College Vegan on a Budget: Last Stock-Up

The latest installment in a series of posts on sticking with a college-sized budget with expensive, vegan tastes and a love for cooking.

My last week of classes officially started today, and I am beyond excited to go home for Christmas break! I don’t wanna brag, but my college is giving us 5 whole weeks of break this year–usually we only get 4, so I feel really blessed. Thanksgiving break came and went too quickly so I’m planning on enjoying every moment of Christmas break.

This weekend is (hopefully) the last shopping trip of the semester while I’m at school. I bought a lot of stuff, but I can bring it back with me when I go home so I’m not too worried about it. As usual, I picked up a couple new-t0-me things because, well, why the heck not? Some of the things I bought are specifically for recipes I’m planning on making so if they turn out amazing, I’ll be sure to let you know!


My Sprouts haul

My Sprouts haul


What I Got: Silver Hills Bakery The Big 16 sprouted bread*, gold nugget squash (love finding new squashes), navel orange, cauliflower, buckwheat flour*, curry seasoning

What It Cost Me: $16. 43 (this is why I love Sprouts!)

Verdict: I’m excited to try the squash and the bread. I’ve been on the lookout for a really good sprouted bread without unnecessary ingredients (Ezekiel is okay, not my fave, and Alvarado Street is a little too processed) and I was excited to see that they sell Silver Hills bread in CO. I love their simple, whole ingredients so I’m super excited they sell it here. Now I need to look for their Little Big Bread and their gluten free breads!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods staples...

Whole Foods staples…

What I Got: almond flour, dried pineapple*, red enchilada sauce, Coconut Secret raw coconut nectar (not sure how I feel about this yet…), So Delicious no sugar added mint chip coconut milk ice cream (love the mint chip combo), Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter squeeze packet, dark chocolate raisins*, Garden of Life RAW chocolate protein powder (new favorite protein powder brand), spelt flour*, Vega One French vanilla protein powder packet, Theo toasted coconut dark chocolate bar, mini candy canes* (so excited for these), Rudi’s gluten free spinach tortillas, kale*, no oil tangerine dressing, baby carrots*, black figs* (I’ve been missing these like no other)

What I Spent: $86.73 (typical lately…)

Verdict: I wasn’t expecting to spend this much, but then again I spent under $50 last weekend and I was running low on protein powder, which is a major chunk of the total (even with a coupon). I bought the coconut nectar because I needed more maple syrup and it was the same price for a larger amount, but I’m not sure I love it yet. I think I’ll use it in recipes, but save my beloved maple syrup for waffles and almond butter. 

...and Whole Foods splurges

…and Whole Foods splurges

Do you like sprouted bread? What’s the best new food find you’ve discovered lately?


9 thoughts on “College Vegan on a Budget: Last Stock-Up

  1. Woo! That’s so awesome that you’re on the home stretch for going home for Christmas! I remember counting down the days when I could get out for break, especially because those last weeks were just jam packed with assignments and exams. STILL! going through all those rough patches made going on break that much sweeter.

    I’m not really the biggest fan of sprouted bread. I tried for the longest time to like the Ezekiel ones, but really… they’re kind of dry and have the most unpleasant texture. I really just prefer plain old fluffy whole wheat.

    • As rough as the last few weeks of the semester are, you’re so right that they make break feel even better!

      I don’t like Ezekiel bread for that reason either but this new kind I tried is a bit fluffier and I like that it has a variety of whole grains so it’s definitely an improvement.

  2. caloricandcrazy says:

    Five weeks?! Lucky lucky :)!

    I only get three weeks 😦
    But my freshman year, I got an extra week longer than most students because my only in-class final was the first day of finals week, so I got to go home early!

    • I was always so jealous of people who got their finals done with early! I have always had to go until Thursday, even this year, but I’ve only got two in-class finals this week so I’m planning on going home for an extended weekend before finals week 🙂

  3. Aja says:

    I love So Delicious coconut ice cream. It’s even better than milk stuff. I haven’t had sprouted bread in a really long time so I don’t remember if I like it or not

  4. I have only tried sprouted bread once, and I definitely loved its dense texture; I usually prefer thick, hearty, dense bread to light and fluffy varieties. One of my new favorite “foodie finds” is Angie’s Sweet and Salty Popcorn–kettle corn with only four ingredients: popcorn, sunflower oil, evaporated cane juice, and sea salt. I have always loved kettle corn, and I think it’s awesome that this brand has no weird ingredients!!

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