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I’m one of those people who loves to check out other people’s grocery store hauls. Creepy, maybe, but it gives me some good ideas about new products to try out and I just like seeing how differently everybody eats.

Of course, I like to share my grocery finds with you guys too, especially in my budgeting posts. I don’t have one of those for you this week but I do have something similar…the contents of my fridge!

Let’s just say I’ve been loving have a full-size fridge and freezer–all to myself! At home, I designated one shelf for my stuff and that was that but now I can fill the fridge with just my stuff. Oh, the perks of living solo! And having a car means I can stock up on refrigerated and freezable items myself without having to worry if they’ll survive the trip back to my apartment. So now I want to share what grocery items are making their home in my fridge right now (side note: these pictures were taken last weekend, so a lot of this stuff is actually gone now, but it’s what I normally stock it with).

(From top left): ground flax seed, sriracha, light raspberry acai dressing, organic peanut sauce, organic basil pasta sauce, wasabi mustard, organic grape jelly, vegan creamy garlic dressing; u/s almond coconut milk, u/s vanilla almond milk, organic ketchup, spicy pickle spears.

I am condiment obsessed, apparently! I use a lot of them for various things, like salad dressing or dippers. The flax and almond milks are great for when I whip up waffles or protein pancakes or protein micro cakes. This kind of stuff is great, because it usually lasts me at least two weeks (the flax has been going strong for a month!) so even if they cost a little more upfront because they’re healthier than typical condiments, they’re totally worth the price.

(From top left): orange and cream soda Zevias, container leftover black beans, bulk nooch, vegan chocolate mousse, grade A maple syrup, mixed olives, leftover banana chocolate protein muffins, canned full-fat coconut milk, spicy pepper hummus, coconut oil spread, peach mango salsa, coconut milk Greek yogurts, spicy guacamole, sprouted tofu; lemons and limes, grapes, watermelon, baby carrots, fresh pineapple, mixed salad greens, kale, Hatch green chiles. 

I always stock this part of my fridge with staples I can use for lots of things. Like I said in my last budgeting post, some of these items cost a little more than I’d like, but they don’t get used up very quickly so they’re worth it. The maple syrup, Zevia and coconut oil spread are all pretty healthy products and they cost in the $5-$7 range which sounds like a lot but I don’t go through them very quickly. I also like to buy things in bulk to save money, like the nooch and the olives. And for my fruits and veggies, I prep them as soon as I get them home from the store so I can always grab some of it even when I’m about to head out the door for classes. Plus a lot of produce is pretty cheap, like kale. I am obsessed with kale and it only costs $2 for an organic bunch at Whole Foods. What a steal, since I can use it in so many things!

The contents of my fridge do change from time to time as I run out of stuff and buy new things but these are pretty much my fridge staples!

What things do you always keep in your fridge? What’s the weirdest item in your fridge right now?


14 thoughts on “In My Fridge

  1. Hmm… I have a bunch of Chobani yogurts (the Champions for kids and the adult ones), eggs, milk (skim and a container of vanilla almond milk), spinach, kale, wholy salsa, hummus, more salsa, lots and lots and LOTS of coffee creamers, some puddings, a buncha cheese, lunch meats (those are Clay’s), and I think he has part of a rotisserie chicken in there. Some healthy things and some not as healthy things but anyway. When I buy things like flaxseed, chia seeds, and condiments they last a long time too so I don’t feel bad getting something healthy and something I truly like :).

  2. caloricandcrazy says:

    I don’t have a designated area in the fridge at my house, but we usually share our condiments, etc. anyway. All of the foods I do like such as energy bars, natural PB, and certain ice creams my family doesn’t touch anyways, so it’s safe for me to put them wherever I want 😛

  3. Aja says:

    Your fridge looks awesome. My fridge right now has two water bottles in it. I’ve only been at college a few days so I haven’t gotten to do much shopping yet. I seriously cannot wait until June when I’m buying my own groceries and making my own food! It’s going to come up fast but right now it seems so far away! College food…not the best.

      • Aja says:

        I’m all ready for it to be June so I can get my own place! Lol. I go into the dining hall and nothing appeals to me at all. It’s either salads, pasta, sandwiches/wraps, or pizza. That’s no fun.

  4. Nice!! My fridge is usually stocked with chicken, eggs, LOADS of carrots and other veggies, and fruits like berries, apples, and oranges. Oh and who can forget nut butter heehee 😉

  5. moderngirlnutrition says:

    Love this post! We Pretty much have the same fridge contents:) Mmm that Creamy Garlic Dressing looks amazing!

  6. Haha, I am the same way–I love to look in peoples’ fridges (or grocery carts) to see what they stock them with. Maybe a bit odd, but I agree that it can give you culinary inspiration:) Some staples in my fridge are: tofu or tempeh, almond or soy milk, some sort of (already opened) nut butter (right now I have Maranatha almond butter, Artisana cashew butter, and some homemade pumpkin almond butter), a variety of veggies/fruits, salsa, mustard, Braggs liquid aminos, lemon or lime juice, leftovers of whatever recipe I cooked for dinner one night, and the non-vegetarian food that my siblings and parents eat:) Probably the “strangest” thing in our fridge right now (though I don’t really consider it strange) is a package of umeboshi plums. My dad actually bought them, and I haven’t tried them yet…I know that they are supposed to be great for digestion, but also super-salty. Have you even had them/tried them in a recipe??

  7. I love these kinds of posts! My fridge is jam packed with leftovers from my food and my moms food. Right now I think I have like 3 different leftover boxes from the restaurant I work at. Other than that I have the staples- raspberries, spinach, maple syrup, milk, eggs, and at least one avocado half wrapped in plastic wrap to keep from turning brown.

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