Friday Faves (June 15th)

Moving in the summer is no joke! It’s been at least 85 degrees here the past three days we’ve been moving stuff back and forth between our old house and our new one but it’s felt more like a million degrees in the house, especially carrying boxes and moving furniture around. I’m just glad I don’t live somewhere humid, so it’s sticky on top of being hot! I’m also glad we got our internet hooked up on our first full day of being moved in. It kinda sucks having to live without internet at your own house!

Favorite Workout: Walking to Starbucks with my sister

Tall coffee light Frappuccino with soy…worth the $4!

Like I mentioned in my WIAW post, we moved closer into town so now we’re nearby all the good things a city has to offer–like movie theatres, grocery stores, gas stations and…Starbucks! In fact, our new house is within walking distance of the ‘bucks! Okay, well if you consider walking distance a 20-25 minute walk in the blazing hot sun. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad though and going with my sister made it even more fun. And the drink was even more worth it since we had to work for it–win win! I love this Frapp flavor because it’s got a hint ofΒ caramely-ness (not a word but whatevs) that makes it perfect, and since it’s a light version with soy, it’s not a calorie bomb and I feel a little bit better about enjoying it!

Favorite Discovery: I love to drive…by myself

I have a liiiiiiiiittle bit too much fun while driving (no worries, this was taken in a parking lot!)

I don’t have a car of my own (yet…) but I’ve been doing a lot of solo driving lately and I’m loving it. It feels so freeing to sing at the top of my lungs to “Call Me Maybe”, go where I want when I want and cuss out other drivers for being stupid. Hey, it happens sometimes, and as long as I’m not actually engaging in road rage, I think a few choice words here and there are okay πŸ˜‰ Anyways, it’s been a lot of fun realizing the independence that comes from having a car.

Favorite Thing That Cost Me $7: Whole Foods salad bar stuff

No boring salad bar for this girl! It was totally worth the money!

I always get super jealous when I see people’s pics of Whole Foods salad bar boxes on their blogs. The last time I went (before Tuesday and Wednesday) was February. Lame! So I used the opportunity of us moving and being too busy and tired to cook to pick up some of their salad bar goodies. Both days, I got basically the same things because I loved them all–chipotle orange tofu, chilled sweet potato chunks with currants and some yummy sweet dressing, salted pistachios, acai kale salad, Mediterranean crunch salad and California quinoa salad. Ah-mazing to all of the above, especially the sweet potatoes and quinoa salad. I also picked myself up a dessert on the side both days, one time it was a giant vegan chocolate chip cookie that I split up for two nights and the other time it was a vegan chocolate donut that I split with my sister. Actually, she ate most of it and loved it, which was fine by me. She’s usually wary of vegan items but she’s been loving the vegan desserts I’ve been giving to her lately! To anybody who thinks vegan means boring, it most certainly does not, as evidenced by this salad bar box and every vegan dessert I’ve ever tried πŸ˜€

Favorite Thing to Eat When I’m Not Feeling So Hot: Whole Foods Caribbean popsicles

Not quite the same, but you get the idea!

I generally don’t eat popsicles–like smoothies, they don’t usually do much for my hunger because I can eat them so quickly. But sometimes, you just gotta have a naturally-sweetened, giant popsicle. Yesterday, I was getting over some nasty stomach issue that left me leaving kinda queasy all day plus it was hot and I was moving stuff around. So a popsicle from Whole Foods was in order! I liked it a lot because it was pretty big so it took me longer to eat, it was tropical-flavored which is always my favorite and it only had a couple ingredients besides the fruit in it. It quenched my thirst, cooled me down and left my stomach feeling a little better.

What’s something you’re willing to spend a (relatively) large amount on? What do you eat or drink when you’re not feeling so great?

22 thoughts on “Friday Faves (June 15th)

  1. I bought something called Yosicles the other day, they’re like popsicles but frozen yogurt, so delish… I’ve eaten one every day, lol. So cool that you can walk to Starbucks, there is a coffee place I can walk to here but it’s through a construction zone so I don’t think I’d walk it, LOL.

