Best of…April!

Once again, it’s time for another Best of… post! Seriously, 2012 has flown by like crazy. I can’t believe I’m already totally done with my sophomore year of college (minus one final). But I am so ready to get my summer on!

Best Mouthwatering Post: Savoring Summer

This will be getting made sometime this summer, I (almost) guarantee it!

Who doesn’t love recipe inspiration posts, especially when they feature summery recipes? Summer is by far my favorite food ‘season’–from the amazing fruits and veggies to grilling everything to frozen desserts, it’s all so good. There are sooooo many things I want to make and I hope I have the time to make them all!

Best WIAW: The Finish Line

Smoothies in a bowl are the best breakfast ever.

Okay, don’t get all technical on me. Yeah, my latest WIAW post was posted on Tuesday night, which was May 1st, but all the photos were taken over the last few days of April, so it still counts. I love this WIAW because it includes a nice mix of my ‘staple’ foods as well as some new finds and twists on old favorites.

Best New Find: Larabars

One of my two fave flavas so far!

I am a total Larabar newbie, having turned my nose up at them for far too long. I’m not exactly sure why, maybe it was because I felt they were too much of a ‘trend’ in the blog world to be good (since I generally don’t like the trendy brands that everyone else seems to), or maybe because I was scared of how many calories/how little protein they have. I’m glad I got over my fears and worries though, because they’re so good, well at least the cappuccino and chocolate chip brownie flavors. I’ve yet to try any others (besides the peanut butter and jelly…not a fan) but I’m excited to.

Best Response: Weekend Food and Fitness Thoughts

I’m ready for more summery salads in my life.

Once again, you guys all blew me away with how much you care! It is really hard for me to open up and write posts regarding my eating disorder, but I really appreciate all your insights, whether they are super supportive or constructive criticism. You all are the best 😀

Best Recipe: Garlicky Kale

The kale makes a perfect side dish for basically every meal.

I had a hard time choosing between my only two recipes of the month–ironically both kale recipes. What can I say, I am obsessed with it! The garlicky kale one is really delicious though because it’s so simple yet flavorful and crispy, just like kale chips, except it cooks up really quickly on the stove.

Do you have any good kale recipes to share? What’s the best new product (food or otherwise) you discovered last month?


16 thoughts on “Best of…April!

  1. Aaaaaw,that mocha root beer float still looks SO amazing! I need it in my life,oh my… Seriously!
    Anyhow,as always,I loved all of the posts you’ve mentioned above. Plus,I want to encourage you to write more posts about your ED/ your struggles because I really want you to get better & help you out as much as I can!
    The best new food I’ve tried last month pretty possibly was that cappuccino flapjack I got from the Netherlands… It was soooo yummy! ❤

    • Mmmmm that sounds so good! Anything coffee-flavored is a winner in my book 😀

      Thanks for the encouragement to write more posts like that! I’ve really appreciated your posts on the topic and it helps me feel like I can write my own.

  2. Love this! Even though I can’t believe it’s already May!
    Oh goodness larabars are so good– you just made me crave a cashew cookie one hardcore haha 😉

  3. I love the new cappuchino larabar, but I think the best new food find for me was coconut peanut butter. I don’t think I can buy it again because it will disappear so fast!!

  4. caloricandcrazy says:

    that smoothie in a bowl looks mmmmazing! larabars arent my fav compared to other bars, but i do like some flavors. i recommend lemon and coconut cream! 🙂

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