Why I’m Not the Typical HLB

As a self-proclaimed healthy living blogger, I like reading other HLBs and seeing what food and fitness trends everyone’s getting into. I have to admit, I sometimes act like a sheep and follow these trends but that’s really only because I end up loving the food/workout so much. But there are many, many ways that I’m not at all like the stereotypical HLB…

I hate eggs. 

Yep, always have, (probably) always will. It’s a combination of the texture, taste and smell for me. Ick. I could never do any form of eggs for breakfast–I blame my dad, because he’s never been a big fan of eggs. So that aspect of going vegan was super easy for me! While I think things like veggie-filled omelettes and 2 ingredient pancakes are cool ideas, I’d never be able to stomach them. Just no.

This is as close as I get to an omelette--a chickpea socca-style 'omelette'.

This is as close as I get to an omelette–a chickpea socca-style ‘omelette’.

I’m not a Chobani/Love Grown/ Luna Bar/ PB&Co. whore.

There’s quite a few brands that seem to be really popular in the HLB world…and I’ve never understood them. To each their own, of course, but I’ve tended to go my own way with brands and I love what I love. I do like a few of the popular brands, like Larabar and Almond Breeze, but some of them just don’t do it for me. For instance, I prefer unflavored almond butters to flavored PBs (other than Justin’s vanilla AB) and I really love Purely Elizabeth granolas because they’re made from ancient grains and is the only granola brand I know of that’s made with coconut sugar.

I don't feel bad for being a Zevia whore because it's so good!

I don’t feel bad for being a Zevia whore because it’s so good!

I’ve never stepped foot in a Lululemon or a Trader Joes. 

It’s not that I don’t want to shop in these places, it’s just that I’m semi-deprived out here in CO and neither of those stores are near me (okay, that’s a lie, there’s a few Lulus in Denver, but I’ve never been). I’m actually waiting on a couple of TJs locations that are set to open soonish, but since I’ve never been, I feel a little left out. Maybe it’s for the best–I can’t afford anything from Lulu and I’d probably blow my budget if I had a TJs in my city!

A drawing of the TJs that will be closest to me...still about an hour's drive away.

A drawing of the TJs that will be closest to me…still about an hour’s drive away.

I’m not a runner, or a Crossfitter, or a heavy lifter.

I have started lifting recently, and I really love it, but I’m nowhere near lifting heavy yet. As for running and Crossfit, I just don’t feel like they fit my lifestyle. I like doing cardio like tennis or circuits (or window shopping 😉 ) and I also love yoga. There’s definitely a workout style out there for everyone, you’ve just gotta find what works for you.

Lifting green weights makes it even more fun.

Lifting green weights makes it even more fun.

I don’t eat the typical HLB breakfast.

I’m a huge breakfast lover, but (obviously) I don’t do eggs, I don’t really like oats anymore and yogurt messes are out because vegan yogurts are beyond nasty. I tend to mix things up a little bit, but right now I’m loving homemade buckwheat waffles with protein frosting, and chia seed protein puddings. I really try to get a great balance of carbs, fat and protein in at breakfast while still satisfying my sweet tooth.

Another one of my fave breakfasts: almond flour pancakes.

Another one of my fave breakfasts: almond flour pancakes.

I’m vegan.

Vegans seem to be a rare breed these days in the HLB world. And honestly, I kinda like it this way but also not. I like it because then I feel more unique, like that’s the niche my blog fits into. But I also don’t like it because there’s not as much food inspiration…so I just end up borrowing from the boys omnis!

A (non-vegan) dessert I still need to veganize.

A (non-vegan) dessert I still need to veganize.

How are you not like the ‘typical’ HLB? 

