WIAW: “Normal” Eating

This WIAW will be more ED focused than most of them, but I’ve got a few fun things to share so hopefully that’ll make up for the more serious talk!

So remember way back when (aka March) when I talked about how I was fed up with how much I was restricting? And I mentioned in other posts after that one about how I was working on making changes. Well…honestly…that didn’t happen. I didn’t make much of an effort to increase my eats, other than an extra handful of something here and there. I didn’t really make a conscious effort at all until…well, a couple of days ago. Okay, so it really started a few weeks back but lately I’ve been making big strides in eating more. And not only eating more, but feeling okay and ‘safe’ with it. Safe was one of the words my ED used to justify restriction–it felt safe and ‘normal’ to me. But now that I’ve seen the light, and realized I can eat way more and not balloon out of control well…I’m kinda saying goodbye to ED.

I know I still need to increase more. 2000+ calories seems to be the magic number for a lot of people. I’m fairly active, between walking to classes and doing daily full body workouts. But I’m also a small girl and I’m thinking I probably need fewer calories than somebody taller or wither a bigger build. But I know that what I’m eating now, even though it’s more than I was eating for too many months, still isn’t quite enough.

Anyways, enough of the chit chat. Let’s see how I’ve been normalizing my eating, and what better time to do it than WIAW?

Just as good as it looks, and so easy to make!

Yes, I made this. And yes, I also have been eating it. What exactly is it? It’s coconut whipped ‘cream’, completely vegan and totally yum. I followed Angela’s method, using a little bit of maple syrup and peppermint extract to sweeten it up. While mine didn’t turn out as fluffy as hers (maybe my canned coconut milk had a defect?) it is still delicious, creamy and crave-worthy. I’ve been enjoying a spoonful here and there and enjoying my new found love of coconut.

Another Whole Foods salad bar box? #sorryimnotsorry

This isn’t anything new…oh, wait, actually it kinda is! It was my first time trying beets (they had them in raw form at the salad bar) and I’m officially a fan. I’m also apparently a fan of veggies dipped in a big dollop of fresh guac and dumping tons of pumpkin seeds on my salad. Embrace the fats, people. So good.

Tall iced Americano. With 2 pumps pumpkin spice syrup and a splash of u/s vanilla almond milk. Welcome, fall.

It sure didn’t feel fall-like on Monday when I stopped into Starbucks for this new-to-me drink. But it totally got me in the mood for it. I finally gave in and tried the pumpkin spice syrup that everyone raves about. I took home my pumpkin-spiked Americano and added in some vanilla almond milk (seriously, Sbux, why don’t you have this?) It was good, but not amazing. I guess I’m more of a peppermint mocha kinda girl.

Disclaimer: not taken while actually driving.

Guys, I’m sorry. But I’m officially addicted to the ‘driving selfie’. Except I always take them in the parking lot, or mayyyyyybe at a stop light if I’m feeling rebellious 😉 I just like making goofy faces and seeing the reaction of my fellow drivers.

This meal made me a tofu lover. Mixed greens/broc slaw with raspberry acai vinaigrette. Curry spiked ketchup. Tofu “fingers”. Alexia chipotle sweet potato fries.

I was never a big fan of tofu. Yes, I know I’m a crazy vegan, but it’s true. I would eat it sometimes, but never loved it. All that changed when I made Angela’s tofu nuggets over the weekend. They were crazy good on their own. But they were even better dipped in ketchup. Oh yeah, now I also like ketchup too. I found an organic brand with only 2 grams of sugar, and it’s pretty good.

This truly was a bowl of decadence, and I enjoyed every bite.

My nightly snacks are taking on a different look lately. I don’t go for cereal much anymore. Instead, I like a bunch of different flavors and textures in one bowl. Enter, this bowl of healthy vegan decadence. Healthy, because the base was a protein microwave cake, made with a plant-based protein powder, some flax and almond milk. Decadent, because it was topped with a spoonful of Whole Foods vegan chocolate mousse (just a few healthful ingredients, but tastes so rich), Nada Moo coconut milk ice cream, semisweet chocolate chips and a little of the mint coconut whipped ‘cream’. Yeah, this was just as good as it sounds and looks. I think I’ll be repeating this soon.

So close to 90,000 miles! Alejandro and I will have to throw a party when that happens.

Contrary to what Alejandro’s odometer says, he’s only 4 years old. That’s kind of a lot of miles for that few years, but a lot of long distance driving was done in Alejandro before my parents let me have him. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, Alejandro’s my car, a super hot red Hyundai Santa Fe. I’m not totally crazy, promise.

Leftover tofu fingers with ketchup. Kale massaged with nooch and lemon juice. Fresh figs. Almond peanut cashew butter mixed with maple syrup and chocolate chips.

This was a lunch, but it’s a lot like my typical snackplates. What can I say, I love variety! My lunches lately have been more substantial, incorporating veggies, protein (usually edamame or my favorite protein powder) and fat (usually nut butter).

Breakfast is getting more delicious! Chocolate mint kale protein smoothie topped with mint coconut whipped ‘cream’ and chocolate chips.

Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast? Okay, this wasn’t quite dessert, since it incorporated greens and protein (but I don’t exactly shy away from those things in my desserts) but the addition of the whipped ‘cream’ definitely took it over the top. And this pudding like breakfast packed 20 grams of protein, plus kale! Who wouldn’t go for that?

