Friday Faves (July 13)

Well it’s Friday the 13th…anyone experiencing any bad luck today? I’m really not a superstitious person so I think bad things (and good things too) can happen any time regardless of the day on the calendar. Plus I’m feeling pretty darn lucky today anyway–my birthday’s in exactly two weeks and I went to the dentist yesterday and came back with no cavities. Yay!

(Soon to be) Favorite Starbucks Drink: Refreshers

It’s like a limeade with a caffeine boost!

It’s no secret that I love Starbucks, but sadly I haven’t been in a couple of weeks, even though we just moved within a 5 minute driving distance of one. But now I have an even better reason to go–their new Refreshers drinks! P.S. They’re giving them away free today between noon and 3 pm so get one now. They have different versions of the drinks–two iced ones in their stores, three sparkling water kinds and instant VIA packets at grocery stores. I’ll be keeping my eye out for those the next time I go shopping and I’m hoping I enjoy my free one!

Favorite App: Phonto

Just in case you didn’t know, this was a lunch. Steamed edamame, squirt of sriracha, baby carrots, blueberries, sprouted toast topped with blueberry chia jam and cashew cream cheese.

I can’t say enough good things about the LabelBox app, but now there’s another photo editing app I love–Phonto. As a self-professed font nerd, I like being able to add a caption directly to my photos in a million different fonts and colors. From now on, if my photos aren’t LabelBox’d, they’ll be Phonto’d. Just warning you 😉

Favorite Fitness Move: Planks

Not this kind of planking, but isn’t this adorable?

Until maybe a year ago, I had no idea what planks were. And now, I’m hooked. I do them a couple of times per day in addition to my other fitness routines and I’ve been working on holding them for a long time. Right now I can only do them for 2 minutes straight, but I want to get up to 5 minutes soon! They’re such a good fitness move since they pretty much work everything–arms, core and even legs.

Favorite Day I’m Looking Forward To: July 27th

From my birthday last year…apparently I was proud of this tiny strawberry I grew on my strawberry plant!

I’ve tried not to talk about it too much on the blog, since people don’t really care too much about other people’s birthdays, but I’m definitely excited to turn 20 in exactly two weeks! It’ll probably feel really weird to finally be out of my teenage years but I’m ready to be one year closer to legal drinking age 😉 Actually, I’m just more excited about the plans I have for my birthday this year. On the actual day, I’m gonna get Whole Foods salad bar for dinner (and hopefully some bakery-made vegan dessert) and watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and who knows what else. And over the weekend, I’m planning on going up to Denver for a day of shopping and going out to eat at (hopefully) a completely vegetarian or vegan restaurant for the first time ever. Possibly even Native Foods Cafe, which just opened in Boulder! Shopping, good eats and the Olympics–doesn’t get much better than that for me!

What do you like to do for your birthday? What’s your favorite fitness move?

26 thoughts on “Friday Faves (July 13)

  1. Oh gosh that baby pictures cracks me up!! Thank you for brightening my morning with it 🙂
    Anyways – I turned 20 in April and it was a little weird…I’m officially an “adult”. Sometimes I slip and still tell people Im 19. Oh to be young 😉

  2. That’s exciting you’re turning 20!! I love birthdays because it’s just an excuse to do something special for yourself/someone and eat cake 😛

  3. moderngirlnutrition says:

    Your strawberry is too cute! My tomatoes always turn out that small:) those lime refreshers look delicious, too! I’m having a Journey bar giveaway by the way- you should come enter:)

  4. Aja says:

    Planks are my favorite move. When I was in an aerobics class in high school every now and then we would time to see who could go the longest and I would just hold until the teacher said 5 minutes went by and by then people were bored and tired of watching me hold plank position so I’d stop. I don’t think I could do that anymore.

  5. Emily says:

    That baby planking is too cute! I LOVE planks. They’re actually one of my favorite exercises because they engage every part of your body in one movement!
    I went to Starbucks today for my free refresher and tried the Berry Hibiscus one. It was delicious! I didn’t expect to really taste the hibiscus flavor but it was surprisingly strong, which I loved! It’s a perfect summertime drink. (:
    YAY for almost being 20! When I turned 20 in January it was definitely a weird feeling. It’s exciting though.

  6. I like high knees for some reason,haha! I always need to do something with my legs,I don’t know why… But arm-workouts alone just don’t “satisfy” me,I always need some kind of whole-body-exercise. Weird. 😛
    I hope you treat yourself on your birthday,girl! Turning 20 is a great step; I’m a little bit afraid of my 20th birthday,even though it’s still a couple of months away!

  7. I wish I was turning 20… Sounds like fun Birthday you have planned! 🙂 Planks are awesome. Hanging leg raises are another favorite Ab workout of mine

  8. For my birthday, I just love being surrounded by family and loved ones–then it doesn’t matter what we do because we’ll have a good time 🙂
    My favorite fitness move would have to be lunges…they just seem like I can feel the burn instantly, so I know they’re getting the work done!

  9. Still the teeny tiny portions? Hope you’re working on it! And YAAAY for your upcoming b-day! It’ll be fun to go to a veg*n restaurant, just don’t be boring and order a salad – this is your time to order something totally unexpected!

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