Happy 1st Birthday

I can’t believe I almost forgot about this, but AlmostVegGirlie turned one year old on May 24th! When I first started this blog, I didn’t really think it would make it this far and I definitely didn’t anticipate having so many amazing followers and commenters. You guys have really made this blog what it is today and I’m so glad you keep coming back to see what kinds of shenanigans I’m up to 😉

My blog one year ago was kinda completely different. It had a different design, way too many emoticons and not as good of photos. A year ago, I was a flexitarian–eating vegetarian a lot of the time, with maybe some chicken or seafood a couple times per week. Now I’m almost totally vegan, and have discovered all kinds of new food that I didn’t know existed last year, like tempeh and almond milk ice cream and kale. I’ve gone from eating overnight oats almost every day for breakfast to switching it up with homemade pancakes, banana softserve and smoothies-in-a-bowl. I’ve kept my passion for experimenting in the kitchen but trying new things like raw desserts and veggie burgers. I’ve tried out new ways to exercise and fallen even more in love with yoga and tennis. I’ve slipped in my ED recovery but am working my way back up to being completely happy and healthy. I’ve made many ‘virtual’ blogger friends (you guys!) and I am so glad to know you guys and your blogs.

The first recipe I ever posted–strawberry melon gazpacho.

Thanks for sticking with me, and here’s to (at least) another year!

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