Sweet and salty kale salad–kale massaged with lemon juice and nooch, kalamata olives, strawberries, figs and dry-roasted edamame. Half sweet potato topped with maple-infused almond peanut cashew butter. Pumpkin spice iced Americano.

Coffee at lunch…why not? But let’s talk about this salad for a second–so good. I always love sweet and salty combos, and this was just amazing for a random mix. The sweet potato was great too. But that’s a given.

Do you like sweet and salty salad combos? Did you try anything new (food related or not) over the weekend?

20 thoughts on “WIAW: “Normal” Eating

  1. You probably dont remember me, my blog use to be cheriebuttonss @ wordpress, but I deleted my account a while ago, though I still read all of my favourites.
    But I just wanna say Im so proud of you for realising this!
    Im still in the same amount of time. I know I need to increase what I eat, but it really is hard. Its all in the mind. Lately Ive been strong though, I have days when I do increse and I realise how much better I feel throughout the day. And the best realisation of all, you WONT balloon up!

    • I do remember you! I miss your posts and awesome oat creations so much but I hope you’re doing well.

      I think you’ll feel really great when you start continually eating enough for your body. It’s still really scary and hard, but seeing and feeling the benefits makes it worth it!

  2. Actually, I kinda noticed in another blog you wrote that it looked like you were eating more, which is a good thing because with all the walking to classes, your activity level is definitely up. Don’t worry too much about calories or a magic number though, but sometimes if we go through ED or something, we need a little more to repair the damage caused from NOT eating enough for so long.

    I like pumpkin spice but I’m not ready for it yet. The weather has to get a bit cooler here before I’ll really want it, lol. Everyone was getting it in Starbucks the other day but I just got a mocha, haha.

    • I kinda realized I wasn’t quite ready for the fall drinks either. Today would have been perfect for them because it was randomly cold and rainy, but I still don’t want to give up the iced drinks. And their mochas are really good, they’re my year-round go to!

  3. Aja says:

    Can you teach me how to make all of your delicious stuff? I always look at your posts and am like, my meals are so lame.
    I don’t worry about calories anymore. It just caused me a lot of anxiety. But, before I gave it up I looked up my basal metabolic rate and I felt better. If you are really active 2000 is probably enough even if you feel smaller. Muscle burns several times more than fat, so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn.

    • I would love to teach you if you ever come visit CO! It’s great that you don’t worry about calories anymore, it really is just a waste of time. And I did know that about the muscle thing, which is a good thing to remember!

  4. I’m not sure if you know or maybe you do, but all the sauces at Starbucks (pumpkin spice, mocha, white chocolate, caramel, etc.) all have small amounts of dairy in them. I didn’t know until about a year ago when I started worked there. They don’t make it very known which they most definitely should!

  5. sarah says:

    Umm, EVERYTHING you ate in this post has majorly inspired me! It all looks so good:), and Iv got lots of recipe ideas now. Iv been wanting to make Angelas whipped cream, I think it has to be full fat coconut milk for it to work properly, Did you use that? Socca is my new foodie love right now, it is ah-maazing.

    Good for you for trying to eat more:). Just bear in mind that 2000 cals is really more a maintenance amount( the government reccomends that amount, as that’s what it takes to get an adequate amount of nutrients for health purposes). I’m around 5ft 5 & small built- when I was in treatment & allowed no physical activity at all, I never gained weight on anything less than 3500/4000 cals a day.

    • I think mine was full fat, but I don’t think I let it set long enough in the fridge. I still really need to try socca, it looks so great on everyone’s blogs!

      That’s really good to know about the calories. Preferably I’d like to just maintain where I am but I know that I’m underweight and it would be nice to put on more muscle!

  6. caloricandcrazy says:

    I know how you feel about calories and “finding the right number” and whatnot. Not having to worry about fat has allowed me to be more lenient with food choices, but I’m still trying to wean myself away from having to count cals. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that as active college students we burn so much even when we’re NOT physically moving (studying, etc.) but if so many people can live healthy, fit lives on 2000+ calories, why not us :)? It just takes convincing ><!

    • The calorie thing is so hard for me to believe too! I just don’t get how I can still be needing plenty of energy when I’m just doing homework or sitting in class but school does take a lot out of us, for sure!

  7. Sweet and salty combos are the best! They’ve grown on me (like pumpkin seeds)! I didn’t like either as a kid, but now I can’t get enough 🙂 And that night-snack looks yummy! I hope that this time it’ll work out. 2000 is the normal baseline and you need more since you’re active *and* your body needs to recover! Good luck, you can do it if you really commit 🙂

    • That’s really good to know about the calorie amount! Honestly I’ve been so brainwashed by magazines and other things telling me I need 1200 or 1500 or whatever but I guess it’s all about what our bodies need, and not some specific number!

  8. I love beets! So glad you finally got to try them and find a new veggie to enjoy! It’s good you’re trying to make a conscious effort with trying to rid that ED. Good luck to you! 🙂

  9. You are doing so well Ashley, I really can tell, and although it does truly suck to increase (well sucks for the ED that is!) it’s necessary and leads us out of this whole thing 🙂 I am not a lover of beets at all lol, but I do want to try them in a different way!

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