Best Discoveries This Year

Before I start this post, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the tragic shooting that occurred just a few days ago in Aurora, CO. It’s always hard to hear and read about these horribly sad events, but even more so when they happen in your own state, only about an hour’s drive away from where I live. Please keep all the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers!

Now onto something lighter! Yes, I realize it’s not the end of the year yet–but it will be soon if the year keeps flying by like it has–but since my birthday is just around the corner, it kinda feels like a new year for me.

Anyways, I’ve made a lot of new purchases and discoveries since last July 27th so here are some of the best! They’re not all food related but knowing me, most of them are 😉

Whole Foods Hot/Cold Bars

The most recent edition, and one of my favorites so far!

Honestly, if I could, I would eat at Whole Foods once a week, it’s just that good! But $7 salad boxes just aren’t in my budget so I’ve only had them about 5 times over the past year. But each one is amazingly delicious, and I can always find something new. Oh, and I never stick with the boring spinach leaves and black olives…no, I load my boxes up with flavored tofu (they have the best stuff), cold veggie salads, fresh fruit and yummy grains. They never disappoint!

LabelBox (and Phonto)

I love all the colors!

Move over, Instagram, you’re old news! LabelBox and Phonto are the perfect way to jazz up your Instagram’d photos and if you’re as much of a font nerd as I am, you won’t be able to live without them. Plus they’re free, and who doesn’t like free?


Who says vegan foods have to be boring and tasteless?

My decision to go vegan a little less than a year ago has been seriously life-changing. During my eating disordered days, I relied on low-cal, low-fat things too much because I thought they were ‘healthy’. Now as a vegan I’m eating mostly whole foods and minimally processed foods, with plenty of nuts, grains like quinoa and oats and tempeh, all things I never would have touched a few years ago. I feel healthier, happier and more vibrant. I feel okay treating myself to things like coconut milk ice cream and tons of guacamole because they have health benefits and make my life better. Not to mention, I’ve become more creative in the kitchen and ordering things at non-vegan restaurants. I am not 100% vegan, as I do enjoy gelato or froyo and honey on occasion, but I know I’m doing a good thing for the animals, the environment and myself and that’s why I continue to do it.


I still want this for my apartment!

I don’t go on this as much as I should (or could?) but I still love how inspirational it is. I pin a lot of fashion and decor stuff and when I’m done, I get some closet and apartment inspiration. Sure, some of it is unrealistic but it’s so fun!


Kale: a nutritious part of this complete dinner!

How did I not discover what’s become my favorite veggie until February? I first tried this superfood in kale chip form and was hooked. I didn’t love it raw at first but when I figured out you have to massage a dressing or sauce into it, I fell in love. It’s also really great crisped up in a dry skillet with salt, pepper and garlic. Basically it’s awesome no matter how you use it, and I love that I feel like a superhero when I eat it!


My second-fave flavor so far. This root beer’s got a bite!

I’ve never been a big soda drinker, but I would always always always stick to diet versions. But all that fake sweetener isn’t the best and it gives me headaches. So I went soda-less for awhile, until I stumbled upon Zevia. I love stevia as a sweetener and thought why not. Yeah, $5 or 6 is kinda a lot for a 6-pack, but it’s worth it for a 0 calorie natural soda. The cream soda is the bomb, and I also love the cola and root beer. Still have yet to find the lime cola and strawberry but I’m on the hunt!

Bold Shorts

Dark grey and hot pink make a perfect outfit!

I’ve never been one to shy away from bright colors, but I wasn’t so sure about the neon shorts trend. Luckily I got over that quickly because I love my hot pink shorts! They’re fun and different while still being polished and pretty. I’m planning on investing in a few more pairs of bright shorts (and some bright jeggings) before the summer’s over!

Sweet Quinoa

I need to have this deliciousness from breakfast again soon!