16 thoughts on “Why I’m Not the Typical HLB

  1. To be honest, I think it’s terrible that there is a “HLB stereotype” in the first place–why do bloggers need to fit into a category?? Because when there IS a stereotype, bloggers often feel guilty if they go along with a trend, thinking “I am such a ‘typical’ blogger; maybe I should stop eating oatmeal, using chia seeds, putting almond butter on everything, etc…” There is nothing wrong with breaking away from a trend, but at the same time, there is nothing necessarily wrong with following it either–as long as you aren’t doing it solely to “fit in.” I think the blogging world can be a wonderful source of inspiration, but can also lead you into a toxic comparison trap, constantly basing your meals, workouts, etc…on what the “big bloggers” are doing. We are all unique individuals, and shouldn’t be relying solely on blogs to guide our lifestyle. I love blogging because it gives me a creative outlet, because I enjoy sharing recipes, and because I have gathered many culinary tips/recipes from other bloggers. But it is so easy to get “addicted,” so to speak, to reading blogs, and spend so much time reading them that you forget about living your own life. Life is more about almond butter and Larabars, regardless of how delicious they are:) Life is more about 10 mile runs and personal plank records, regardless of how awesome they are for the people achieving them. Not that there is anything “wrong” with sharing this information; I just think we should all (including myself!) be wary of how much time we spend losing ourselves in this blogging world. Well, that turned into a novel of a response; I hope you don’t mind! Oh, and I don’t eat eggs either–I would consider myself roughly a 90% vegan anyway:)

    • Oh, I definitely agree, I don’t like the idea of stereotyping and I think people just need to do what works for them, whether it fits with the trends or not. And I love the novel comments, keep them coming 😉

  2. I love this! I don’t fit the entire ‘mold’ but I am a runner. I always think stuff like that though, like I shouldn’t just be eating cereal, I’d better add chia, and nut butter to it! ( I never do, but at least I think it haha)

  3. Aja says:

    I love this post. Definitions are weird, and it’s great that you’re just like, “I’m me, deal with it.” I’ve never been in a lululemon either and tj was the only thing in my town otherwise I don’t know if I’d have gone in. Oats don’t do it for me, either for no reason. I don’t know why, they just don’t.

  4. I remember when the majority of HLB were vegan, and then the Paleo trend came around and it was out with that! Shows how easily influenced us HLB’s are (;
    I really don’t fit into a HLB stereotype. I don’t do hard core exercise (I cycle and walk), I don’t belong to a gym, I don’t eat ‘clean’, and I don’t follow a certain diet categorisation. Sometimes I wish I was more like others bloggers, but maybe that makes me more unique than them. Oh and I always have Buckwheat pancakes and protein frosting (I’d love to make them into waffles, but that involves buying a waffle machine, which involves spending money I don’t have!). I’m a bit obsessed with protein frosting at the moment actually. Maybe that makes me a bit more cliché!

  5. I wouldn’t consider myself as a healthy living blogger at all. I’ve tried to be one once,but seriously,it didn’t work for me.
    Why? – Because I don’t want to focus on FOOD all the time. And,more than that,HEALTHY food.
    I hate to read a thousand posts about those “OMG fantastic green kale smoothies” and “UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS fat-free greek yogurts” and “INCREDIBLE sweet potatoes doused in wonderful{ly disgusting} protein powder icing”. I hate that sugar-phobia,nothing-but-salad-munching and healthifying everything until it doesn’t even RESEMBLE a delicious dish anymore. Only hearing about the diet 80% of the bloggers participating in WIAW follow gives me awful stomach cramps and bloatings… Not to mention the depression coming along with deprivation,but,oh,excuse me – healthy living bloggers NEVER crave sweets or something. Of course not. How could I forget?
    Sorry if this sounds harsh,but when I started reading blogs,it motivated me to eat and recover. This has changed drastically,and I can’t count the blogs I’ve deleted from my reader in the meanwhile because they were nothing but triggering anymore.

    • I have to agree, I’ve limited my WIAW browsing because it just makes me sad how obsessive some bloggers are with their food, always eating the same thing or feeling guilty for a normal meal. It can be hard to figure out what’s really normal when immersed in the HLB world.

  6. P says:

    I’ve been a lacto-ovo-vegetarian my entire life, but eggs and I still have always had an on/off relationship. I think it’s a great ingredient for baking, and I don’t mind scrambled eggs (with ketchup!), omelettes, or hard boiled egg whites, but hard boiled yolks just = “belgggh” to me.

    “I’m not a Chobani/Love Grown/ Luna Bar/ PB&Co. whore.”

    ^ This made me crack up!

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