College Vegan on a Budget: “Nuttzo” for New Finds

A series of posts on my adventures in buying vegan health foods as a college student.

I know I said last time that I wasn’t going to be buying anything else before the end of the semester. Welllllll…that was before I ran out of nut butter and had to go without it for about a week. And I came back to no fruit other than some pomegranate seeds and frozen banana slices. Not acceptable. So I had to make a quick trip today which worked out perfectly because I had one final around noon and I headed to Whole Foods right after that. Let me just say that shopping at WF on a weekday afternoon is a lot better than going on a Saturday afternoon. Other than a shrieking baby, my trip was pretty pleasant and quick. But most importantly, I left with everything I needed…and more.

Just a few WF staples to tide me over for a couple days.

Just a few WF staples to tide me over for a couple days.

What I Got: Mother’s plain salted rice cakes, Nuttzo mixed nut/seed butter (new to me!), Hail Merry raw maple vanilla almonds (always a winner), brown figs (I can only get these at the WF near me at school, needed my fix before break!), small superfoods kale salad, Heavenly Organics dark chocolate ginger honey patties (can’t believe these only have three ingredients!), Theo dark chocolate orange bar

What I Spent: $28.32 (mostly because of that Nuttzo…)

Verdict: I don’t really want to talk about how much I spent on the Nuttzo but it really is hard to find cheap nut butter that doesn’t have added oil or sugar (but does have a little sea salt, because it brings out the nut flavor) but everything else was pretty cheap. And the chocolate bar, rice cakes and nut butter will last a while so I’m not too worried.

Do you like mixed nut/seed butters? Do you make special trips to the store if you’re running out of something you love?

21 thoughts on “College Vegan on a Budget: “Nuttzo” for New Finds

    • It’s not my favorite nut butter, but the one I used to love has been discontinued so I thought I’d try another mixed nut butter and it’s actually pretty decent. The other new finds are amazing though–I’d definitely recommend the chocolate honey cups!

  1. caloricandcrazy says:

    Nutzoo sounds so interesting! I actually have been wanting to try Barney’s Butter for some time, but after we finish up our current PB jar, I kind of want to try another PB&Co flavor :)!

  2. sarah says:

    I WISH I could get my hands on Nuttzo! Perfect as a topping for those rice cakes I’d say, add some chopped dates or figs on top as of them as well= snacky perfection:).

    Everything you bought sounds delicious ,and I’m entirely jealous of those 3(!) Ingredient chocolate ginger honey patties, Whooa I need to try & recreate those I think.

    • I definitely need to try it on rice cakes with dates/figs now! That sounds amazing 😀 I totally think you could recreate the patties, they were just made from ground ginger, dark chocolate and honey but they taste like heaven!

  3. Take it from someone who has went Nuttzo broke.
    Ditto all nut butter broke…
    MAKE YOUR OWN — trust me. I swear I wish I started sooner and it is EASY.
    Just a little loud. *shrug*

  4. You really should consider making you’re own nut butter – it’s way better in my opinion. Not only that, but you can pimp it up however you like! I’ve done it before with almonds roasted with maple syrup, cinnamon and a bit of sea salt, and I’ve also made homemade Nutella with roasted (de-skinned) hazelnuts, cocoa powder, maple syrup, a bit of salt and almond milk! So delicious, and so much cheaper (:

    • I actually would love to make my own nut butter more often but I only can when I’m at my parents’ house because the food processor I have is too small to handle making it. But since I’m home now, I think I’ll whip up a few batches!

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