Fashion Friday: Casual Florals

I know there are lots of fashion posts around the blog world, but as someone who used to have a fashion blog of her own (I still have it, I just rarely post there anymore) I can’t believe I haven’t done a fashion post on AlmostVegGirlie in awhile. So let’s get to my first ever Fashion Friday! Hopefully I can make this a weekly or every other week kind of post because I love sharing my outfits with you guys. As a college student, I feel out of place sometimes in the sea of leggings and Northface jackets, but I don’t mind ‘dressing up’ for class every day–it makes me feel like me!

This week, it’s all about the florals. Who says florals are only for spring? Not me! I wear them year-round (yes, even in winter) but you have to know how to wear them right. In fall and winter, floral scarves and accents are perfectly acceptable, especially in muted tones.


Navy cardigan: American Eagle. Floral scarf: American Eagle. Light grey ruffled tank: Abercrombie & Fitch. Dark wash jeggings: American Eagle. Grey corduroy wedge ankle booties: ALDO.

(L to R). Grey wedge ankle booties. Floral scarf. Snake ring: American Eagle.

This is one of my favorite fall outfits, it’s just so fun while also being no-fuss. The accessories really are what make the outfit and I love that because accessories are my favorite part of every outfit. I got the ring for Christmas from my sister last year–obviously she knows I love quirky rings! I got the scarf (I think) for Easter last year and it really makes this outfit pop, with the bright floral pattern. And the boots I bought last fall on sale and I’m so glad I did. ALDO has a really great selection of shoes and when you can find them on sale in the store or on Zappos, definitely buy them because they’re high-quality and very cute. These booties have hidden wedge heels but are really easy to walk in.

What’s your go-to fall outfit? Do you wear florals?

12 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Casual Florals

  1. So cute!! I love that you wear florals in the winter. I should do more of that. I have a dress scarf that I absolutely LOVE, but I always save it for spring time. I might pair it with tights and a cardigan and wear it in the fall!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Love the outfit, girl! That’s pretty much the exact same thing that I love to wear in the Fall, although I’m usually sporting knee high riding style boots rather than ankle booties. As for florals, I never really got into them, but I do like the idea of using them in accent pieces. When it comes to fashion, I really like to wear basic, classic pieces in neutral colors and then use accessories to really jazz up my outfit.

    • I really need to invest in some nice riding boots before winter hits. I always love them on other people but I haven’t made the plunge and bought them for myself yet.

      I am so with you on the accessories thing too. I have a few standout pieces but mostly I like to make my outfits pop with the extras I wear.

  3. Your boots! They are so adorable.
    And generally,girl,you are BEAUTIFUL! Ne matter what you wear…
    Still,your outfits are totally my style though! 😉

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