!

Instruments you play (or have played): I’ve played the clarinet, tenor and alto saxophones (my favorite to play!), piano and electric guitar. I’m not sure I could play any of them well now though.

Job titles you’ve had: people & academics editor, managing editor and weather anchor. I’ve actually never had a job outside my field of study (journalism) before and hopefully it’ll stay that way, though I wouldn’t mind working at Whole Foods for a summer!

Kids: Um…not right now, I’m only 20 (almost 21!) but it’s crazy how many people my age are getting married and having kids already. I want to have kids someday, hopefully twin girls.

Live: Both northern (for college) and southern (where I grew up) Colorado.

Mom’s name: Tammy, but I still call her Mommy!

Nickname: Usually just Ash, but my sister sometimes calls me Ashie.

Overnight hospital stays: None, I’ve actually never been to the hospital for anything other than when I was born.

Pet peeves: People smoking right by me, people showing up really late (like more than half an hour late with no explanation), rude drivers.

Quote from a movie: “She doesn’t even go here!” Name that movie, it’s one of my faves!

Right-handed or left-handed: Right-handed.

Siblings: Just my younger sister. I can’t believe she’ll be turning 18 in December!

Time you wake up: Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30 (I know, college life is rough), Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 and weekends between 8:30 and 9:30. I definitely need to get in at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

Underwear: Yes, I wear it. And my underwear store of choice is Victoria’s Secret PINK, they have the cutest stuff there.

Veggies you dislike: Spaghetti squash, tomatoes and beets.

One of my favorite veggies (sweet potato) for dinner.

One of my favorite veggies (sweet potato) for dinner.

What makes you run late: finishing up a workout, getting together all my stuff for the day.

X-rays you’ve had done: teeth, right ankle and foot, left wrist.

Yummy food you make: Raw desserts, kelp noodle stir-frys, waffles, banana bread and eggplant muffulettas.

A very delicious waffle-for-dinner I made last week: cornbread (organic cornmeal+buckwheat flour) waffle topped with spinach, homemade chili and nooch.

A very delicious waffle-for-dinner I made last week: cornbread (organic cornmeal+buckwheat flour) waffle topped with spinach, homemade chili and nooch.

Zoo animal: I love flamingos! I just think it’s so cool that they’re pink.

One of the last times I enjoyed pretzels...oh it's been way too long!

One of the last times I enjoyed pretzels…oh it’s been way too long!

Thanks to an Instagram reminder from Kat, I realized I haven’t enjoyed pretzels in over a year. I remember how much I used to love the Annie’s bunny pretzels dipped in almond butter and jelly, but I gave them up because they were too ‘processed’ or whatever. Even though I don’t eat much gluten nowadays, I can still enjoy some fairly clean and GF pretzel sticks from Mary’s Gone Crackers with some of my favorite sweet+salty combos.

One of the best French toast combos ever: dark chocolate+coconut.

One of the best French toast combos ever: dark chocolate+coconut.

I have a confession to make. This delicious-looking French toast pictured above is NOT vegan! I know right?! I’m not giving up veganism by any means, but I was really curious about this frozen ‘Paleo bread’ I saw at a health store (mostly because it was made of coconut flour, which I love, but I can’t deny that the high fiber+protein and low calorie count also drew me in) and though it’s made with egg whites, I wanted to give it a try. I haven’t knowingly eaten egg products in forever, mostly because I’ve always hated eggs, but I though egg whites in a baked thing would be fine. For those of you wondering, the bread has only a slight coconut flavor and is kinda spongy but it works really well as French toast. I wouldn’t buy it again because it isn’t vegan but mostly because it cost almost $10 for a loaf, yikes! I’m still on the hunt for a totally vegan and gluten free bread that tastes great and isn’t too pricey…

Snow...in April?!

Snow…in April?!

I wish this were a (late) April Fool’s trick, but sadly, Colorado is known for bad April snowstorms. However, they predicted a blizzard, with high wind gusts and up to a foot of snow, and that (thankfully) didn’t happen! I was dreading having to take the bus to classes, but the streets stayed snow and ice free. Since it’s been so warm otherwise, I’m hoping the rest of it will melt soon too.

The best kraut I've ever had!

The best kraut I’ve ever had!

