College Vegan on a Budget: Produce Overload

A series of posts on my grocery budgeting adventures and misadventures through the aisles of Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Some of my previous budgeting posts don’t focus a lot on the produce I buy, but that’s not to say that I never buy it–I love veggies and (especially) fruit. I just usually happen to buy it and then stash most of it away in the fridge right away, or I buy it during the middle of the week sometimes and don’t bother snapping a pic because that’s all I bought. But this week, it’s all about the produce I happened to pick up on my usual weekend haul!

That's a lot of produce (and other stuff)!

That’s a lot of produce (and other stuff)!



Produce I Bought: bananas* (7 for just $1.50!), unsweetened applesauce*, dried pineapple*, canned pumpkin puree*, Medjool dates

Other Stuff I Bought: almond flour, chia seeds (so much cheaper buying only what I need in the bulk section), raw cashews. Kevita coconut probiotic drink*, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips, Vega protein bar

What I Spent (on Produce): $19.06

Verdict: Dried fruit (especially the kinds I get–with nothing added) can be pricey, but it never goes to waste! The bananas were a super deal, especially for organic. 

Whole Foods

Produce I Bought: frozen blueberries, dried white Turkish figs, baby spinach*, green kale*, watermelon chunks (I blame Amanda 😉 ), Hannah yams*, mango, baby carrots*

Other Stuff I Bought: guacamole, Vega choc-a-lot protein powder, canned artichoke hearts and green olives, kelp noodles, Hail Merry raw chocolate tart (what? it was on sale!), Justin’s vanilla AB squeeze packets, Gone Raw maple mesquite walnuts, lemon mints*, Thunderbird Energetica mint cacao bar*, roasted in-shell pistachios

What I Spent (on Produce): $24.58

Verdict: I spent a little under half of my total on produce, which is great, considering produce can be expensive, especially in winter. Best of all, I stuck to my list–yes, even the raw chocolate dessert was on my list!

What do you spend on produce? What’s some of the fruits and veggies always on your grocery list?

13 thoughts on “College Vegan on a Budget: Produce Overload

  1. I got seven bananas today for EXACTLY the same price! I’m on such a big banana kick recently,it’s insane. Ever since I lost my fear of them,there’s no way to stop myseeeeelf… 😀

  2. Produce can be a real killer around this time of the year, especially when I basically eat my body weight in it every day. I honestly thought that my desire for fruits and veggies would go down a bit when the weather cooled down, but I’ve been craving fresh fruit like crazy. Apples, bananas, watermelon, frozen blueberries, frozen mango, baby greens, baby carrots, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes are things that are basically always on my list. Awesome job with the budgeting 🙂

  3. Not bad at all! When I was in Thailand I went to the farmers market and bought a whole weeks worth of produce for $6.00, can you believe it! I wish it were the same here so more families could afford to eat organic produce. Love + Shine Courtstar

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