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No worries–I don’t have kids nor do I want any for awhile! I just happened to spot another survey floating around and thought it would be fun to relive my childhood through all my former favorite foods.

Favorite Cereal: On normal days, Post Blueberry Morning. Yeah, I was one of those kids who always ate fairly healthy cereals. But whenever we’d go camping during the summer, my mom would buy us those multipacks of mini cereals, and my favorite was always Lucky Charms, obviously for the marshmallows!

Favorite Breakfast Food: Waffles, specifically frozen ones. Apparently when I was two years old, I would be in my bed in the morning asking for waffles! I can’t remember the exact flavors I liked, but I think I preferred the blueberry ones.

Favorite Drink: I used to love Capri Sun (especially the strawberry banana flavor), but mostly because when I was done drinking it, I used to turn it into a ‘cell phone’. Did anyone else ever do that?!

Favorite Lunchable: Oh gosh, this is a hard one as I used to really love Lunchables when I was in elementary school, especially on field trips. I think my favorite was the nachos one–though now I can’t imagine eating that fake cheese crap. The best part was always the dessert though!

Favorite School Lunch: Honestly, I rarely ate the cafeteria food, since I preferred bringing my own lunch. In middle school I did sometimes though and I liked the popcorn chicken or breadsticks with marinara. So healthy, I know 😉

Favorite Cookie: I used to love those Snackwell’s cookie cakes, especially the mint chocolate kind.

Favorite Snacks: Gushers and Fruit-by-the-Foot (rarely had them, but I enjoyed them a lot when I did), Rold Gold honey mustard pretzel twists and popsicles/fudgsicles.

Favorite Home-Cooked Dinner: I was such a picky eater as a little kid, but I always loved when my mom would make chicken curry over rice. I loved anything spicy, even back then!

Favorite Restaurant Dinner: I can’t think of specific meals I loved, but one of my favorite places to eat at was Red Robin.

Favorite Ice Cream Truck Snack: The ice cream truck was so fun! I really liked those orange or raspberry creamsicles.

Favorite Fruit: I’ve loved fruits forever, so I can’t remember a specific favorite from the past but I loved bananas, kiwis, watermelon and berries.

Favorite Vegetable: Like a lot of kids, I wasn’t a huge veggie fan (now I am though!) but I’ve always loved baby carrots.

It’s so weird thinking about how much my eating habits have changed! Some of the changes are because of trying new things and becoming interested in healthy eating, others are because of my eating disorder and fear foods that I still have and some are because I’m now vegan and have no interest in eating some of those things again. I would say that as a kid I had a pretty well-balanced diet–we would almost always have a home-cooked dinner, I’ve always eaten breakfast and I would usually pack a lunch for school but there were some treats here and there. I’m definitely happy eating the way I do now though–eating healthy makes me feel so much better!

What did you used to like to eat for breakfast? Did you have a favorite Lunchable?

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  1. You had better believe I turned the capri sun drinks into a cell phone… good times to say the least! I always got “tweety birds” from the ice cream truck and sometimes choco-tacos, yum! I used to ALWAYS, 100% of the time have cereal, all kinds, any kinds.. my favorite!
    My favorite lunchable was the pizza or nacho one, so unhealthy but so delicious lol

  2. Aja says:

    I enjoy reading all of your surveys. I never had lunchables. They seemed really gross and fake to me so I had my mom make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

  3. I love love love this survey!!! It brought back such great memories!! 🙂
    I used to have corn flakes and buttered toast for every breakfast– now I can’t stand corn flakes, I think I OD’ed on them haha And heck yes to the macho lunchable, that one was totally the best!!! 🙂

  4. I’m showing my age, but at the age I drank capri suns, we didn’t have cell phones… although I do remember my mom having a car phone that was built into the car… LOL. Well, when I was a tween we had cell phones but just adults and it was like the mom’s phone on Rugrats… huge. I think that was the first place I saw a cell phone.

    Love those little boxes of cereal… I would still love them. So tasty but so bad for the environment probably. But there was always 1-2 in the pack I didn’t like and my mom would have to eat it lol.

      • Oh yeah, the kids I coach are in middle school and already have smartphones. I understand a basic phone for calling when you need a ride from practice or a game, etc, but these kids have nicer phones than the coaches, LOL.

  5. caloricandcrazy says:

    ah the ice cream truck! my sis would always get either tweety bird or pikachu sherbert ice cream (you know, the ones molded into the shapes of character heads with gum balls as eyes?) haha.

    i used to get itzakadoozies, choco tacos (when the ice cream man had them), or those snow blizzard cups

  6. Aw,this is an adorable survey,seriosuly! 🙂
    I used to love cereal for breakfast,my favorite was Cinnamon Toast Crunch! 😉 I still like it,but I can’t eat too much of it though because it’s reaaaaally sugar-y… Eek!

  7. I used to love Lunchables for field trips, too! I was a huge fan of the pizza, because I loved making it myself – but agreed, the dessert was always the best. For breakfast, my absolute favorite was pancakes, followed by Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, then Muesli then (wait for it)…GRAPENUTS. Yeah, I was a weird kid. I also preferred V8 to orange juice (I wouldn’t go near the stuff).

  8. I used to get the chocolate snackwells cookies and put ’em in the freezer! They were like ten times better than way. Favorite lunchable would be the pizza kind where it had savory stuff: red sauce, cheese and also came with sweet stuff to make dessert pizzas: chocolate sauce, m&ms. It was like the best of both worlds.

  9. Actually, until about a year ago, I hated eating breakfast, so I almost never did. Yeah…for like 20 years of my life lol. I did, however, love the turkey lunchable. I still get them sometimes…

  10. Love this survey! I was actually planning to post it sometime this week, too! 😀 Hehe, I used to love waffles for breakfast when I was younger! My mom would buy the chocolate chip Eggo waffles for birthdays as a special treat. 🙂

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