This stuff is seriously addicting! I’ve been looking for the local brand of kimchi that Whole Foods stores around here sell and they’ve been out for weeks, but this smoked jalapeno kraut is an amazing substitute. I’m seriously putting this on everything, from salads to nori burritos to kelp noodle stir-frys and even just eating straight up. This brand isn’t quite local, but I’ve heard most real krauts are only sold within the region they’re made in, so if you’re from California (where it’s made) or anywhere in the western U.S. you might be able to find this brand!

Share some of your ABCs here!Β Do you like kraut or kimchi?

29 thoughts on “WIAW & ABCs

  1. That quote is from “Mean Girls”! Love that movie, haha!

    I’m really glad you are enjoying pretzels again! I love them dipped in PB or hummus. So tasty! And I’m really sorry to hear about the snow in CO. It was snowing here in PA just a week or two ago, and today is supposed to be nearly 70 degrees. Spring weather is just crazy!

  2. I love how you incorporated an ABC survey post with WIAW. You have some fantastic looking eats there! I love kraut, but I’ve never had kimchi. I don’t even know what it is!

  3. I’d love to have a bigger bed,too,but my room is super tiny. 😦 Someday,when I live on my own and earn a lot of money,I’ll have a princess-bed,thiugh! πŸ˜›
    Oh,and I love nori-wraps! It’s been a while since I’ve had them,but I have definitely done that before. Time to go that asian supermarket again,haha! πŸ˜‰

  4. Aja says:

    OMG flamingos! Love the survey, I might have to do it tonight when I have the time. I need a bigger bed. Twin XL is stupid.

  5. I definitely share some of your “addictions,” particularly the yoga and the sunshine–I wish it wasn’t rainy today…I have always wanted to visit Colorado, mainly because I love hiking and doing outdoorsy activities. That french toast looks delicious; I don’t think there is necessarily anything wrong with eating bread that may have some traces of egg or dairy in it, not if you truly enjoy it! That smoked jalapeno kraut looks absolutely delicious; I am definitely a fan kimchi, as long as it isn’t the type with fish added to it. I think it’s great that you try to get at least eight hours of sleep–so many college students are sleep deprived now. I’ll admit that I don’t always succeed in getting that amount of sleep, but I usually manage to get at least seven–which is fairly impressive to many people.

    • I get really annoyed when Asian sauces and dishes have fish added to them, when they could be vegetarian or vegan without the fish!

      Seven hours is really good, I know a lot of people especially college students get way less than that on a regular basis.

  6. P says:

    Haha, Mean Girls right ;)?

    Greyhounds are such elegant and sweet dogs! You’ve also played a lot of instruments. My sis plays the clarinet and she had a brief stint with the alto sax πŸ˜›

  7. Aww! I love how you included the 1/2 inch on your height – I’m all of 5’9 and I’ve always kind of wished that I was shorter because short girls just seem so much cuter. Lol sorry… I’ll stop now. And ugh… cleaning bathrooms is seriously the bane of my existence. The worst part is that I live alone so there’s no one to do it but me πŸ˜•

    • I’ve always wished I could be taller, because I’d seem more mature and be taken more seriously. I guess we always want what we can’t have!

      I have the same issue with the bathroom, living alone means I can’t get out of it, except when my mom visits and is nice enough to do a little cleaning.

  8. So funny- I did this survey today too!
    First of all, I’m suuuper proud of you for trying the bread even though it isn’t vegan! That’s what having a healthy relationship with food is all about. It was occurrences like that one that led me to actually stop being vegan. I’m definitely not saying that’s what will happen for you but it opened my eyes A LOT. I still eat a mainly vegan diet but if I’m craving something that contains eggs or want to order a dish at a restaurant with cheese, I do it! And I feel a million times better that way. But it’s different for everyone. (:
    And I just have one younger sister too who’s turning 19 this week! Sooo crazy how fast we’ve all grown up.

    • I get what you mean! I don’t think veganism has to be restrictive, but I’d rather be a little more flexible with what I eat than stick to a strict label just because.

      That’s so crazy about everyone growing up so fast–I feel like I was just in elementary school and now I’m about to graduate college!

  9. jessielovestorun says:

    Love this whole post! I also love that you made sure to add the 1/2 to your height.. bc well, I always make sure people know I’m 5 foot and 3/4 πŸ™‚

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