Saturday Seven: Good Things Come in Threes

Hi everyone! So here we are again at the end of another week…and it’s almost halfway through April! I feel like I’ve said this a million times before, but time is really flying by! It’s almost kinda scary, considering how much stuff I still have to finish before I can say adios to this semester. Oh well, that’s pretty much the status quo for the end of any semester.

I haven’t done a Saturday Seven in…um, 2 months?! Yeah, let’s fix that right now!

1. The countdown is SO on!

I'm hoping this doesn't happen (photo from here).

As the title of this post suggests, there are only 3 weeks left in my semester. Technically, there are 4, but I only have one real final (the rest are papers or projects, which I kinda prefer) so I’m planning on peacing out the weekend before finals and just popping back up here on that Thursday to take that final. This is the first time I’ve ever had only one final in my college career so I am definitely going to appreciate it! Plus going home a few days early is always a plus.

2. I have a shopping addiction…

Obviously I suck at being creative!

Online shopping, that is. It’s where I get all these new-to-me food products that I never seen in stores or that are a little too expensive when I do see them. The latest purchases are from Amazon, where I got some Vega vanilla almondilla shake and go protein powder, xanthan gum and liquid vanilla stevia, all for under $40 and free shipping! I’m really excited to try the Vega powder because I’ve been on the hunt for some good, fairly inexpensive vegan protein powder that is free of soy protein, and this fits the bill! The xanthan gum is something I’ve been wanting for awhile, after seeing everyone post amazing-looking, super thick smoothies. And the stevia I’ve had before, but now it’s in a bigger bottle so I’ll get to use it more.

3. I’m actually being creative with my hair

I'm lovin' the side ponytail lately!

I almost never, I repeat NEVER put my hair up. But three times in the past week, I’ve put it in a side ponytail. Who am I? Twice this last week, it was curly (and in a side pony one of those days), then it was wavy for two days and finally straight for two days (once as a side pony). It’s actually been fun switching up my hairstyles, because I used to only have it wavy or straight, and down. I’m going to experiment with a side braid next.

4. It’s supposed to SNOW this weekend

I'm not looking forward to this again!

I already know that Colorado is a bizarre state, after living here for 17 years of my life. But this unusually warm spring has thrown me for a loop, and now I’m expecting it to continue to stay warm until October. Yeah, too bad it’s still April, one of the snowiest months here. We don’t get spring showers, we get spring blizzards. Luckily they are usually short-lived, and warmer temps return the next day, but snow is still no fun.

5. I’m becoming a Larabar lover

My second-ever Larabar...almost as good as the first.

I used to say I wasn’t a fan of Larabars–not sure why, as I’d never tried them before a couple of weeks ago. But I actually do love ’em…a lot! So far, I’ve tried the cappuccino (mmmm!) and the chocolate chip brownie, which reminded me of a chocolate brownie Pure bar, except with the addition of fair trade chocolate chips. It was good, but I think I’d stick with the Pure bar version in the future, since it has more protein. That’s my only complaint–most Larabar flavors have barely any protein. But I think some of the more unique flavors might be worth the lack of protein, and a few actually do have 5-7 grams, so it’s not too big of an issue. I just love how simple they are, yet really tasty!

6. I’m really missing the food at home

One of my favorite lunches over spring break: curried sweet potato pinto burger, kale chips, fresh mango.

Yeah, dorm room food isn’t cutting it anymore. Every time I go home for the weekend, I remember how much I love being able to cook for myself. And no, the microwave and blender don’t count. This is another big reason why I’m so ready for it to be summer–I can finally cook again. Plus I love summery foods, like berries, asparagus (okay, this is more springy but whatevs) and grilled veggie burgers so that makes cooking even more exciting.

7. I’m all ready for next semester

Registering for classes is always really stressful, but it wasn't too awful this time around.

Next semester is going to be SO different than my past 4 semesters have been. Mostly because I’ll be living off-campus for the first time, and I’ll be taking the bus everyday to classes. So I’ve gotta learn the bus routes and schedules. I also tried to schedule my classes in a way that would either give me big breaks (so I can catch a bus back to my apartment) or really small breaks so I can stay on campus in between them. I’ll definitely have to do more meal planning, even more than I already do with my current schedule, but I’m excited for a change. I think I’ll feel even more independent than I currently do.

