Top Ten Tuesday

So in case you haven’t noticed, it’s already almost May. Ummmm, what the heck?! Seriously, I feel like just the other day it was Christmas. Like many other college kids, I’m feeling pretty burned out on school at this point. But my summer unofficially begins in 10 days, so obviously I am beyond psyched for that! I say unofficially because I have only one final exam this time around, so I’m starting my summer a little early, heading home next Friday and popping back up here to take my final the following Thursday…then my summer will officially begin!

Because of this burnout, which extends to many aspects of my life (oh summer, please come faster!) I’ve decided to do a little Top Ten list type post for today, as a little recap of my weekend, and also because I can’t really think about posting an actual post 😀 Hopefully you enjoy this for the time being though!

Ten Foods I Can’t Live Without

1. FruitOkay, technically this is cheating, but there are a billion fruits I can’t live without, from grapes to pineapple to watermelon to bananas to raspberries to kiwi to…you get the picture!

2. Almond milk. I love the unsweetened vanilla kind, but the plain unsweetened is kinda growing on me.

3. Oats. 

My favorite oats combo at the moment--topped with kettle corn, pretzel sticks, raisins and peanut flour/almond peanut cashew butter.

4. Kale. It’s great in chip form, cooked up with some salt/pepper/garlic on the stove and even raw and massaged with some kind of dressing.

5. Tempeh. My vegan “meat” of choice. I love it’s nutty flavor!

6. Peanut flour. 

I prefer peanut flour to PB2, I just store mine in an old PB2 jar so it's less messy!

7. Kalamata olives. Some people can’t stand olives–I don’t understand those people!

8. Medjool dates. So gooey, so caramel-y, so addictingly good.

9. PB Puffins. Do I really even have to explain this one? It’s basically my crack (besides peanut flour).

10. Sweet potatoes. 

Saturday's simple but yummy dinner: sweet potato topped with peanut flour paste, baby carrots, garden herb Sunshine veggie burger topped with mustard.

Ten Things I Did This Weekend

1. Went to an independent film fest with my dad. We’ve gone to it since it started 5 years ago–we both love seeing random short indy films.

2. Went to church on Saturday night. Pretty self-explanatory!

3. Went out to eat…4 times! Normally, we barely ever eat out, except for when my mom drops me off back at school after a weekend at home. Due to our busyness this weekend, we had to eat out a lot. Definitely a struggle for me with my ED thoughts, but I mostly succeeded. Yes, I did order ‘safe’ things, like salads and veggie/hummus plates, but I truly enjoyed all of them. My favorites of this weekend were the salad I ordered at Mad Greens on Friday afternoon (baby spinach topped with Kalamata olives, dried cranberries, artichoke hearts and garbanzo beans with a fat free balsamic dressing) and the salad I got on Sunday night at Noodles (the Med salad with no dressing or feta, topped with grilled tofu). I kinda learned that I’m really not a tofu girl–it’s not necessarily the texture, but the taste for me. I’m not the hugest fan.

4. Played tennis with mi padre. Usually we play singles and a half (because we play with my sister) but she was unavailable so the two of us just played singles. It was so warm out and I was running around more than usual, so it was a great workout!

5. Grocery shopping. When my mom and sister picked me up on Friday afternoon, we hit up the Whole Foods and Super Target up here, then back at home we picked up a couple more things at the Super Target by us. And on Sunday, my dad and I ventured to Walmart where I stocked up on Truvia.

6. Bought my first-ever Zevia! I got the cream soda variety, and while I’m still waiting for the perfect opportunity to enjoy it, I have a feeling it’ll be incredible. Hopefully not so incredible that I feel the need to buy it on a regular basis since it’s pretty expensive…

So excited to try this!

7. Rode my bike for the first time since last fall. I never get the chance to ride it during the winter because of snow (duh) and there was even some lingering snow when I came home for spring break. I got in two quickie miles that were super hard because my tires were flat. Oops!

8. Worked on my final papers. Not fun, but they have to get done at some point!

9. Starbucks trip! I ordered a tall unsweetened iced coffee with 3 pumps of sugar-free hazelnut. Even better than the plain unsweetened with Truvia. I loved the nutty taste.

10. Repainted my nails silver and pink. I love this color combo and I actually haven’t had it since the beginning of school back in August!