    I haven’t ever been to a whole foods but totally agree, everyone’s blog pictures of it make it look incredible.

    • Haha I don’t blame you for not wanting to walk to the coffee place–construction zones can be such a pain!

      Whole Foods is really the best store ever. My wallet doesn’t always love me for going there though but some things are worth it!

  2. I’m sorry you felt sort of crappy yesterday,but yay for driving on your own & singing in the car! Singing always brightens the day,doesn’t it?! πŸ™‚
    However,these popsicles sound reeeeaaaally good! In summer,there’s nothing better than a popsicle sometimes because when it’s SUPER hot (which rarely happens here,but anyways),I find (non-dairy-) ice cream a bit too… unrefreshing,do you know what I mean? It leaves me so thirsty and I don’t like that too much!
    My mom always eats popsicles like it’s her job in summer,but they’re loaded with tons of sugar and I just can’t bring it over me to eat that stuff… So yours sound just perfect,plus,I love tropical flavor! πŸ˜€

    When it comes to food,I am willing to pay more money IF it is good quality! For example,I’d rather buy Lindt chocolate than a no-name brand because I know it will taste better – and honestly,I don’t eat the whole bar in one sitting anyways,so it lasts for a few days and I don’t need to buy hundreds of it… On top of that,I dislike the thought of eating something I actually don’t like so much just because it’s 50cents cheaper. Possibly,it’s also due to my ED,but IF I eat something,I at least want to be able to enjoy it!

    • Oh yeah, I agree, brand name chocolate is always worth the splurge! It takes me awhile to finish the bars too so it’s not even that much more expensive. And getting to enjoy something is worth every extra penny!

  3. Aja says:

    I love to drive by myself! I don’t usually drive other people anyway, but it’s so nice to just turn up the radio and sing at the top of my lungs.

  4. Whole Foods Caribbean popsicles?!?! I have to find those, they sound amazing! And heck yes to driving alone– nothin beats blaring some good jams, singing at the top of your lungs, and rolling down all the windows haha πŸ˜‰

  5. I would quite happily spend any amount of money on 1} Iced coffee, 2} Licorice allsorts and 3} Iced animal cookies. Oh and a Mini Cooper. I’ve wanted one of those things FOREVER. When I’m old I swear I’m going to be driving around in one of those things! I’m going to be one of those ‘hip grannies’. It’s going to be awesome ;]
    I hope you’re feeling better now! I’m only just getting over the feeling of being nauseous 24/7 so I think I had the beginnings of the stomach flu or something…At least I hope it’s over now. I’m beginning to crave every form of tropical ice block I can get my hands on so I’m guessing it is! There’s nothing better than an ice block when you’re sick. Everything just seems a lot better for some reason!
    Also, driving alone…I can {kind of} relate! I only just got my drivers licence so I have to drive with a parent in the car for another three{ish} months until I can drive around like a normal person but WOW, I sure do like driving! The sense of freedom is so amazing :]

    • I want a Mini Cooper too! We can be cool old ladies together πŸ˜‰ I remember when I first got my license, it felt so amazing to drive myself everywhere. It still feels great a few years later!

  6. Ugh, at least you have a Whole Foods! I’m jealous of all the pictures too, and I don’t even know what I’m missing. But I do know their produce section is like heaven. I want one!!!! Anyways, I hope your stomach is feelin’ better! I always seem to be able to shell out some money for nut butters/coconut oil products or chocolate. I just can’t get enough haha.

  7. Applesauce, toast with butter, and ginger ale are must-haves when I’m feeling not-so-great. I haven’t been to the Whole Foods salad bar in ages, but I’ll be out and about over lunch today, so I’ll try to go – that pic made me miss it!

    Happy moving!


    • Every time I see someone get something from the salad bar, I immediately start craving it! Now that I’m living so much closer to Whole Foods, it might not be such a great thing for my wallet πŸ˜›

  8. omg i’m dying that your favorite workout is walking to starbucks. That is hilarious, and totally something I would say. Well mine would be more like: walking through forever21 and trying on clothing. Lol

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