Do you like to change up your hairstyles? What’s your favorite or least favorite Larabar flavor?

21 thoughts on “Saturday Seven: Good Things Come in Threes

  1. Try the chocolate chip cookie dough lara!! It doesn’t even compare to the rest of ’em. It actually taste like cookie dough because the texture and everything. I love your hair in the side ponytail! I usually always wear my hair down and straight but lately I’ve been rockin’ the side ponytail like you and the side braid. I love just getting my hair out of the way in this dreadful FL heat.

    • I’ve heard a lot of good things about that flavor so I think I’ll have to try it out!

      I’m getting used to putting my hair up so hopefully I’ll be ready when it starts to really heat up here too.

  2. Woah,that side ponytail looksawesome on you,Ashley! 🙂 Seriously,I love it!
    I can understand your feelings about snow,I’m so done with winter and can’t see it anymore!
    I haven’t tried many Larabars yet as they aren’t sold here in Germany,but a friend sent me a few some time ago and my favorite was the chocolate chip cookie dough one! The chocolate chips are soooo melty and the texture is perfectly soft… Yum!
    I’d really really like to try the cappuccino Larabar though as I love anything coffee-flavored!

  3. Lara Bars are okay.. I really prefer Clif bars or Luna bars, because they have more protein and I need it, as a vegetarian. But I’m glad you found some bars you like, I had to try a bunch to find ones that I liked, lol.

    Good luck with your last weeks of classes. I remember final exam time, eek! So with you on preferring papers or projects over tests, though! My junior and senior years, I didn’t have many final exams at all, almost all just big papers.

    • I really like Clif bars, especially the Mojo ones, and some Pure and Kind bars because they have more protein, which I agree is definitely needed as vegetarians! Even though I like ‘whole foods’, it’s hard to get in enough protein without bars, especially since I don’t eat much dairy either.

  4. Yay for summer on the horizon and registering for classes!! I’m so happy this dang semester is almost over, it seems like it’s dragged on haha
    Lovin the side ponytail girl, you are so cute! 🙂
    Larabars make my heart swoon too, especially the cashew one nom nom 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. Aja says:

    Hooray for the year being almost over. Boo about the snow. I love peanut butter chocolate chip larabars, but my least favorite flavor has to be apple pie. I don’t know why, but I just can’t eat it.

  6. caloricandcrazy says:

    I love the side pony tail look. I usually end up putting mine in a ponytail but then my hair always ends up in front of my shoulder 😛

    Planning a class schedule can be stressful, but usually I enjoy getting to pick which classes I want and when. I also try to mix things up between quarters (if possible) so I’m not stuck in the same routine 🙂

    • I like getting to pick my own classes too, unlike in high school where you couldn’t always choose when you’d want a class. And mixing up your routine is always a good thing, I hate getting stuck in ruts!

  7. That’s awesome that you’ve been pulling your hair back! I like NEVER do that and have actually done it a bunch this week too 🙂 I have a ton of LaraBars stored in my fridge at the moment…I’m really not a “bar person” but I do love them when I’m in that sort of mood!! Have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  8. That hairstyle looks lovely on you! What the heck about that snow… not allowed anymore at this point, I mean we are getting close to May! I can totes understand your feelings on that one
    I feel like I am the one person on this earth who does not like Lara bars! lol. Not a fan at all… too bland for me! But they are amazing for you, so I do wish I enjoyed them!

    • Thank you! Uggggh the snow thing is really annoying, but luckily it’s only rained here so far so my fingers are crossed that we’re done with snow for the season.

      I actually thought I didn’t like Larabars either, they still aren’t my favorite bar type but some of the flavors are really yummy to me. Different things for different people though!

  9. My favorite are Jocolat – they’re so healthy & natural that you really need to analyze the nutritional stats at all. They don’t have much protein because they’re fruits and nuts. Period. No extra powders, extracts, nada. Definitely not something to feel guilty about!

    Good luck with finals! Gaahhhh, always so scary. You’re so lucky to only have one! I hope you have a wonderful summer and (not to nag, but…*nagging*) use this to summer to get better, eat rich, and prepare for a killer semester next fall!

    xoxo LLE

    • Yeah no worries I don’t feel guilty, I just like incorporating other bars with a little more protein every once in awhile because I’m sometimes a little lacking in protein. I haven’t tried the Jocolat kinds, but the mint one looks really good!

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