My (slightly chipped) nails, and my lovely snake ring from American Eagle.

Ten Things to Do Before School’s Out

1. Finish my papers/essays. I’m definitely on track, just gotta keep my motivation up.

2. Clean my room. Vacuuming, dusting and all that should probably be done before I peace out.

3. Laundry. I don’t want to burden my mom too much, so I’m planning on washing my sheets and towels.

4. Finish up my last two weeks of classes. Even though I’m so done, I still have to get through 8 more days of classes. I can do this!

5. Make a (huge) list of recipes to make this summer. Some of this list will be coming ‘atcha tomorrow or Thursday for WIAW.

6. Turn in the last page of my internship stuff. The adviser in charge of organizing internships for students has such limited office hours that every time I stop by her office she isn’t there. I need to get this in though!

7. Move everything out of my room. Most of this will be done next Friday, and the rest the day of my only final. Not exciting or fun, but it’s gotta be done.

8. Sell my textbooks? Since I won’t be here during finals week, I’m not sure if this will get done, but I hope it will so I won’t have to have all these books laying around until the next buyback.

9. Study outside. It’s been incredibly nice here lately (I’m talking 80 degrees in April!) so I want to do this at least once.

10. Move out of the dorms…forever! I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. I love my dorm this year, since it’s all my own and it’s new and has air conditioning, but I am so ready for my own place next year.

What’s on your top ten foods list? What’s the best thing you did this weekend?

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I love your lists! That ring is so cool,too… Snakes are awesome,aren’t they? 🙂
    And what’s in my top ten foods list? Let’s see…
    APPLES APPLES APPLES! 😀 And nut butter,definitely… Cottage cheese,fennel,zucchini,salmon,flatbread,cream cheese and SNACK BARS! Oh,and vanilla stevia, So good. 😛

  2. I love these lists, perfect way to kill some time during the countdown to summer!! I’m so ready for break too, totally burned out on classes haha
    And I couldn’t live without sweet potatoes either, their just SO darn delicious!! 🙂

  3. This was fun to read! My top 10, I could fill with fruits, but I will say I love tempeh too, I did like tofu until I found tempeh. I still will eat tofu and like it, I guess, but I love tempeh. Also pretty much any variety of nut butter. And, I like the vanilla and chocolate almond milks, but the plain unsweetened… it’s good in protein shakes, that’s about it for me though, not a fan. I’m glad you get to move out of your dorm soon- I remember those days and do not miss living in one at all!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Oats would be on my top 10 foods too! Along with apple + pb, Siggis brand blueberry yogurt, and dark chocolate + sea salt chocolate bars 🙂

  5. Challenge yourself when you eat out! Order sandwiches, veggie burgers, etc.! Right now, those low-calorie salads are NOT your friend (I know, I’m making myself terribly unpopular…)

    On a lighter note, LUCKYLUCKYLUCKY you to be moving out of the dorms for good! It looks like I’ll be in them for another two years, le sigh. Where did this semester go? How is it almost over? BUT WHY AREN’T FINALS OVER? This finals period is going to be crazy brutal for me, gah. I’m already searching for the light at the end 😛

    • No worries about the first comment–I appreciate a little support when it comes to challenging myself!

      I’m sorry about finals for you! I’m lucky this year because I only have one, the rest are all papers, but I still gotta finish those up in the next week and a half. It’s so crazy that it’s almost over though!

  6. Gotta love tempeh!! It’s definitely my fave too. It’s definitely been way too long since I’ve had PB Puffins though. I need them back in my life!!

  7. This was such a fun read Ashley! Great job on eating out so many times! The next two weeks have a lot of eating out for me too and yep I am nervous but then I realize everything will be okay and i can use it as a time to challenge myself
    Okay sooo I have never tried tempeh!! Will do so soon though, it’s definitely on my to-make list!

    • I like how you think of it as a challenge, that definitely makes it more fun and hopefully less stressful!

      Try tempeh–it’s so good and protein-packed! There are some really tasty recipes out there for it in case you think you won’t like it as is.

  8. I can’t believe it’s almost May either! How did this happen?? Yesterday, I went to look at an apartment with my boyfriend and the landlord was like “I’m hoping to have somebody move in May 1st.” And I was like, “…. THAT’S IN FIVE DAYS!” hahaha. If we get the apartment we’re in for some hard work a lot sooner than we expected.

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