WIAW: (Almost) Wordless

Heeeeey guys, I loved hearing what you think about Larabars! I always like to know what other people’s preferences are and try out new things based on a good review.

Today’s WIAW will be basically wordless, besides the captions, and just a mishmash of foods I ate throughout the weekend and early part of this week. Obviously this is not all I ate, nor was it all eaten in one day, it’s just some of the highlights of what I’ve been noshing on.

Baby carrots and (shiny) red grapes.

I love Whole Foods' no salt no oil popcorn, especially sprinkled with nooch!

Peanut butter Puffins in unsweetened vanilla almond milk are my crack.

My first time trying kale in a smoothie--and it's actually delicious, mixed with u/s vanilla almond milk, frozen banana and Truvia.

My latest Larabar find--peanut butter and jelly. It was just okay, not bad, but I wouldn't buy it again. Bring on the cappuccino and chocolate chip brownie flavors instead!

Carrot cake overnight oats (topped with raisins, almond peanut cashew butter and peanut flour) with a side of fashion magazine reading and a stuffed Medjool date.

Frozen grapes > fresh grapes.

Raw massaged lemon pepper kale topped with nooch and crumbled hempfast Sunshine burger. I have been obsessed with nooch on everything lately!

Another of my typical snack plates, with nooch-ified edamame, Late July sweet potato multigrain chips, mini sweet pepper, plain popcorn and kettle corn, kalamata olives, Medjool date and dark chocolate espresso bean.

What is the best thing you ate this past weekend? Have you ever tried kale in a smoothie?

33 thoughts on “WIAW: (Almost) Wordless

  1. Ooh I love popcorn, haven’t had any in ages and now I’m craving the stuff! I love frozen grapes, they’re definitely better than fresh grapes 😛 The best thing I ate this weekend was probably spaghetti carbonara – yum!

  2. Frozen grapes sooooo awesome,especially the red ones! I always have some in the freezer when it’s hot outside,they’re like healthy candy! 😀
    I wish they’d sell PB Puffins here,I always hear about them being the best cereal ever,but the biggest cereal lover (aka ME!) hasn’t tried them yet and HOW CAN THAT BE?!?!!

  3. Kammie says:

    I bought a Larabar yesterday and I’m planning on trying it today! Hopefully it’s as good as everyone makes it out to be!

  4. I love frozen grapes! It’s like a grape popsicle but better for you, and perfect for the hot afternoons here in SC. I’m actually eating a bowl of baby carrots now, but it’s probably like 20-30, hehe. Love some carrots!

  5. I’ve only done spinach in smoothies… But I’m on a major kale kick right now, so I’ll have to try adding it to a smoothie!!

  6. Yum! But I’ve never tried kale in a smoothie, it has that weird bitter thing. Doesn’t that taste odd?

    Warning – it’s time for my nag-of-the-day: portions, girl! Don’t keep them so itty-bitty! I’m rooting for you 🙂

  7. caloricandcrazy says:

    mmm love medjool dates! and loving the snack plate also.
    havent tried pb puffins (Although they look delish). i’ve tried the cinnamon kind before and they weren’t my fav ><

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