WIAW: Still Summer

I know people think fall started on September 1st, or that Labor Day weekend marked the end of summer, but not in my world! Or, technically, in the real world either, since fall actually starts in a couple weeks. And here, there aren’t many signs of fall coming–it’s still hella hot and sunny every day, but I’m not complaining. I don’t want my favorite season to go away, ever.

This week’s WIAW is pretty random (aka not all from one day) but is pretty representative of what I’ve been eating lately. And in trying to keep with this month’s theme, I have one goal I want to work on for this month. Now that I’m in my own apartment, with an actual kitchen, I want to make one new-to-me recipe per week. Sure, some of my week days are busy busy busy but I have some downtime on the weekends and on some evenings and I want to use them wisely. I might not post any of the recipes, especially if they’re basically the same as the one I was inspired by, but look for updates on how I enjoyed the new meals. And keep an eye out for more college budgeting posts–I’m so glad you guys like them!

Protein micro muffin. Peanut flour. Buckwheat flour. Ground flax. Raisins, cacao nibs and almond peanut cashew butter.

I’m still loving the protein muffins. They’re such a great way to get in protein and healthy fats, plus they’re an easy breakfast or lunch for busy days. Since I bought coconut flour a couple weeks ago, I’ve been putting that in my muffins along with the protein powder and it adds a great, fluffy texture.

I love my snacks! Cashew ginger & spice KIND bar. Fresh mango. Edamame. Mini sweet peppers. Homemade trail mix. Sprouted toast with peanut flour paste.

This assortment of snacks/mini meals was from last Tuesday when I was covering the Obama visit. I had a couple other unpictured things but luckily, this was all able to keep me satisfied for the 9 hours I was on campus.

Maggie Pond in Breckenridge before the big race.

As I said in my last post, I was up in the mountains on Saturday for Breck’s annual rubber duck race. Yeah, I’m a 5-year-old, but it’s always so exciting to watch the thousands of ducks race down the river. This year, it wasn’t as sunny and hot as it usually is, but it was a good break from the heat we’ve been having back home. And isn’t the town gorgeous? I would so live here, if it wasn’t so snowy most of the year. Guess that’s why it’s a big ski town!

Selfie #noshame. Dress from Forever 21.

The mirror in my apartment bathroom is perfect for selfies. I promise I’m not that self-centered. It’s just fun to take outfit shots and make funny faces. I also promise I have a life 😉

Another Whole Foods salad bar. Can’t even remember everything in it.

I got Whole Foods salad bar twice over the weekend! Yes, I am super lucky. This pic above is from Friday, but I also got a delicious assortment on Monday night. The blackened tofu with pineapple salsa and raw kale salad with cranberries and almond slivers were the highlight of that box. Would you roll your eyes at me if I told you I plan on getting another salad box this weekend?

Snackplate…for lunch. Almond peanut cashew butter with chocolate chips. Kale massaged with creamy garlic dressing. Grapes. Salted edamame. Dark mint chocolate square. Sweet potato multigrain chips.

If I’m not having snackplates for a snack, I’m having them for lunch. They’re great for those times when I’m indecisive and have to leave for class in half an hour. I tried to get a good mix of nutrients with this one–greens, protein, healthy fats (nut butter and dressing), whole grains (chips), fruit and some fun with the chocolate.

The best veggie burger ever. Udi’s g-free bun. Handmade three bean patty. Fresh avocado. Grilled pineapple ring. Harissa ketchup.

Saturday was my first experience with a food truck and it was also a very memorable experience. The one I went to was focused on sandwiches and burgers but they had plenty of veg options. I ordered this one sans cheese and when they accidentally put it on (and my dad and I had to make the trek back across town to get it fixed) they were super nice and apologetic about it. I didn’t mind having to speed walk back once I tasted this bad boy. It was the best veggie burger I’ve ever had, period. And it made me a ketchup and avocado lover. I want this again.

What’s the most fun thing you did over the weekend? Have you ever had a life-changing veggie burger?

22 thoughts on “WIAW: Still Summer

  1. Your veggie burger looks delicious :). I’m glad you had a food truck experience, I just had my first food truck experience a few weeks ago and I’ve already been back to one because it was amazing. I love how it’s all homemade and uses local, natural, ingredients.

    Can’t wait for more college budgeting posts… even though I’m out of college, I’m still on the budget plan!

  2. kcragget says:

    No shame in the self photos, girl:) That’s what makes blogging – and visiting others’ blogs – so fun!
    Haha, I had a really similar veggie burger on my WIAW! It was soo good, and I also covered it in avocado.

  3. I know that it’s still -technically- summer, but Labor Day weekend has always felt like the end for me just because everyone has to go back to school right after it. Plus, here in my neck of the woods it’s already getting a little chilly, so the looming change of seasons is pretty apparent. I can’t say that I’ve ever had a life changing veggie burger, but the combo in yours sounds delicious. Avocado makes everything better, though 🙂

  4. Aja says:

    I love your dress. No life changing veggie burgers. I want one, though. It may still be summer but I’m already seeing a bunch of leaves on yards and roads.

  5. Wo-hooo,I’m SO excited you’ve become a ketchup-convert finally! That stuff is darn good,face it,people. A life without ketchup is not worth living. 😛
    Your new dress also is suuuuper cute,and you’re still one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. If I was younger and naive still,I’d wish to someday wake up and look like you do,seriously! *sigh*

  6. caloricandcrazy says:

    The rubber duck race sounds so fun :P!
    Cute dress! The burger looks phenomenal! I’ve been wanting to have a veggie burger with pineapple and the pic just looks sooo good! 🙂

  7. Emily says:

    Yeee! So many yummy things. I’ve been to the whole foods salad bar twice in the past week too and our meals sound so similar. On my last trip I got sesame tofu, mango salad, and their amazing kale salad. Delish! I definitely wouldn’t blame you if you went back again.

    Love that dress! And I’m not ready for fall yet either- I’m still soaking up the last few weeks of summer. (:

  8. It seems like every where I go in the blog world, I see these amazing pictures of Whole Foods Salad bar creations…It must be a sign that I NEED to go there soon!!:D Your snack plate looks fabulous–it is a great way to get a variety of flavors and nutrients in a meal, plus, it makes for an interesting foodie experience. Your veggie burger looks delicious; I have never had a “life-changing” veggie burger experience, mainly because we rarely go out to eat (and because I normally make my own veggie burgers). One fun thing I did over the weekend (technically on Monday) was go out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes (a buffet-style restaurant) with my family. We have such busy schedules that it is nice when we actually have the time to all sit down to a meal together!

    • I think it is a sign that you need to hit up the Whole Foods salad bar 😉 It’s just so good, once you try it you won’t be able to forget it! I am jealous that you got to go to Sweet Tomatoes though, I’ve always wanted to go there since I’ve heard lots of good things about it.

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