Who knew quinoa could be tasty for dinner and breakfast? I was skeptical at first but after seeing some mouthwatering breakfast quinoa pictures on Instagram, I knew I needed to try it for myself. And now I’ve got a new breakfast obsession, along with fluffy homemade waffles and overnight oats. Give them a try if you haven’t already, they’re worth the weird stares you might get from people 😛

What’s one of your best discoveries from the past year? What’s your favorite veggie?

18 thoughts on “Best Discoveries This Year

  1. Aja says:

    Your outfits are always so cute!
    I am still working on going full vegan. It’s hard with my living situation atm but that’ll change in about 2 months when I leave for college. They have many vegan options where i’m going which is really nice. Sweet quinoa sounds interesting.

    • Good luck with the vegan transition! That’s so great that your college has tons of vegan options–mine had a decent amount but I just wasn’t a fan of the dining halls so I just started stocking groceries in my dorm and it worked out well.

  2. Your outfits are always super cute :). We both like hollister, hehe.

    I’ve only been to Whole Foods twice… maybe it’s just our Whole Foods here, but I personally like Earth Fare and Trader Joe’s better, but I do want to actually eat at the WF salad bar one day because it looks delicious! And I really like Pinterest too, it’s a great way to find cool pictures for blogs and just overall cool looking stuff!

    • I think I would probably be a big fan of Trader Joe’s if there was one near me! All their products seem cool and much better priced than Whole Foods. But their salad bars are definitely worth the splurge!

  3. I hadn’t even heard of the shootings, that’s so sad 😦

    I’m glad that veganism has opened up new foods to you, I think it sounds like it might be a good way to transition into opening yourself to new things. And hopefully someday you’ll be at a point mentally where you can eat mostly vegan at home, if that’s what you like, but eat non-vegan when you’re out with people! I think that’s a great way, because it doesn’t inconvenience others or restrict you to just salads and fruit if you’re not in a very vegan friendly place, but it keeps your carbon footprint (or effect on animals) pretty low 🙂

    • I really like that idea! I can usually modify things to make them vegan or at least vegetarian but it can get hard when orders get messed up. I won’t eat meat, but I think being flexible enough to not worry too much if bread has honey in it would be a good thing, at least when eating out!

  4. Emily says:

    The shooting in CO is absolutely devastating. I can’t believe it. It’s amazing how fragile life is and how easily it’s taken for granted. I’m definitely keeping all of the victim’s family and friends in my thoughts.
    I love this post! You’ve discovered sooo many exciting things in the past year- and they’re all things I personally LOVE. I could live off of meals from Whole Food’s hot/cold bars and you know how obsessed I am with kale. I can’t get enough! I love that you feel so great after switching to a vegan diet. I’m the same way. I could never go back!

    • As tragic as shooting are, I think they’re a great reminder for people to not take life for granted and spend more time with the people they love!

      I love veganism! For me, it doesn’t feel restrictive at all and I’m more creative than ever with my meals!

  5. What a cool post! I love reading ones like this. The whole foods hot bar seriously is the best but I rarely go, so freaking expensive! Zevia is delicious as well, same deal, can’t afford but delicious.

  6. caloricandcrazy says:

    I tried susbsituting quinoa for my oats once, but I don’t think they cooked fully since they were kinda rubbery?? Haha, but your bowl looks delish!

  7. Whole foods hot and cold bars are the BEST! I have a WF right near me, about 10 minutes away and sadly they don’t have the best food bars there. But when I am in Boston, specifically the Cambridge area, I make a point to go to that one, because it has soo many selections!
    I like Zevia too, it is much better for you than regular diet soda. Buttttt I just have to have diet coke sometimes, I know bad! But gahhh so good at the same time 😉

    • The WF nearest me while I’m at home always has the best stuff but I haven’t ever had the salad bar at the WF up at school so I’m hoping they have some good things! Haha and I don’t blame you for the diet Coke, it’s for sure a lotttt cheaper than Zevia!

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